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  1. Same here, what temp do you like? I enjoy about 450 degrees with a ruby insert

  2. when I was a teenager, I wanted a lowered Caprice SW with hydraulics and 100 spoke Daytons

  3. My new wagon has the bumper hitch and air shocks in the rear, thinking about letting all the air out to see how low she sits lol

  4. Super clean looking! Good luck getting her back to former glory. Parts are hard to find? Shit everything is hard to find right now, only gonna get worse

  5. Kinda, not nearly as hard as the motivation has been to find… the crash started a slump for me and it’s been tough to get myself back in the garage to work on it since. Hope to have it ready by spring.

  6. I mixed it with G6 Diamonds from Verano this morning and it was amazing 🤩

  7. My mans... so you mix the d8 into your d9s to stretch? Any one you recommend I try? Company wise?

  8. 14mm on one end and the other end can do 10mm, 14mm and 18mm because it’s tapered.

  9. I love LiiT Hemp for dabbing D8 and for flower too but mostly dabbing. They have D8 by itself and I believe in other configurations as well where it’s combined with Cannabinoids.

  10. Love that dab tool. Leaffun? And one q tip in the silicone hole? Nice lol

  11. It’s a tool I made for my buddy who has a Instagram called Leaflix

  12. I think I’m gonna break down and try it. All the reviews have been good that I have heard

  13. I have had $20-$25 slurps from Amazon and their bangers. Pretty solid for the money. Slurpers aren’t for everyone. More work to clean for example. I love them but definitely don’t use them for my daily driver. A few videos of them on my page.

  14. Could you link to a good one? I think ill start with a traditional bucket

  15. TONGSANG 90/45 Degree 25mm Wide 4mm Bottom thick Quartz Set (90° 14 Male)

  16. by that you mean folks that support the right to grow a plant 🌱 at home?

  17. Here we go again, personally, I don't care much about that. It doesn't effect me so I'll leave that argument for those that have reason too.

  18. Now use it as a carb cap 😎 I call it the pimp my ride nitrous button lol “ I heard you like dabs so we put dabs in your dabs!”

  19. Not my own idea a friend used to make them and gave me some spare parts to duplicate

  20. How’s that delta8 distillate?

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