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  1. Only your 35 highest paying years count towards determining your social security payments. Anything you earn at 14 will roll off and no longer count unless life goes terribly wrong for you.

  2. Race as a social construct doesn't really handle edge cases well at all, to the point where it's a bit silly to even try. Expanding the categories to include representation for everyone's heritage is going to end up with a whole lot more than white, non-white, and part-white.

  3. The Predators can't (honorably) hunt a pacifist. They would need to convince him to take up arms somehow.

  4. Almost every family in America originally immigrated here, so the experience of being descended from somewhere else is common. We're also sufficiently distant from the experience that its treated more like trivia than an identity. Very few Americans have any old grudges related to their family history.

  5. Wait, these headlines have articles when you click on them?!

  6. Eh, the very first thing philosophers do is pretend there is such a thing as objective moral facts.

  7. It's not about his age. It's that the punishment (even if in excess) should be heavier than 18 years for 2 lives.

  8. The point is that whether he gets 18 or 180 years, he's probably going to die in prison.

  9. Companies have been using algorithms to screen candidates for at least a decade. All it really does is train a subset of applicants to game the algorithm in order to get hired.

  10. If you're a murderer there's a 60% chance you'll get caught. If you're a victim, there's only a 40% chance your murderer will get away with it.

  11. As the global economy becomes more interconnected, wars become less profitable, so the incentive to wage war goes down. We can already see this in Ukraine where everyone is coming out of this worse off than when it started.

  12. Compare Ukraine with, say, Afghanistan or Iraq. Taxes or deficit spending (depending on the administration) rose a bit, but you could be forgiven for not even realizing we were still at war past 2005 or so. The MIC loved it and life moved on for everyone rlse.

  13. Why milk? Let’s not stop at milk, we need to question them on the other lactose products/foods/drinks too.

  14. What kind of monster can't tolerate ice cream

  15. Is there any reason to get it and not just boot up civ 6 again?

  16. Yeah, I checked out the Wartales demo a few months ago, shrugged in mild approval, and decided to wait until a 1.0 release. It has a lot of potential, but I think it's a poster child for avoiding early access games.

  17. Spikes everywhere scare the rain away. That's just proper science.

  18. The thing about Dragon Age lore is I'm not sure if this is a joke or a reference to something that actually true in universe.

  19. From the little I've seen of the game, the similarities are in party members, dialogue, and a focus on story?

  20. Exploring is basic 3rd person rpg fare, similar to bioware or Witcher or whatever. Most quests are on rails (that is, very few having branching paths or meaningful choices to make) with one memorable exception towards the end.

  21. Dinosaurs ends with the beginning of the Ice Age and inevitable extinction of all of the main characters, along with their entire civilization.

  22. Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

  23. It would have stipulated that in order to sell the buying party would have to agree to the same contract. Not roping them into the previous contract but drawing up the same one as a condition of sale.

  24. A notable loophole in that sort of scheme is that the government doesn't have to agree to anything in order to seize property.

  25. I wouldn't even class Greedfalls sides quests as "good", unless they got magically better 2nd half of the game before I stopped playing

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