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  1. Why would we be interested in helping our three biggest rivals? It’s been lovely watching them all lose today.

  2. One by one, they fell. And with each fall, the greater the thrill. I just watched them fall, like leaves during the autumn and the wind a lingering breath of death OK sorry I got carried away.

  3. As expected, sharper attack under Galthié, Edwards did improve the defence too.

  4. Disgusting result if you're Welsh. Underwhelming if you're a Saffer. Although a win's a win. The worst part for Wales is how history repeats itself. Never won on SA soil. Seemed like it would finally happen today, but it seemed that way before already. And every time. One day will come though, surely, it's only mathematical probability. Wales are better than anyone expected after that loss to Italy though. Good on them.

  5. (neutral here): England are definitely confused and lack confidence. They look pretty good for a while and then it isn't long before they look passive, nearly like they're watching the opposition play and their defeat unfold before them. Reminiscent of 2018, a weird season right in the middle of absolute excellence 2016-17 and then 2019. Perhaps they need this to rebound strong next year, the WC year.

  6. It's not just a season though, it's two, preceeded by one of clear and obvious decline (2020). This idea that this situation is still comparable to 2018 does not hold water

  7. might be true. Might also be the valley is longer this time around before returning to a peak again. I'm not saying they'll win the Grand Slam and World Cup next year, but they might improve considerably from this

  8. So far so good basically. France earn a 9th straight win, which might be a record, certainly close if not. The new comers did well, Lavault played like 10min and stole a lineout, Jolmes was good, Tanga was excellent, Moefana who isn't a regular was very good...

  9. The record is 10 in the 30s, including something like 8 in a row against Nazi Germany after France was kicked out of the 5 nations.

  10. Wallabies just can't beat this England team can they. England under Eddie Jones' style is just kryptonite to them

  11. Suddenly the humbleness of the NZ fans has gone hahaha

  12. how the fk is that even possible ? So like Falatea has an older brother who's like 20years older, who had a son very early, Moefana, and so Falatea and Moefana are only a few years apart but still uncle/nephew ?

  13. It's not uncommon. I know a few people who are younger than their nieces/nephews

  14. France def unfocused today. Need to wake up in the 2H. Japan isn’t just going to roll over. They’re good today.

  15. It is probably the second or third most popular sport in Argentina and it is growing.

  16. I'm not Argentinian, but I'd imagine it isn't second is it. Third maaaaayybe, but I'd imagine sth like basketball would be in front of Rugby in Arg. Rugby is pretty exclusive. It would be fantastic if it were second, but that sounds a bit generous.

  17. am I right in saying Pacific Islanders are generally pretty liberal with their first names ?

  18. Same way France aren't aware a RWC final can be won, they think reaching it alone is a job done it seems. Only nation to reach the RWC final (and multiple times at that) and never win it. Fingers crossed this changes in a year.

  19. haha, well a bit not much. It's still in Aus, and England have had Aus' number the past few years but Aus did show real signs of quality, by beating SA twice in a row for eg recently.

  20. These players need game time as we will need efficient subs when RWC 2023 comes. If they're used to only play 20/30 minutes at international level, it's not good if anything happens during the RWC.

  21. I agree. Would it even be a coherent notion, as fantastic as he already is, to incorporate Le Garrec now into the France group, a 20yo kid 1 year before the World Cup at home ? He may be incredible, but he's still a 20yo kid. And the World Cup is beckoning.

  22. fkn solid. It looks like they're pushing a few old timers a bit, Sanchez at 10 or Cubelli, Chaparro... there's a few 30 somethings in there and it'd be nice to see a worthy replacement soon. But very solid on paper.

  23. Probably more about Racing replacing Tanga, who while he played Eight and was asked to break the line, also tended to operate more like a dynamic Six when Racing were in full flow.

  24. yeah but Galthié will likely ask Racing to give him a few go's at lock, since that's where they play him for France; which fits the Racing rationale anyways. Maybe Racing want to further the experiment of a light/mobile pack another year.

  25. yeah the whole idea was move to a new exciting shiny arena, produce a fast exciting style, build a fanbase (which has been their problem, notoriously), and add the winning to that and it's a perfect long term economic strategy... but adding some girth in there wouldn't hurt, as we seem to agree. Arena or no Arena.

  26. I know this doesn't count as much but as a France supporter: mmm, no.

  27. I think it is going to be a way closer match than most people think. Wales just know how to play against SA and counter a lot of our strengths. Also this is the first match the Springboks are playing this year so we are going to be rusty.

  28. I've fucked it lads. They should really ban this sort of thing in rugby teams

  29. "Listen uh, we already have a Wyn Jones type on the team, and he's got seniority so, you're just going to have to go to the city hall and make an application to change your name. We talked about it, and we like Jeffry".

  30. Why Lucu and not that young scrum half I forget his name

  31. I guess the generation of the Waqaniburotu, Yato, Botia, Nakarawa, Nadolo etc... is done. Also no Tuisova ? Where do most of these players play ?

  32. In the mid-year window, the Flying Fijians squad is always dominated by local players. The players you named (minus Nadolo and maybe Nakarawa) are likely to show up in the autumn window when Fiji faces Scotland, Ireland, and the French Barbarians.

  33. I see but what does "local players" mean in this case, do you mean guys who play in SR mostly ? I'm looking them up one by one, I see they play all over the place. Scotland, France, Aus...

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