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  1. It's because Albuquerque has a distinct lack of public places and places where people are allowed to dwell and linger for free with no expectation of spending money. This is a car-centric city and people feel most at home in their cars (sometimes even more so than their own home).

  2. I’m from Atlanta “the city in a forest”, tons of parks and public places. It’s heaven for hang out spots. Everyone sits in their car there. It’s weird. Like just out in front of their house for hours. Parking lots, side of the road, whatever. I asked someone about it once and with a laugh was told “it’s a cultural thing.”… I don’t know.

  3. I make hotwheels cars look like much older hotwheels cars.

  4. “We burned the house down but he had cocaine in his system so it’s probably his fault.”

  5. I used to live at Northpoint village with a 60lb dog that looked suspiciously like a pit bull (her vet paperwork states “mix”). They were really nice about the dog and didn’t seem to mind the weight.

  6. $500-$600 is insane. I can’t believe this is legal. I was just traveling for work and everywhere I talk with this topic is brought up. This country is fucked.

  7. Im in the same boat. Wanting to trade my fiesta ST in next year but not sure if the engine specs on the ND1 will be disappointing. I’m also 6’1” and thinking the telescoping wheel alone might be worth it.

  8. Telescoping wheel is great, also OEM Recaros make a big difference with head room and leg room.

  9. Yes! I have Recaros in my fiesta and would definitely want that option on the Miata if I can. Didn’t realize those help with space that is great.

  10. Last year I sat next to the arroyo outside of the entrance of the park and there were a lot of people there with lawn chairs. Plus there was a bathroom across the bridge.

  11. Americans aren’t as cultured and well-traveled because we’re surrounded by ocean.

  12. I’ve never been but there’s a new hotdog place opening across the street from them and just because of that im going to give them business. Fuck new hotdog place clown dog for life ride or die.

  13. If you are talking about Urban Hotdog, definitely go give then a visit. They've been out on the Westside for 10 years and have my favorite hotdogs ever.

  14. Finally the real questions being asked and bringing this sub some positive light (I’m serious I want the tendies).

  15. I recommend this to anyone who will listen: It's fast, convenient, you have many, many parking options along the I25 diversion channel bike path, and you won't be stuck in gridlock traffic on I25 or Tramway for 3+ hours causing you to miss mass ascension!

  16. Damn. Still holding out for the Chris and Vito show… maybe one day.

  17. We live a bit west of you off Girard and hear taps often as well. Definitely the base, though why those times I have no clue.

  18. I love my Sunday bag. I use it all the time. I get 13 clubs in mine.

  19. Yeah. It's a Titleist bag. I'd share a picture but I can't figure out how

  20. That's got to be an Adam's Outdoor billboard. They make good stuff.

  21. It is, but they didn’t make it. I think the Boone Oakley agency made this one.

  22. It’s a weak soap opera. You had sex with who?? Ummm I’m tellingggg.

  23. Psst… hey man. You know that guy kills like a shit ton of cops too? Oh. You’re just a fascist whose never read the comics, cool.

  24. I just wanna point out I’m making a joke about these people, not mad myself. Huge old school punisher fan though. He’d kick all these dodge ram punisher skull guys asses.

  25. Growing up around Chicago and Atlanta, traffic has never made me consider driving in to a bridge embankment until I visited Dallas / Ft Worth.

  26. I really like 4touge on YouTube he mainly does touge and vlog content. His Videos always entertain me.

  27. Why not start your own? Can write off the ND as a business expense while you're at it 😏.

  28. I would but I have a fiesta ST right now! A hopeful ND owner soon.

  29. I’m from the Midwest. It’s definitely a positive change. People here are really nice and talkative. This sub is kinda negative, and drivers are awful, but in real life I’ve found people to be very nice. Like a server will sit at the booth and talk with you. Someone will chat you up in a parking lot. If you see someone on a trail they’re often positive and polite. In the Midwest I’d be lucky to get a punch in the face in any public situation. I also lived in Georgia for years and they’re what we call “bless your heart” nice, which is smile to your face and talk shit later.

  30. No it's not dry. River is flowing at 200 cfs at the central gage this morning.

  31. I was just there last week and it looked ok. Did it dry up again?

  32. Haaaa love this every time. So many questions, who is he? Who is he barking orders and pointing at? What the actual duck is he doing????

  33. This is technoviking. If you Google him now he has an update just living as a normal dude.

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