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  1. while true, that's also kind of my point. Ziggs doesn't feel like he's a part of his own deck until after he's lvl'd up. As opposed to champs like Liss and Taliyah who have lvl 1s that contribute alot to their decks gameplan.

  2. He's a finisher, like pantheon - you pretty much never play pantheon unleveled, and he does technically have fated, but he's pretty similar in when he's played, as the payoff for playing a fated deck

  3. Any pairing with Trigore is very playable, Baine Trigore Niuzao with the helm is top tier and can run almost every bounty, and you can also run Ancondra Trigore Niuzao and Mukla Trigore Niuzao as a beasts Frontline with slightly different flavor (Mukla with the +atk bananas is hilariously fast scaling in this comp, if you need BIG damage).

  4. Yes, it scales up the bananas, unless you're using king krush I never use the third skill, so you can max taunt second

  5. Jhin doesn't have one either if you look at it from a practical sense. 3-4 nexus damage isn't worth giving up a region and putting bad cards in your deck.

  6. It's not 3-4 damage alone, it's also a stun + 4-5 damage finisher on a body if you flip him. Granted, you have to draw him, which is the main difference, but his passive is quite impactful for his own play pattern (and I wish it happened in deck with 3 Jhin so he could be more consistent at flipping, as not drawing him feels really bad).

  7. Mine rogue with smokescreen is even fairly strong with the new deathrattles, I think people just don't like playing rogue

  8. Honestly, quest rogue is fine at lower ranks right now, it's fairly playable with the new cards, the gadgets make the rogue location very good, and serrated bone 2 mana card is great filler.

  9. If you aren't level 30 on your whole team, come back later

  10. Many people get herpes from their parents kissing them. I know it can be hard to wrap your head around, but almost all "decent men" have herpes, cold sores are nearly omnipresent in human society.

  11. I heard Buff Priest doesn’t fold to this matchup. How do they actually beat Implock?

  12. Shadow word devour is a big part of it - sometimes they can play it on pelagos or their wig target, clear your small minions, and threaten a next turn bless lethal. This forces you to trade into it, and then the priest wins from there.

  13. It's a more flexible fireball with a requirement - direct damage has always been a mage strength. Even though hunter gets a bad rap for going face, mage has often pretty similar levels of face finishing options.

  14. The backup is in many ways, a lot more unreliable than the main plan. Winning off kelthuzad is tremendously more difficult than winning with Dawn grasp, and random big minions are Alot tougher to win with compared to denadrius.

  15. It doesn't always hit, and you can also play theotar - I don't think this is nearly as unpleasant as you are suggesting.

  16. Is Denathrius really good enough in ramp druid? I'm a bit hesitant. Seems like the only things infusing him consistently are whelps, and he needs to be in hand for that.

  17. Even uninfused he is sometimes just a gamewinning lifesteal body with a small boardclear. Play with him for a little and you'll see, he is absurdly strong, the only thing holding him back is the 10 mana cost, which druid can handle better than any deck.

  18. Thanks for the info. Considering most games are finished in 3 rounds, and Xyrella is quite squishy and dies quickly, this treasure is almost entirely useless in most situations.

  19. It's not completely useless, you have to backline xyrella (as it still cools down on the bench), and then you can rez a merc if they die.

  20. only with spellshield. those are just bullets to the mag that is spellshield. otherwise control bodies those mfs.

  21. Control cries at scouts and pretty much always has.

  22. Cries at the Scouts deck not the Scout keyword. That crying is more due to the cheap rally spells than the scout keyword.

  23. The keyword specifically still has obvious advantages against decks not on the board - if you have a big blocker, you don't easily get two attacks off of a scout unit. If you have no blocker, it's effectively double strike.

  24. Thanks for sharing, I am interested in trying the second deck in particular, as I've really been enjoying shen bard.

  25. Yes, they instantly proc a mist when you play Viego, you can get spell shield or elusive or overwhelm on Viego, and you get to play normal SI control (vengeance, ruination). The health buffs are deceptively strong, Hydravine is a lot tankier with 7 health, it makes more difference than I expected. The eve card that gives +1 to 1 manas buffs mists. And eve's mystic shot (hate spike) is a great supplement to the si control cards. Tellstones really shines as well (does a lot of funny stuff like turn a unit ephemeral to flip Viego, crumble on husks, etc)

  26. Targon needs a delayed counters like in magic. Memory Lapse for example counters a spell and puts it on top of the opponents deck. I think its fitting for Targon to delay what you wanna do as opposed to get rid of it entirety.

  27. Honestly, that feels even more frejlord to me - like freezing a spell. Targons stuff is all about your own units, other than the invoke cards, they pretty much have no interaction at all.

  28. I just started a week ago and invested a significant amount of time leveling a Murloc comp. While it was pretty fun, I'm kinda getting stumped by the 4th zone. I agree with the guy who suggested Fire. If you can get your hands on Baron Geddon and other Fire folks, it could carry you a long way.

  29. Which murlocs are you using? I think murloc comp is pretty viable in many bounties (I use and enjoy it a lot, particularly after the recent buff to the murloc shaman with the heal equipment). I think you're just hitting the point where any one team will struggle (fire comp is the strongest in the entire game, and not even it can clear every bounty).

  30. But it was at a time where the regular hero power had some worth to it, because the card level of all other cards wasn't as insane as it is today.

  31. Warlock and demon hunter still spam hero power all the time, and mage always has some use for it - just avoid the classes with bad hero powers

  32. I love this deck, but the prevalence of Kai'sa in the meta deters me from playing it.

  33. Honestly, with catalogue hands it could be worse - it's pretty easy to keep the board clear from the early units, and with catalogue up you have enough gas to get through the shield with go hards and such.

  34. Generally true, although lich king now has a really long entrance animation- at least it's cool looking

  35. All of these non-interactive decks need a re-work. Curse warlock, boring priest, quest hunter. If naga mage got killed because it wasn't fun to play against, I don't know how these decks still exist.

  36. Curselock is extremely interactive - it requires a lot of counting your opponents hand, some interesting board gambits, and a lot of variety in how you have to play different matchups (some you have to play aggressively and on the board, like quest priest and big mage, and others you have to play spell based board control). Unless you're in a control mirror, most games you have to heavily play for the board with spells and minions, it's quite different than quest hunter in that regard

  37. So my experience is against the 30 card version, before Renathal came out. And the AoE present in that deck was basically Customers, Gigafin, and Tamsin + Abyssal. And Starfish, since I was playing Druid and it worked against Ivus.

  38. I will say, my personal list that I climb with also runs Tamsin hero and one twisting nether, and in mech games I hold them unless I absolutely have to play them, usually mulligan for gnolls and drain life early.

  39. Darius is really great, my problem was just that he's pure power and doesn't have a good way to deal with anything that can't be directly fought. Zoe's boss battle gave me so much grief.

  40. The challenger poros and bloody business can definitely deal with Zoe - just make sure you are thoughtful about your mulligan, and that you draft enough low unit drops

  41. Probably not but the biggest issue for Illaoi is if she loses board control she has a very difficult time getting it back. This paired with a Lux beam could help that. I think Lux Illaoi would run this, but I don't think it'll move the needle that much on the deck's competitiveness.

  42. That deck is very close to being playable at high ranks, it just depends on what else is being played on ladder. I think if there's reputation frostbite around or something it could make a comeback, as lux is very good into frostbite decks.

  43. I'd love to see a "Shut up, demon hunter." card in some adventure that would make Illidan whisper all of his voicelines.

  44. If you're scrolling, give this a watch - old timey commercial energy

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