News from Milwaukeemayhem

  1. ER is just going to send you to an optometrist.

  2. I would be impressed if he did not have to roll off the mower.

  3. There were a lot of plagues in that time weren’t there? And leprosy? I bet vaccinations would have helped 🤔

  4. Going to school anywhere in Florida isn’t going to look good on a resume. Education seems to be a joke down there

  5. Maybe there were plenty because there were less people. It’s a miracle! Less people are going to church!

  6. Sure, then if there were some books that slipped through the cracks, such as: (

  7. Way to pick an actual educational book for kids. Just because it has SEX in the title didn’t mean it’s obscene. Kids need to be educated about sex, especially if their parents are too scared to do it

  8. NO 8 year old kids should not be learning about intercourse through textbooks in the library.

  9. Luckily he didn’t decide to start shooting, which seems to be a trend lately

  10. Look up videos on YouTube about how to clean the hot end. Sometimes the Bowden tube isn’t pushed against the back on the nozzle completely. This creates a sort of traffic jam of melted filament. The extruder can’t push through it so you hear clicking as the gear slips on the filament. Clean it out and reinstall everything nice and tight

  11. I MADE IT ALL THE WAY TO THE END OF THE PISSING MATCH!!! Wooo!!!! Who else read this garbage? Lmao.

  12. What’s with the booty cheeks comment? I feel like I missed something

  13. I did too, when I looked at his stats his only 4000 yards season is career was his last season with Denver.

  14. I usually say “Oh, so you’re not actually willing to help?”

  15. So... by this logic kangaroos don't exist either since the Bible doesn't mention them... anti-intellectualism at its finest...

  16. Get a load of this guy and his house with stairs and AT LEAST FOUR doors. You just wanted to show off your mansion, while we're all down here in the dirt, having to rotate our refrigerator box twice a day to get sunlight on our proplifted succulent collection. It's not even enough that you have windows, but you have artwork of even more windows!

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