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  1. He’s definitely the perfect person for the part. He’s an amazing actor. Dahmer completely eclipses anything he’s done in AHS by far

  2. What cabinet is that? I’ve been looking at doing the same thing but haven’t settled on a cabinet yet.

  3. Product Development Dyno Technician at the local motorcycle company with worldwide fan base.

  4. I see Illinois plates in the left lane all the time south of Milwaukee. It’s honestly just everybody, it just depends on where you are. Wisconsin people do it all over the place too

  5. This must be the cut scene with jabba the hutts lightsaber fight

  6. I have the same plant, but mine is only 2 inches tall and keeps turning brown and crinkly and dying back and idk what to do to stop it

  7. I’ve heard using distilled water can be better for keeping them from turning brown. But I haven’t tried it yet so don’t just take my word for it

  8. Watch out for fungus gnats from ikea! I forgot to quarantine and they got in all my plants.

  9. Good call. I dealt with that real bad last time I got a plant from IKEA. What I found works best is a layer of sand over the soil that prevents them from laying eggs in the dirt

  10. Had my Miata in a buddy's well-stocked garage for a clutch job. He usually just worked on his early 90's Chevy 4x4. Asked if he had a torque wrench.

  11. I have one of those. Not even slightly accurate. I mainly use it as a breaker bar

  12. When are we going to see real ghosts in this sub? Not shadow interpretations

  13. Starlink. It’s always starlink. Like the other 20 pictures today

  14. When are we going to see real ghosts on this sub? What the hell is this crap?

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