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  1. Deedle deet doo, deedle deet deet doo...

  2. I don't know, I'm a bigger fan of vol. 3. The actors seemed to be phoning it in in the 4th one, IMO.

  3. Fried eggs and mashed potatoes...we used to eat it all the time growing up because it was cheap and easy to throw together.

  4. Amazon... worked on the pack side. Was employed all of two weeks, but one of those I used all my pto on. That place is a shit hole...

  5. I have a soft spot for pets named after food or other animals. My favourite examples I've met are dogs named Onion and Cricket.

  6. Had a friend when I was kid whose dog's name was Nacho!

  7. Original land before time, when littlefoots mother dies and gives her final words of wisdom to him destroys me everytime. Let your heart guide you… It whispers… So listen closely…

  8. See, for me, it's the Diana Ross at the end that makes me bawl my eyes out...every single time!

  9. I never hear anyone talking about that movie, but I absolutely love it. So goddamn funny...I laugh my ass off every time I watch it!

  10. {Guyver} is the worst anime I've ever seen and has an unbeatable MC with zero personality. Every twist is absurdly obvious and every fight has no stakes.

  11. I'd seen the original and loved it, then watched Ultimate when it came out and really enjoyed it, as well. But, you're right, there were several instances where it seemed like they were in a rush to finish the story, especially towards the end of the series. And there were several times where I was like, "Who the hell is that?" Seemed at the end they were just kind of bombarding you with new characters, etc.

  12. McCormick makes this shit called Hotshot, that's black pepper and red pepper, and it's amazing!

  13. I’ve seen Horimiya and idk but for some reason Bakemonogatari threw me off but I’ll give the monogotari series another shot. Thanks !!!

  14. Ore Monogatari (My Love Story) isn't in the Bakemonogatari series, it's just a wholesome romcom.

  15. {Kyokou Suiri} In/Spectre sounds just like what you're looking for.

  16. Are you sure it's not Sanchez? Dirty Sanchez?

  17. Luna (who's no longer with us)-->Looooo (really drawn out like that lol)-->Luli-->Luna-Bug (her eyes protruded a bit, like a bug's)-->Bug-Face-->Buggy-Bear... Also randomly started calling her Monkey-Face or just Monkey because of the colors on her face.

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