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  1. To my knowledge charged off account is technically closed and also delinquent. “Paying as agreed” would be for open accounts in good standing.

  2. I have financed furniture through synchrony and they definitely sent statements in the mail. So even if he ignored the phone calls (did they not leave a voicemail?) he still would have gotten bills in the mail for sure.

  3. Yep, bills in the mail unless he signed up for paperless billing. But he could only do that if he created the online account with Synchrony.

  4. You set up the autopay with synchrony. I’m not sure how they would even set that up in the store. Usually they (synchrony) deduct from your bank acct. Did OP give the guy at the furniture store his bank info? I definitely wouldn’t do that.

  5. I have financed furniture with Synchrony and signed paperwork in store (for Ashley Furniture). It clearly states the lender is Synchrony and I was never offered to set up auto pay on the spot. There is nowhere on the paperwork for that. I’m gonna assume their financing contracts are pretty much the same for each retailer. That’s something you’d do online with Synchrony after setting up your online account.

  6. Keep in mind they’re specifically pulling your FICO mortgage scores which are completely different than your FICO 8. They’ll use the middle score of the 3 bureaus to determine rate. You actually have over 30 different FICO scores. There’s 8, 9, Auto, Mortgage, Bank Card etc. And those are completely separate than the Vantage Scores provided by Credit Karma (no lenders use those).

  7. When my 3 yr old Husky growls it doesn’t sound like typical dog growl either. She also rarely barks but when she does it sounds equally as weird. It’s a Husky thing…

  8. My 7 month old used to go nuts anytime there was a knock at the door or doorbell ringing on TV. She’d go run to the front door. Quite annoying late at night when watching TV in bed and it’s happening repeatedly.

  9. I feel like the only significant tracks left are Track 5, Track 1 and whatever Track # the lead single is. I think she’ll space all those out so I’m guessing we get another total random. I’ll guess Track 10.

  10. For me, tracks 2-4 are just always where she brings the heat, and I’m curious what they are named and obviously what they sound like.

  11. Yep, her albums tend to be front loaded for the most part. So I don’t think her releasing titles from the back end first is a coincidence.

  12. Most lenders it’s based upon when you opened the account. A few have set dates for all users (like the Apple Card).

  13. I see, for example Canada BMO. Both statements and minimum due dates are based on time activated or just minimum due dates?

  14. Well statement dates in general are usually about 5-7 days after the due date so this would depend on when the due date is and go hand in hand with that.

  15. Do a quick google search of the collection agencies holding your debt and also the original creditor. You may find useful info on if they offer pay for delete or not and if they generally buy the debt or are just handling it for the original creditor.

  16. NO way! There’s just no way…if this is true (and judging by the thread it is) that is absolutely insane. Then why are the other lines paying more if they don’t get their own account!? How absurd

  17. I know it’s not always the case but I’d assume the majority of the time multiple lines on one account are located within the same household. Would likely already be sharing streaming services anyway.

  18. Good genetics can definitely come into play but Labs in general are very smart, eager to please and pick up on things quickly.

  19. I introduced the potty bell the day my girl came home at 8 weeks. She started using it regularly within a few days. She continued to have an occasional pee accident (maybe 1x a week) until she was about 16 weeks old. Of course these were my fault, I either didn’t hear the bell in time or she got too excited playing with my other dogs.

  20. Under the “see what’s changed” tab it only shows things that would have helped, which is why I was confused.

  21. Mine dropped substantially at the 3 yr mark. About 15-20 points for EX and TU, over 50 for EQ 😩. No other changes at that time. It was quite jarring.

  22. I think the last track she’ll announce will be the single. she’ll announce the track name and then be like music video, coming out tomorrow at midnight.

  23. I agree. If she sticks to this 3x a week schedule that puts the last track being announced just a few days before the album drop I personally think she’ll drop the video right along with the album like she did for Folklore and Evermore. I think she wants to maximize first week streaming as much as possible and won’t risk releasing a single ahead of time.

  24. In my experience Apple credits the payment instantly (not the case for everyone I’ve heard). The actual payment usually takes a few business days to clear my bank account just like any other ACH transaction.

  25. I opened like 10 new cards, refinanced a car and bought a house in 2021. Scores never dropped below mid 700s.

  26. I would just leave it open. If they eventually close it for inactivity then so be it.

  27. In my experience I was only able to have the removal covered by insurance once they started affecting me. So they were removed one by one once they got infected. One even infected a molar next to it so that had to be pulled too.

  28. Maybe she was telling the truth about just a dab of mascara. I’d kill for natural lashes like that.

  29. CK is good for monitoring account activity but that’s about it. The scores they offer are Vantage scores and not used by the majority of lenders. You need to pay attention to your FICO scores. You can get your Experian FICO 8 free on the Experian app. TransUnion and Equifax may be available for free with credit cards you already have. If not, you can access them on myFICO for a fee.

  30. Eh. I watch tv in the living room like once a month. Love curling up in bed at night and binge watching some shows. My tv is much lower than that though 😆.

  31. My 7 month old Lab is surprisingly wonderful for supposedly being in the adolescent teenage stage.

  32. and if i wanted to stay away from clear would all black be too much?

  33. I like the idea of all black too. Your place is very modern and streamlined looking. You could bring in a pop of color and some coziness with an area rug and throw pillows if you want.

  34. Applying for a new credit card...taking a hard inquiry on the report.. seems slightly excessive for 50 bucks

  35. Unless the bonus is significant ($250+) it doesn’t make sense to lower your credit age and take a hit for a hard inquiry for a card you’ll never use again.

  36. Poor baby. I have a senior Lab/Vizsla mix who’s a neurotic mess. Terrified of anything you could imagine. I used to have to hold him during thunderstorms while he shook violently. Was even afraid of my electric toothbrush. He’s finally started to chill out the past few years. Still bothered but doesn’t freak out as much. I think he might just be losing his senses in his old age lol.

  37. What offers are you referring to? The SUB and the cash back? Or are there other offers that I don’t know about?

  38. Amex has great offers. For many online retailers and certain services. Some of my favorites were $25 back on an annual HBO Max subscription (I’ve gotten that 2 yrs in a row), 10% back on groceries when you spend $200 in a month, 10% back on an insurance bill. It’s really random and there’s hundreds you have to sort through but when you find a good one it’s well worth it. The cash back is in addition to your normal rewards and usually posts as a credit within a few days, it doesn’t get added to your rewards.

  39. I forgot to mention that once you’re a customer with Amex any of their other cards you want to apply for in the future will always be a soft pull. I think that’s commonly known but wasn’t sure if you knew.

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