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  1. I mean, that's still good if he leaves

  2. Yes, I realize that I have mixed up my school shootings. But I'm going to leave my comment here to show you just how sick we all are. I can't keep my school shooting straight. I even took my four year-old daughter with me to march after the Parkland shooting. I'm afraid she's going to be a statistic if we don't change these gun laws. I hope you'll forgive the mixup

  3. This is honestly why I've been watching the sentencing hearings. I'm catching myself get numb to this shit and I don't want that to happen. This is horrific.

  4. He fucked up so bad that even the comments are telling him so. I never thought I'd agree with so many comments in that sub.

  5. Right, they even brought up numerous times that he's essentially raping her and not giving a singular shit about how she feels.

  6. I want to cry for this woman. Holy fuck her self esteem must be down the fucking drain, my vagina dried up just reading anything that man had to say.

  7. I also went from sapphire R9 380x to RoG 6700xt feels good

  8. I went from a 760 ti to a 6700XT.

  9. My CPU (Ryzen 5) still has another good 3 years on it, so now I need to upgrade my pitiful 8 GB Ram and I'll be smooth sailing for a long time. Feels good man, feels good.

  10. Just don’t miss out on the vinyl repress or it’s $240

  11. Been in this hobby long enough to know you're not lying. Still kicking myself over Hello Meteor

  12. Yeah iI’m sure the label will repress it soon, because the resale prices aren’t always the greatest. In a way, it’s of a fear of mine right now because I had to delete the announcement of their next release

  13. Tell that to Windows96 he let's us cry in the corners of our bedroom gambling our last $300 on Plume Valley 🤣

  14. It's gorgeous! What is the name of that plant, please?

  15. Absolutely hate the guy. But the human trafficking accusation was debunked. He’s still an awful person and I hate the influence that he’s having on young boys. Absolutely horrible the things he says.

  16. How the fuck was it debunked when the Romanian authorities THIS WEEK said the investigation was ongoing. How sway.

  17. The reason he’s being investigated is cause a guy caught his girlfriend at a party in his house and decided to call the US embassy in Romania and reported him for human trafficking. There isn’t really much evidence that he is trafficking. He’s a terrible human being in other ways though.

  18. and with no evidence the investigation still going on is for what, funsies?

  19. People get to keep their phones when they're institutionalized there!? When you go here in the states it's a lot like prison. No phones, no potential weapons or suicide aides, and sometimes they don't let you leave. Also you sometimes have to get naked and squat (I did).

  20. and I've heard so many horror stories and have heard direct testimony that their issues got worse because of this kind of treatment. I hope nothing so terrible happened to you though :/

  21. Ah, so when I visit Great Sand Dunes NP, I now know how to traverse them. Dope.

  22. This is still just presenting like women are passive passengers and would never. Ever use a dude just for sex. Sometimes women are active participants. Sometimes women are aggressive or predatory. Sometimes men bounce from relationship to relationship because they think that means they’re loving.

  23. Uh he wasn’t condoning this behavior? Rude much 😃…

  24. Uh you didn't insinuate otherwise? You said you saw him watching his sexist videos, specifically about non-muslim women. Also doesn't change the fact that the dude is a human trafficker and worse than we thought.

  25. Well I guess did word it wrong, my apologies. But obviously I don’t condone Andrew tate. But my dad doesn’t like him either, wrong wording I guess

  26. All good, I bet your dad wouldn't be surprised then. Glad he wasn't watching because he agreed

  27. Recency bias? Saint Maud. I genuinely did not like it, and I had hyped for it for a very long time.

  28. ""My husband has never met my male best friend and we've been married for 40 yrs in January. Why? Because my husband was an immature asshat when I was pregnant with my oldest son, let his father talk down to me and insult me until he was called out about it by our oldest son and generally took a helluva long time to grow up.""

  29. Flaws? He treats her like such garbage that her own fucking kids had to step in. Yall are making me sad as hell.

  30. Unfortunately a lot of people get their "life experience" from reddit and online nowadays. I think some people need to take a step back from online and look at reality.

  31. I remember seeing in a subreddit men agreeing that all men masturbate to their female friends. Their SO’s friends. Family friends. Female coworkers. Real people they know and see all the time. Sorry but thats so weird. I cant jack off to someone and look them in the eye after. I cant think sexually of my good friends. If I did we couldnt be friends. One study said women tend to masturbate to celebrities and other men they have no chance with. Whereas men masturbate to women they know. Doesnt that scream they see all women as sex objects. Thats why its so hard to find a genuine friendship with a man.

  32. I like to think my husband and I are nakedly honest with each other about seriously uncomfortable things.

  33. He is not charged with any sex trafficing he is accused and had an investigation he was not charged at all

  34. As of this week, the investigation is ongoing, per the Romanian authorities. Charges aren't at all oft the table.

  35. I'm not giving any kids of mine internet access for a long time. Spare the world some of these childass opinions being put out into the open

  36. I really don't know any decent films about Mk Ultra except for the Manchurian Candidate. But I really liked the documentary "How to Change Your Mind", episode 1 covers mk ultra in its episode about LSD

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