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  1. I don't want to assume your knowledge OP but just in case you weren't aware, if you are plugging a poly synth into your sub37's ext input, you will get some weird behavior. The sub37's envelopes are mono so the external input will be subject to the same filtering and amp Envelope as the sub37. Might want to go the mixer/multichannel interface route (check out evo16 if you decide to go with the latter).

  2. Thanks, yeah I am aware of the amp and filter envelopes. That’s what I like about it. The sub37 has a rather robust filter and amp envelope.

  3. I just got a Hydrasynth Explorer and it pairs well with my Sub 37.

  4. Thanks. Yeah I am aware that the amp envelope controls the ext in/feedback but thanks for calling that out.

  5. Met a dude on Xbox live and gamed together for a while. A couple weeks later, I had a party at my apartment and one of my roommates invited a neighbor. I met him and talked for a little before I realized it was that guy I had been playing Xbox with. It turns out he had lived in the building next door the entire time. Went from Xbox friends to actual friends after that.

  6. I had an experience like that expect I was friends with a guy online for like 5 years. I ended up going to KU and found out his house was like down the hill from my dorm. He’s a great dude. I introduced my cousin to him and he gave my cousin a place to stay when my cousin was homeless, bought him a MacBook Air to get back on his feet

  7. You’re going to be blown away. It will make the Apollo feel like trash. Apollo conversion is not that great, expense is high due to their aging DSP tech

  8. It’s not punching up if you’re defending yourself. If there weren’t Christians trying to force their values and morals on people or adopt them as laws then there wouldn’t be any “punching”. You’re viewing the reaction and ignoring that which people are reacting to.

  9. No, punching up means engaging something that is more powerful in conflict. When that more powerful thing chooses to engage you it is no longer punching up, it’s just survival.

  10. a microfreak maybe? compact, mono (== not stereo, afaik has 4 voices), quite some variation (compared to a subtractive). will sit on the fatness of the sub37 quite well, I think. does some kind of vocoding and you can upload your own wavetables, for more custom havoc. [edit mono/stereo]

  11. This is probably the best suggestion I’ve gotten, and a synth that fell off my radar. For some reason microkorg was on my list but not microfreak

  12. In my opinion, Frequency is the best label because it litterally is what you modify my turning the knob but Speed is not too bad.

  13. It depends on what the implementation is though. If the implementation is a midi sync’d tempo, frequency would not be appropriate. Rate would be appropriate with a stepped pot and labels like “4 2 1 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 1/64”.

  14. For me, Frequency is most accurate, Rate is most intuitive.

  15. I think it really just depends on what the implementation under the hood is. Rate I would expect to be continuously variable from “slow” to “fast”. Frequency I would expect to be continuously variable from a defined low frequency to a defined max frequency. Pitch would most likely be implemented with semitones and would preferably be switched and not continuously variable. Speed would just be the same as rate, although rate can also be implemented as a midi sync’d rate by tempo as opposed to speed.

  16. You're absolutely right, and I think I lost my way here. I was just trying to reduce the cable count and the complexity of power distribution and it got out of hand fast. I'm just gonna lean on my RK-006 to distribute midi--as I should--and power everything via DC barrel or USB from the battery wherever possible.

  17. For sure, but I would still recommend looking into midi mergers or midi splitters. It will allow you to have one out and one input cable from your “brain” device. Then it will split or merge (they’re separate devices, and passive so no need to power them) your midi signals so they go to all the devices or come back down just one line.

  18. Sometimes you just need to step back and re-evaluate your approach. When you need to start opening things and re-engineering them, it’s probably wise to step back and consider a different approach.

  19. Yeah oh well lol someone somewhere recommended guitar cables aka “TRS cables” smh

  20. Yeah sure. "...old school" is probably relative to your viewpoint. CLA started out in the '80s from what I remember. Is that "old school?" To me it is.

  21. 80s are def middle school not old or new school, just middle school. 90s are dropouts

  22. He probably didn’t know it needed a filter change. No need to be unkind to everyone on the internet

  23. I mean he’s kinda ragging on his mom due to his own ignorance

  24. I have that same vacuum. This is what happens when you don’t clean it.

  25. That’s a really helpful piece of advice that I can use to improve my work flow. Thank you.

  26. I can tell you’re being sarcastic but it actually is very solid advice. I’m basically paraphrasing quincy jones there, probably the best producer in the history of music and it was that type of energy that made thriller such a good album. He wore MJ down with how rigorous he was about getting many, many takes

  27. Don’t thank him yet, until you’ve gone through the process of rigorous retakes you haven’t really learned anything from him.

  28. Its to make their creation space look “moody”. Personally when it comes to “mood lighting” I’m more a fan of dim orange or blue glow.

