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  1. Ukrainaians using lightly armoured pick up trucks and going frontal against BMPs? Lol

  2. During a September counteroffensive by Ukraine's armed forces, about 400 towns in the Kharkiv region were liberated from Russian occupiers. Ukrainian tank crews spoke to RFE/RL about how they launched a surprise attack that pushed out Russian troops from their fortified positions.

  3. Van was probably abandoned, but still shows how badly those vans survive in an active warzone.

  4. you can see the two front blades in the video. It's a quadcopter, who knows if "racing drone" or not, but it's a quad.

  5. Freestyle quad probably. Not very expensive and can be built fast. With a Foxeer cam, they have not even used the cheapest option.

  6. They're using Zu-23-2s strapped to the back of a truck? God damn man, scrapping the barrel.

  7. The Ukrainians found even older equipment while they advanced towards Izyium. The Russians are using anti-air guns from the 1940s.

  8. This Ukraine is so corrupt equipment will not reach the armed forces was Russian propaganda. Until now NATO and the US have only praised how Ukraine shows where everything is going. Of course, there are corrupt Ukrainians, but as it seems, military equipment is pretty much always getting to the troops.

  9. Lots of aircraft losses today for Russia. Has the airforce been forced to take a more active role?

  10. Yes, they have to slow down the Ukrainians until they regroup in the east and have to cover the troops in Kherson.

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