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  1. Although both great categories I’d prefer them to be separate quarters since I can use the digital wallets for gas.

  2. Are you getting your Trans and EQ scores from Credit Karma? Since there’s such a difference between those and your Experian I assume that’s the case.

  3. Your best bet is probably Care Credit offered by Synchrony. It’s for medical or vet expenses and you can commonly apply right in the office there. Ask the ER Vet if it’s something they offer, most do. Now IDK if you’ll get approved with that score but I know Synchrony uses Vantage 4.0 for lending decisions not FICO. It’s worth a shot at least. I assume you’d need to list income on the application though.

  4. Is it okay to redeem the cash back during that first year, or should i save it all up and wait for the price back match? basically do they match all cash back earned period, or match all remaining cash back earned?

  5. It doesn’t matter. They’ll match the same amount regardless at end of the first year. I always redeemed monthly and just got my match last month. I mainly used the card for just the 5% categories and ended up with about a $300 match.

  6. She seemed a lot happier at Gillette. I mean she legit said it was the happiest she’d been, what happened?

  7. Wasn’t Joe still posting pics of Meredith (Taylor’s cat, not Matty’s ex) up until February?

  8. He was also at her Grammy after party in February.

  9. It’s definitely an interest charge going towards another purchase you made at some point that’s not part of the 0%. I have this card and have completed multiple big ticket 0% promos without issue. The few times I made regular purchases I made sure to pay off the entire amount of the new purchases plus my regular monthly payment. I’m thinking you made purchases at some point and just continued paying the minimum. Your statements will have the answer. There is no monthly charge for not using the card though.

  10. My account says 100% of my balance is from the promotional balance. I have zero balance otherwise

  11. What is the charge listed as on your actual statement?

  12. So I have this same table, but different chairs with rounded backs that I feel match the style a lot better. I have a rug under the table and wall art that ties into the French Country theme as well. My chandelier is also a bit vintage looking and not too large for the table.

  13. Trader Joe’s orange chicken is great. $4.99 for a bag and it can last you two meals

  14. I’d put the entire $1300 towards the Discover with a plan to pay the remainder off completely before the interest hits. August is coming up quickly and that’ll become just another card you’re fighting interest on. Your monthly minimum will also increase once the 0% expires.

  15. You aren’t accruing interest. Anything charged in May isn’t due until June 30th. You’ll only be charged interest if you haven’t paid it off by then.

  16. Yes, it works like every other credit card. Unless you’ve been carrying a balance then you have a grace period where no interest accrues. Pay your statement balance by your due date and you’ll never have to worry about interest.

  17. Pending transactions tend to disappear when they’re ready to post. Sometimes it’ll take a day or two.

  18. Does your EOB from Cigna list the non covered charges under patient responsibility? If not then you need to show that to the provider and they have to write it off and can’t bill you.

  19. Perfect! Call the provider’s billing department and let them know. They should’ve received a copy of that as well and they’re contractually obligated to write that off.

  20. I prefer this method when I need cash for whatever instead of paying down a specific card only. Essentially it’s a 3% fee cash advance for however many months they offer. My credit union sends me checks I can write out to myself for this.

  21. If Nice Boy Ed was truly a friend of Joe’s I guess we’ll never hear about him again through anything Taylor related.

  22. Weren’t their rumors that John Mayer & her were working on something together? As a Mayer fan & Taylor Stan, I would love for them to resolve things bc they would make fire music together. And no I don’t condone what he did to her but the man has evolved. He’s definitely not the same man he was 20 years ago. If you listen to any interviews with him recently, he’s impossible not to like bc of how self aware he is now & genuinely apologetic about his past.

  23. After her writing Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve after being triggered by seeing him at the 2021 Grammys I’m gonna say she clearly still hates him.

  24. My fox red loved to “dance” as well. But only with a specific huge stuffed bear that was 3 ft tall. One day a few months ago she realized that big bear was in fact also a toy that could be chewed and destroyed. Now she has no dancing buddy and is sad.

  25. I agree she seemingly loves drama. But she also does seemingly love her brand and image. I have to admit – I remain throughly baffled by this choice.

  26. I think the Tatty thing is most surprising because we all believed she had really grown up and matured over the past 6 years. Is she spiraling? Was the Joe/privacy thing all an act she put on for him? I have so many questions.

  27. I’ve always wondered how people with shared finances but each other gifts without the other person finding out.

  28. I would assume most people have credit cards the other isn’t on? I only use my checking account to pay the mortgage, car note and credit card bills.

  29. You won’t get the $200 SUB for a BT. That’s for new purchases only. However, a one time 3% fee makes sense and will save you a ton in interest as long as you have a solid plan to pay it off before the 0% expires.

  30. just checked my credit karma equifax and i'm having the same exact issue. looks like it's either a glitch with equifax or credit karma. but either way based on the comments it seems like this is happening to a lot of people, maybe everyone. i'm just gonna wait a few days to see if they fix this themselves, i'd recommend you do the same.

  31. I think it’s a CK issue or glitch. I pulled a new report with EQ through myFICO this morning and all was fine. But CK has me as deceased.

  32. I’m SO glad I came across this! I woke up this morning to the same thing. I immediately went to annual credit report to pull my reports and there was an error pulling every single bureau (this didn’t help calm my nerves).

  33. It was just a few months - She went from Calvin immediately to Tom and that lasted maybe June through August and then by September she was with Joe Alwyn.

  34. But also she and Joe were supposedly talking and maybe hanging out even while she was with Tom. And she actually met Joe before Tom. The timeline is crazy.

  35. All insjrance payments and in-network adjustments are reflected properly on the statement I received saying I owe $38k. I feel like this is like the 14th time I've typed this ITT but insurance paid everything they said they would. Contracted adjustments were made. All of this is correct on the statement. THE ISSUE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT INSURANCE PAID OR ITEMIZED AS A WRITE-OFF, THE ISSUE HAS TO DO WITH THE TOTAL COST OF THE SURGERY BEING $77K INSTEAD OF $39K.

  36. If the hospital is in network it doesn’t matter if they bill 200k. The most you’d pay is your out of pocket max, period. They are contracted to write off the rest of it, period.

  37. he doesn’t really strike me as the proposing type 😭

  38. He does strike me as the get drunk and get married in Vegas on a whim type though 😬

  39. I keep reading comments that she’s in her K-Fed era and I really hope not…

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