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  1. Standing on the graves of dead children in another country to pass a bill at a convenient time. Classy.

  2. Am I the only one who feels our sentences are always far too light? I understand the appeal of restorative Justice as a legal philosophy, but I’ve seen way too many cases where the accused committed some truly heinous shit only to receive a comparatively mild sentence.

  3. Agreed, this is in Alberta too. In Ontario he'd probably get probation. Or 10 million for his pain and suffering.

  4. Do people outside Québec know just how bad a reputation Charest has here ?

  5. I don't know about his track record as Premier but the fact that he worked for Huawei is enough for me. PP went after him and demanded to know how much money he got from Huawei. Charest didn't answer. As a Conservative I would be shocked if anyone but PP won.

  6. Why is everyone in this thread talking about Liberals and Conservatives? The decision to cancel the match was made by Canada Soccer. Take it up with them.

  7. Saying that spiel about being on unceded x territory seems like it would be right up Trudeau's alley. Why not just say that?

  8. Just because there is a far right doesn't mean there is an extreme left. The actions of a few individuals doesn't it mean there is some sort of organization or group unlike the far right, like Sons of Odin .

  9. You gave me a definition, with no reference to Canada, other then you personally know Canadian Communists. Also I would also consider far right or far left as extreme. The terms pretty much mean extreme values or way of thinking and activities.

  10. When you study politics at university you meet people of all political stripes. Like I said I also met Anarchists. You still haven't answered my question though. Do you deny that Anarchists and Communists exist in Canada?

  11. Oh?? Whereabouts? I'm further down Woodfield. Near Medhurst.

  12. It's almost like a certain political religious spectrum is trying to plant false narratives.

  13. Im an atheist and I also have serious issues with the government killing mentally ill people.

  14. Has anyone heard a timeline for the Merivale/Hunt Club area?

  15. In terms of national security, shouldn't they be more concerned about the decayed state of our military? The fact we are sending our soldiers to habitat for humanity to get help with housing should be a bigger concern.

  16. Trudeau has already addressed this. I believe the quote was, "they're asking for more than we can give".

  17. It's Ottawa. We have a disproportionate amount of Karens compared to other cities because the high standard of living here makes people soft & weak.

  18. Also coddled federal government workers who always get what they want.

  19. Literally the same type of people who buy a house beside a Football Stadium and then complain to everybody else the area they live in is too loud.

  20. Anybody used to watch the show Reboot? This statue is giving me Hexadecimal vibes.

  21. Can Arthur get the 5th Hunting request, or is that epilogue only? instead of a new list in the mail after completing the 4th, i got a letter that they'd be out of state for a few months. i checked the St Denis post office. nothing posted on the wall. i'm in chapter 6.

  22. You have to finish that quest in the epilogue, not sure about the request you are asking about specifically.

  23. Man nobody is into stealth like they used to be. Splinter Cell was the best series of games for me in terms of stealth. Absolutely a blast

  24. What about the Hitman games? I haven't played the newest one but I always liked those.

  25. Is the outage map correct in that there’s a line of blocks in Centretown between Laurier and Somerset that are still out?

  26. Its not perfect, my Dad in Barrhaven has had power since last night and the map is still red on his whole street.

  27. Stay calm and keep consuming animals and fossil feuls while voting for capitalists

  28. "He lies and says racist things, but I don't think he's a liar or a racist."

  29. I dislike Trudeau too, but social assistance is a Provincial jurisdiction in Canada, so this is more the fault of the Premiers. Blame Ford and Kenney and Pallister, etc.

  30. Lol, only the Conservative Premiers are at fault, eh? Btw Pallister isn't Premier anymore...

  31. Everyone in this thread saying this is typical of Conservatives seem to forget Trudeau did the exact same thing:

  32. Yep, that's how they lost me. I used to vote strategically just to keep Cons from winning, but now I'm switching to full NDP mode, no matter what. I'm done with Liberals. Lack of electoral reform was the last straw. But they kept on shoveling, like the internet censorship bill. I mean, what the hell, with cost of living, housing, etc., they have time and energy to fuck around on internet censorship? That kind of stuff is when a third of the population isn't toeing the line of being destitute whilst working full time. Sad thing is, NDP supports the same bill, but what choice do I have? Cons literally want me dead ASAP.

  33. A good question to ask is: "why are we so antagonistic to Iran?" What makes these statements make sense?

  34. Gee, maybe its because they are the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world?


  36. It wasn't over them slinging some snow. It was years of bullying, and them deliberately pushing all of their snow into his driveway. The dude definitely shouldn't have shot them, but they were not the victims in that situation.

  37. The guy was also a fucking psycho. He killed himself right after.

  38. In Alberta the NDP lowered taxes for the vast majority of people by keeping the tax brackets tied to inflation, something that the UCP took away. Add the lifting of caps on insurance and utilities and now everyday Albertans are paying more in tax, more in insurance and more in utilities, all because of conservatives.

  39. The NDP in Alberta raised corporate taxes by 20%...10% to 12%. I also wouldn't compare the Ontario and Alberta NDP. The latter is quite right of the former. Heck, I'd probably vote for Notley if she was running in Ontario.

  40. My original comment was about the NDP raising taxes last time I checked. The Alberta NDP raised taxes.

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