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  1. it looks like someone pressed the wrong button on a quote and just rolled with it. if that is an actual quote i hope they get shut down. i could fix that freakin car in 15 minutes with a vcds cable that costs 200 bucks and still have two more vin spots remaining for other cars. all i can say is thank god my touareg has BWF engine hahahahah ;D

  2. W12 is cool and all, but a smoking 5.0 V10 TDI with enough torque to change the rotation of the earth is one of the coolest engines I can think of.

  3. i own the v10 tdi and ONLY because there are no w12 in america. dont get me wrong the diesel is awesome and the torque is nice if you ever have to pull a semi out of a ditch, but the w12 is significantly faster in stock form, and there is barely anything you can do with the v10 short of full custom fabrication of a turbo setup and manual ecu tuning on a dyno and so so so many supporting modifications, all to get about equal to the stock w12.

  4. 2005? V8? Without seeing it, it probably needs: a timing belt, chain tensioners, lift gate shocks, and driveshaft center bearing, and it probably has a parasitic draw.

  5. propshaft bearing repair: look up "jimi fix" it's less than 20 bucks and one hour, and a kid could do it

  6. call me crazy but i like boudin french dip deluxe lol

  7. If you can afford 399, you can get an SVS sb1000 which will compete with MUCH more expensive subs. It is insanely good for music and gets down to low 20’s for movies. Bonus: it’s 14” cube and really nice looking.

  8. i just got the svs sb2000, zero regrets, it's exactly what i need in a subwoofer: AUTHORITY

  9. Do you suggest that somebody invents a new proprietary type of audio signal connector that does the same exact job just as well but is shaped differently so that going forward all new technology is incompatible with old technology and everyone has to buy new stuff and convert stuff just because you're bored of using the same old functional plug?

  10. Looks like 2g, just eat it all and let us know what happens xD

  11. well actually i used a pioneer avic5000 which is a rather old navigation head unit however it has maps downloaded for all the forest service routes, so i dont need data or cell signal to navigate off road fortunately

  12. I see, wouldn't it be the same if I had like offline maps on Gaia or Onx-offroad?

  13. I'm sure purpose-built offroads apps are probably better than my navigation unit from 2006. As long as you have the storage space to download all the maps you need. I am planning a large cross-country overland trek with a trailer so I will likely upgrade to a new gps unit or one of the offline map apps. Google Maps is capable of downloading maps for offline however it uses a good amount of storage just for los angeles valley area so the whole country would probably require quite the microSD card. But that satellite view actually helps a lot lol

  14. At the moment any non-paved roads are closed due to the rains, however you can get some of the way down Trabuco Creek Rd before the locked gate at the river crossing, could be enough to get shots. South Main Divide might be open, you gotta drive a bit into it to get off the pavement. Some of the local yokels back there get upset when people drive dinosaur-burning 4x4s on "their own personal private" national forest, but don't worry they are public roads, just don't do donuts on a private drive. If you don't mind driving further, I have not been personally, but I heard Arroyo Tapiado Mud Caves are beautiful. Here are some links if you want to check in the future when more OHV roads are open.

  15. good job !! i got out of a speeding ticket once because i took a picture of the cop car that pulled me over in front of a 45mph sign and he wrote me for 50 in a 35 zone. i tried to tell him dude look it says 45 right there but he said shut your mouth kid. unfortunately he didnt show to court so i didnt get to see his face

  16. get an extended stay. hilton has a one bedroom with kitchen and you can even get a jacuzzi in your room :)

  17. Crossroads, Plato's Closet, Goodwill, 2nd Street (kinda bougie but you get lucky), EcoTown, Buffalo Exchange, Angel Thrift. idk if i have ever bought new clothes...

  18. call me crazy but on the rare occasion i go to a theatre i go to bella terra

  19. north star beach. no one there at night. lots of dispensaries not far too ;)

  20. what work did you do on the 7700HQ? Oc/undervolt?

  21. there wasnt a whole lot i could do, i think only undervolt

  22. I can’t do it because i updated to the last bios and that locked the possibility to undervolt, infact i bought a cooler pad, a iets gt500

  23. i've since upgraded to a desktop ryzen 7700x, radeon 6950xt, 32gb ddr5-6000

  24. I recently got an SVS SB2000 that I'm incredibly pleased with. I painted the grille white to match my Kef speakers. However if you are willing to spend the extra money SVS makes a SB1000 Pro in piano gloss white that was so difficult for me to pass up buying. The non-pro is cheaper but not white. I did a lot of research for subwoofers and there is nothing even remotely close on price that can play flat down to 20hz, which is the whole point of a subwoofer to me.

  25. i have the kef q150. they were my first nice set of speakers, check my profile for my review. i love them :)

  26. i dont use facebook/insta and can't even see things without an account. i'll probably take a drive up and scout it out see how far i can take a trailer. I've never been to those parts before but I came up in NH gettin ten feet of snow overnight so I'm not stranger to it. i just saw something on the news with a perfectly clear road barricaded so figured i would ask if i am even able to help with clearing snow. seems like that should be the priority. nobody owns plows? every other neighbor in NH owned a plow on a pickup truck.

  27. I don't use Instagram either, but I keep an empty account for times like these when I need to reach the other 99% of earth that does use it. Might be worth making an account to reach out/researching how else to reach them. They've been coordinating the air dropping of food and supplies up there recently, they could probably tell you if your equipment is needed and help it get past a blockade if so

  28. i was able to undervolt and overclock my 6950 to have zero coil whine, much lower temps, and roughly ten percent better performance. amd reference card

  29. did your friends get out yet? how is the situation up there now? i take the news with a grain of salt ever since being in a "hurricane" in florida that was barely a thunderstorm but apparently lake arrowhead area is really really bad? how can i help?

  30. Really? Didn’t know you could mix a receiver with an integrated amp. I’ve been fooling around with ELAC DEBUT 6 1/2. Old set of Jamo cornet 60 iv which sound really clear but not as punchy. And a Def tech sub

  31. No, replace the receiver with an integrated amp. The Yamaha as301 seems to be popular, I almost bought it but I went with the s.m.s.l. which technically is also a dac because it accepts USB and optical lol

  32. i'd say an integrated amplifier would be the next step. a dac wouldnt do much if it was feeding into the same receiver. what speakers?

  33. 18% increase in star citizen would be great. I bought 7900XTX sapphire nitro and its great.

  34. half the reason i just built a system was for star citizen. im not disappointed. just frustrated lmao. at least i didnt join years ago i could only imagine how they feel waiting for updates xD i did manage to up my performance a shitload by tweaking settings and reading reddit and fucking with registry and watching youtube and changing group policies and swearing and smoking and downloading sketchy russian shit but in the end i stay over 60fps

  35. I really hope they don't waste time trying to optimize for a random scam "game" where you buy pictures of ships for thousands of dollars...that would be really stupid

  36. i havent spent any money so far and i own half of the most expensive ships in the "scam" and i have a lot of fun and laugh a lot every day but okay i'm glad lara croft fans got something :)

  37. And they told me space aids was just a rumor.. this is the most advanced case i've ever seen. headslug ate all your skin.

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