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  1. I think there are bigger issues in that relationship than his age

  2. While he is in remand he will be in a single concrete cell by himself. It will have a stainless steel toilet without a toilet seat in one corner with a tiny basin and a metal single sized ‘bed’ with no mattress in the adjacent corner. The lights are very very bright and harsh and are left on 24/7. If he is polite to the police working there they will offer him a blanket and food. There will be no natural light or any way to tell the time/how long he has been in there for. He will be made to remove his shoes and belt before entering the cell.

  3. Due to the nature of the spectrum, this would likely differ between every autistic person you'd ask.

  4. Upvote for the sleepwalking Jeff Goldblum on Adderall description

  5. I’ve cared for wild birds before. They normally don’t act like this beyond the nestling or hatchling stage. Sad but I think this guy might be unwell.

  6. The despondent expression on the kids’ faces makes this that bit more uncomfortable

  7. You can see the doors open and like the other person said I did this all the time. One time I got in it looking sad when I knew my uncle would be coming over. He laughed and said it was about time.

  8. IT IS!!! its right near tompkins on 7th or st marks street

  9. I used to go here 15+ years ago. Can’t believe it’s still around. Also imagine the dust inside those pots!

  10. There are only two legitimate reasons a person would write like this: ESL or intellectually challenged.

  11. Kookaburra! Very common throughout Australia and also tend to be less skittish around humans than other birds. They sound like monkeys.

  12. There was a rumour when the tape first came out that Kris was involved in the final edit and wanted some scenes cut because Kim didn’t look pretty enough.

  13. I count 3 rhinoplasties. In 2014 her nose is actually swollen from the surgery (bangs pic). That was the second one.

  14. Ever been to a nightclub? This is Reddit so maybe 1/4 of you have. For those that have, it’s actually hard to tell if a sexual assault is taking place as an outsider as some women freeze and go with it. So if I see a man groping a woman’s breasts in a club, I have no real idea if it’s her long time boyfriend or a stranger she met 5 minutes ago.

  15. Yeah but most of the crew had known this girl since she was 15. She ran an SNL fan site and was going to these parties and mixing with them for years.

  16. Same. I'm not hating on OP, it just didn't sound believable to me. The OG story left out a lot of details that she later tried to fill in, plus it left out the whole sex part. Not even one tiny detail until she was pressed on it in comments. And I don't know why this especially bugged me but her use of "ball gown". She was wearing a very simple slip dress, nothing close to a ball gown, so why did she need to change out of it? It might have been part of her ruse to get him upstairs but that was not made clear to me at ALL? I'm hung up on that detail LOL. Yes, it might have been poorly written as she rattled it off standing in line at Panera (really?), but it lacked specifics. I'm fully willing to believe he is cheat, her story just didn't do it for me.

  17. I remember as well! Added: I remember him going through a very difficult time with drugs and suggested a psychological breakdown. If I remember correctly it was shortly before or shortly after Kate Hudson broke up with him. His behavior was bizzare, out of control and very public for awhile.

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