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  1. Remember the footage of a long-range artillery attack of the Ukrainians from February 2nd. They claimed they hit a headquarter and killed several officers. The pro-Russians ridiculed that claim and said nothing was hit and the explosions where never big enough to hit anything anyway.

  2. Just to illustrate how many Russian soldiers died in Ukraine already:

  3. Edit 2: In right now: Germany will send Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine.

  4. Switzerland will probably deliver the ammunition for the Gepards, because the Swiss defense industry started lobbying and even the conservative party, opposing such an export is now shifting. It will probably not before May, but it will happen.

  5. propaganda is getting ramped u because of all the tank deliveries, that's all

  6. Yesterday's famous attack in Zaporozhye by the Russian turned out the be infantry running over a field towards Ukrainian positions without the support of any tanks or artillery.

  7. Not sure why you're being downvoted. This sub/thread was way less biased in the first few months of the invasion, but it's slowly turned into

  8. An attacking army slaughtering civilians, destroying civilian infrastructure, and destroying cities indiscriminately seems to have some effect.


  10. Late summer, must be going well for the Russians if they have to bring this up again.

  11. The Russian MoD numbers about Makiivka seem to be made up, at least according to Girkin.

  12. White they for sure are bloated. Could you present me with a number you would find non-scifi?

  13. The argument is always, that the Ukrainian numbers are fiction and the Russians have lost a lot fewer soldiers.

  14. It is all lies, the Ukrainians did not destroy that many Russian aircrafts...

  15. I know that Russia was desperately searching for manpower pre-mobilisation.

  16. According to this analysis, even using the lower ranges, Russians managed to lose pretty much all of the "original" manpower, and than rebuild it with the large overhead. It can by only rivaled by second coming of Christ.

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