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Those of you who live in small towns, what is the current local controversy all about?

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  1. It was a little too over the top at times. Like there were times during the shield where I had to suspend disbelief, but my memory of SOA was that it was like that on steroids.

  2. With The Shield Kurt Sutter was just part of the team, there were folk to temper his more cartoonish ideas. With SOA Sutter had full control so there was no one to reign him in. That’s more or less where the key difference comes from, I think.

  3. I always took it as being like their equivalent of WMDs to the samurai, a scary and overpowered weapon that they probably considered to be unethical in combat, but a sword is just a sword, that's how I took it anyway.

  4. Shimura’s deal was looking your enemy in the eye, fighting fair. With a hwacha you’re not squaring off with your opponent on even terms. That said, he still agreed to Jin using the hwacha when push came to shove.

  5. Hot take, I thought the Eternals was better than the first Suicide Squad

  6. I love the MCU and have enjoyed every film so far (to varying degrees). That being said, I’ve only watched the first 20 minutes of Eternals and I’m struggling to figure how I’m supposed to get through the next 2~ hours. Is it like…does it get better or…? I don’t want to not watch an MCU film but like…Eternals is a hard ask so far.

  7. I saw Bill Burr live a few years ago. Other than a fight breaking out, the most remarkable audience members were the ones agreeing with much of what he was saying. Not laughing at the jokes, but unironically voicing their support for what most folk recognize as satire. A guy a few seats over from me seemed to have no idea that he was the exact type of person Bill Burr was making fun of. It was quite eye-opening, and made me realize a large part of Burr’s success is that he’s able to bridge a weird gap between demographics.

  8. Fijian Spring water doesn’t just come out of the ground you know.

  9. Ok, please don't list The Wire. Shield is a tier or 2 below BB, GoT, Sopranos, Wire, imo.

  10. True true, just hurts my soul that The Wire didn't end as strong as it should have.

  11. Always wait a second and look both ways right after the light has changed. I've personally avoided a handful of accidents this way.

  12. Regardless of what the lights are doing. Even on the greenest green you should check, there are no guarantees.

  13. Is that using the photo mode glitch to break through the limits of distance? If so, I can totally see why that took so long.

  14. The 15th post in my profile will give a tutorial for how to break through the photo distance limits.

  15. Most of us dislike Nazeem and he has like 2 lines

  16. Yes (obviously) but the battery in a propane forklift isn’t anywhere near as big as in an electric and doesn’t act as a significant part of the counterweight. In an electric forklift the battery makes up part, or more or often most, of the counterweight.

  17. Tell me this is the only picture on your Tinder profile.

  18. I like Daryl well enough, he has some good moments. The accent never bothered me all that much, but that could be because I’m not overly familiar with what a backwater Florida fella is supposed to sound like. As you say OP, Daryl has some stiff/gigantic competition to standout against the show’s other big villains.

  19. I bought the director’s cut on PS4 but I already owned the base game, not sure if that makes a difference? It added Iki Island and some art/bonus content.

  20. Oh man, get it. It feels so fucking cool combining different techniques and tricks to pull off cool takedowns.

  21. Like random encounters or in villages/forts? In random encounters you can definitely get the stand off prompt, prisoners or otherwise.

  22. I’m a bummed out Cowboys fan as well but damn, I’m also trying to catch some Seinfeld later.

  23. I’m betting he’ll show at some point, even if it’s just a cameo. Like, how are ya gonna make more Raylan adventures with at least a little bit of Boyd? It can’t be done I tells ya, it can’t be done!

  24. County scale: the council voted to redistrict based on maps that they made themselves. It was vetoed in favor of one made by an outside firm. They overrode it. Gerrymandering to hell and back

  25. Better yet, I’d like to see them show the strength of their convictions and say it out loud somewhere plenty of folk can hear it. Unless of course they’re cowards who only spout their hate anonymously online…but that couldn’t be it, could it…?

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