  29. I don’t know if you expected me to read every chapter of that… but I read the first sentence, downvoted and moved on

  30. Agreed here. But let’s also remember that two people had a horrible year last year. The gifter also seemed to struggle, and maybe they had life or financial issues as well. Can you imagine working in your office thinking someone didn’t like what you bought for them when that money could have been used elsewhere? And now there’s this issue because what you did provide wasn’t good enough, especially if you were struggling. OP, YTA for forcing your staff to provide 3 specialized gifts during a tough time for most people. It comes across as greedy. Doing a white elephant takes away the pressure, and can keep it fun and simple. Especially with generic holiday gifts. As mentioned above, people can easily choose to participate or not, but they can still have fun watching the event since it’s often funny.

  31. It’s a little presumptuous to assume that the person who gave the wallet last year had a terrible year (I think you meant to say a terrible Christmas, so I’m assuming that’s what you meant here).

  32. Well your comments sound as if you’re a young dude…respectfully. I’m 44. I’ve been all throughout this city and I’ve never heard of “take this flag Bro, you’ll be good” 🤷🏾‍♂️

  33. Well then you should know that the person I met who was carrying a king flag was a moe… and it shouldn’t seem that strange to you…

  34. Nah bruh he right, flags ain't really a thing back then and definitely aren't right now. Whoever told you that most likely making it up

  35. Go check in with Gino’s people up north and ask them why they have flags then

  36. What's payola? At the risk of sounding stupid haha

  37. Google it. The mob used to control the radio industry and thus were able to control what music radio DJs played. There was a lawsuit about it like 50 years ago. Payola. Google it

  38. Confidence is a state of mind that comes as a result of accepting ourselves for who we are — recognizing our strengths and weaknesses.

  39. there's no way to change sample rate on the mpc, it's locked at 44100hz. it might work if you connect the mixer to your computer and set the sample rate on it to 44100hz and then connect it to the mpc.

  40. I don’t believe that’s true. I haven’t tried it but I am 100% certain you can change the sample rate via CoreAudio’s API after connecting the MPC to a computer via controller mode.

  41. I'm gonna be honest - abandon all hope trying to use an interface with the mpc one. It's buggy as hell. And even if you get it working - wait a few minutes and it will stop working again.

  42. I wouldn’t say abandon all hope. Buggy with most things but I never had any issues using a focusrite 18i8 with it.

  43. Shyt back in the day it was the party people cause they all started off as party crews before becoming full fledge gangs. I heard it was the gpp’s who threw them blockrockers tho. And dare I say even a few “fefe’s”

  44. Even todays gangs a lot of em still have a “party crew”, basically all the ones who claim shit but don’t do work and just party 😂

  45. These niggas was specifically party crews. Like that mudboyz shyt that’s popping now that just got shot up. Exactly they was banging 😂and not on sum lame shyt

  46. Oh yeah for sure. I have my old party crew inked on me. I feel like it’s totally natural for party crews to evolve into gangs or drug networks or whatever anyway. A lot of times there will have been members doing gangster shit or illegal shit since the beginning. But at some point a lot of them move from unorganized party meetups to organized criminal activity

  47. An ID killed one of his boys a few years back because he didn’t want to take the V for stealing guns from other members

  48. People get killed all the time for stealing, what’s your point?

  49. So I give you $8, and you’ll record 100 quality vocal samples for me? Sounds great man, I’ve never met someone who has the range to sing sing like Elvis, Young Thug, and Lorde!

  50. No, I wouldn’t record anything for you for $8. There is a very big difference between quantity and quality. Those samples cost $8 because there are thousands upon thousands of people purchasing them. Those same people uploading those samples would laugh at you if you asked them for custom samples on an $8 budget.

  51. Fuck that, no jne should buy gear to literally walk outside, Ya don't need to be super visible on a sidewalk as a fucking sidewalk is only populated by pedestrians.

  52. I mean, if you want to risk getting hit at night then that’s your prerogative. Just know that you may be found partially (or completely) at fault for the accident due to not being visible, depending on circumstances of course.

  53. No no, I'm not saying it isn't currently needed, I'm saying that's just not a long term solution. If, at a crossing, a pedestrian needs to wear bright clothes to not die, that crossing is poorly designed

  54. It’s not just about crossings. It’s about being visible on the sidewalk or side of the road as well.

  55. With my SM57 and 545sd unidyne mics I notice a lot of plosives even with a stedman pop filter. I also have the Shure foam windscreen that goes over them and you can still get a lot of plosives with that as well.

  56. The first post about this topic had a claim they were in the dispensary bathroom , not lounge. I think it said the bathroom door was locked for 3 hours or so, and that prompted someone to check and find the deceased person.

  57. Heart attack? Pre existing condition? Lmfao. More like fentanyl overdose.

  58. Bluetooth is only used to connect midi devices in the EU. There are no products on the Us market for this due to FCC regulations probably idk

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