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  1. Commentators keep saying Roma have been excellent tonight, but have they? They’ve barely offered anything up front

  2. Could somebody please provide a link to a stream? I'd really appreciate it.

  3. rodzinne spotkania, rowniez Paszteciki i Waly Chrobrego w Szczecinie :)

  4. pasztecik szczeciński z serem i grzybami >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. It’s gonna be one hell of a two-match if both Barcelona and Man U show up

  6. It's better to lose now that lose later. Remember we lost 4-0 to barça and won la dobleta, let them have the laugh for the time being.

  7. Fati definitely needs to be a nailed on starter. Should be Fati, Lewy, Dembele as the front three.

  8. They’re probably first setting up a support environment in Ukraine and testing the effectiveness of the Leopards before they send more.

  9. It’s mostly just applying political pressure and breaking the taboo of giving Ukraine modern MBTs produced in the West, the Polish army still has plenty T-72Ms and PT-91s in its reserves and it’s much easier for Ukrainians to adopt these.

  10. Fun fact: I associate loss with the game. You just lost.

  11. Would parboiling, freezing, then sautéing from frozen be a better method than going from boiling water to pan? I have this fear of mixing water with hot oil

  12. I’m Polish and this is pretty much what I do if I want them fried, although I make sure they get up to room temperature first. So I take them out of the freezer early in the morning, leave them be in room temp for the most of the day, fry them up and eat in the afternoon.

  13. Could somebody please share a link to a live stream?

  14. God how I wish they announced something related to the war on the Pacific. I know it’s unlikely but I just want to get my hands on the A6M/other Japanese aircraft so badly :(

  15. There’s one clearly damaged during the war on Próżna 14

  16. I may be alone in thinking this, but the ref has done a great job so far

  17. What is you preferred recipe for meatballs?

  18. such a boner for ukraine. you should've seen how it was before the war.

  19. Or they may worship the new Thalassocracy of Majapahit

  20. Ogólnie bardzo nowoczesny pojazd jak na swoje czasy. Wprowadzony do służby tylko kilka lat po pierwszym IFV. Dla porównania Amerykanie używali M113 w jednostkach frontowych aż do lat 80.

  21. Jak coś to IFV po polsku to po prostu BWP - bojowy wóz piechoty ;)

  22. Can’t wait to play it for the first time, looks like I’ll be for a hell of a ride :)

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