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AITA if I refuse to "de-baptise" my aunt?

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AITA for refusing not to “suggestively eating a banana”

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  1. NTA and OMG I love the way your mind works! I'd be proud if you were my kid.

  2. YTA - your son is 100% right. She's the one giving birth. It's her call who is in the room. Not everyone is ok with people watching them give birth. You are not entitled to be there just because you want to be.

  3. Every single time I see Duncan, it's always a treat. Big fan of the VA, and his lines are just out of control. The show needs more of him.

  4. In New Zealand we don't say turn off the lights we day turn on the dark

  5. Bunny's mom is still alive though. And Howard called her Leonora.

  6. I don't think so since it's a pretty short anagram and it doesn't quite fit that it's missing the second R. At this point, I think the name might be a reference to something involving gambling... we'll have to see!

  7. Someone posted in one thread there's historical significance to the name. Signor Gambolini was an alias for a British politician who seemed to enjoy prostitutes back in the 1700s.

  8. Thx for posting still. Hilarious scene. What does Oliver call his glitter bomb? The Mariah ball or something, I am going to have to go back and check. That was such a clever scene.

  9. He calls it the Mariah because Glitter bombed! Such a fantastic joke.

  10. I’m pretty sure every woman does that when they give birth and we just lie about it to make them feel good.

  11. I didn't. And I know I didn't because my ex was hoping I would because he thought it would be hilarious. So he was all bummed out when it didn't happen.

  12. I'm going with NTA. Your dad sounds like a huge jerk. One of those people that tries to pick at someone to get a response and then snaps about the response. It's abusive to use food as a punishment. It's really disgusting to deny your child food because they "talked back". You take away privileges not things necessary for life. But overall it's a massive overreaction from your dad to what sounds like typical teen behavior.

  13. Thank you for the support. I get food from the pantry so I guess it’s not that bad.

  14. You should be allowed to eat hot meals though. There's no way it's not wrong what they're doing. "Go to bed without dinner" isn't an acceptable form of discipline no matter the offense. You were clearly hungry which is why you went to go buy yourself dinner right after being denied the plate in front of you. And they stopped you. They were using your hunger to hurt you. I'm sorry you're being treated like that. It's really not right.

  15. Info: What does your custody agreement say about childcare expenses? Are you supposed to split the total of all childcare costs or is it up to you to figure out when they're with you? How do you split childcare costs during the school year?

  16. During the year I just pay because occasionally I need to have them at before and after school care, much less than when at their mother's. I'm not sure on the specifics of the separation agreement on the matter here, but I am providing care for half the time.

  17. I would look at that paperwork if I were you. If it's part of the agreement that you both pay 50% regardless of who currently has them then you would be TA if you didn't pay. It's in your best interest to follow that agreement. If you think the agreement is unfair then you take it to court. I understand your point but in the end you should do whatever you signed and agreed to.

  18. YTA - you just destined that cat to an early death. Idk why you feel better about letting it out in the wild vs. sending it to a shelter? You say you're concerned about shelters killing the animal but you have no issue with doing that by abandoning it to the elements. Also FYI in every state in the US this is a crime. You cannot just dump a cat outside. It's animal abuse to abandon an animal you don't want.

  19. NTA - you're never an asshole for liking or not liking certain foods. Everyone has their own tastes and it's ridiculous to get upset over someone else's preferences. If the situation was reversed she wouldn't all of sudden pretend to love Pizza Hut because you wanted to buy it for her. She'd probably insist on getting her favorite.

  20. Hiking a trail in east Tennessee. Hadn't seen a soul since leaving the parking lot that morning. Make camp up on top of a rock bluff 50 yards off the trail as the sun sets, quick dinner, then probably asleep by 7:00. Around 11:00 I wake up hearing voices which sound like muttered German. I listen for a few minutes and I can hear footsteps and the voices coming toward the tent. I wake up my hiking partner who hears the same thing I'm hearing. The footsteps stop what seems like 10' from the tent and the same two mumbling voices. I unzip the tent and look out and there's nothing. Get my flashlight, shine around....nothing. After a few minutes I get back in the tent, we both try to sleep and after a few minutes the voices start up again and what sounds like someone cutting a tree with an axe. My partner pulls on his boots, we both agree the sound is 10' away to the right of the tent. He unzips the tent slowly, we are still hearing sounds, he jumps outside with his flashlight, heads in that direction....nothing. We sit outside the tent for over an hour because there's no way we're going to sleep but we hear nothing. Eventually we are both about to pass out so we go back in the tent and fall asleep. Around 3:30 the axe sound starts again, we both just lie there listening and a few minutes later we hear the cracking and whooshing sound of a falling tree, heard and felt the thud as it hit the ground. We both jumped up and scrambled out of the tent and there was nothing. No sound at all. No wind whistling through the trees. No bugs. No frogs. Just silence. We packed up everything in minutes but decided not to leave because climb back down to the trail was difficult in daylight and too risky in the dark. We sit there until the sun comes up without hearing the voices or axe again. We'd calmed down somewhat by that point and started searching the area. We probably went 100 yards in every direction from our camp and there was no sign anyone had been there and certainly no large recently fallen tree.

  21. I wonder if you were close to any of the old POW camps from WWII. There were a few in Tennessee.

  22. NTA. I had a friend many years ago who had a human resource complaint piled against him by a person who claimed he was standing in front of her desk and his penis was at eye level. She also claimed that he walked in such a manner that he was forcing his penis out in front of him. He has one leg and a prosthetic. There were only so many ways he can walk.

  23. That's obnoxious. I hope he didn't get in actual trouble or fired for that. Everyone's penis is at eye level when they're standing and you're sitting! And it comes off as extremely ableist to complain about how someone walks with a prosthetic limb. Harassing a disabled man. HR shouldn't have given that complaint the time of day.

  24. NTA that's some bizarre insecurity making her act like a child. It sounds like something my 11 year old would get upset about. She asked for help and you helped her. You did exactly what she asked you to but she's mad at you for it anyways. Idk what you could have possibly done differently because she probably would have been annoyed if you said no.

  25. NTA he's being really aggressive for no reason. Is this how he always reacts to anything bad that happens? Because it's definitely a red flag to scream at people who aren't doing anything wrong. It's like he's looking for a reason to pick a fight with you. My ex would do that when he'd do stupid things that screwed us over with money. It was like he rationalized that if I was the asshole then he didn't have to feel bad about getting a $300 speeding ticket or blowing his paycheck. Idk how long you've been married for since you said you're living in a hotel but it's a bit of a red flag how he's acting. You don't take bad interviews out on your spouse.

  26. NTA . Insecurities are when your bf didn’t have a close relationship with Mary and you tried to control his interactions with Mary. Him being close to Mary and buying her pairing underwear on the other hand, is breaching relationship boundaries, and you are within your right to express anger or disappointment on how he treat Mary and you

  27. THIS! It's not toxic to not want your boyfriend buying other women lingerie. That's a pretty reasonable expectation in a relationship.

  28. Thomas and friends. The s**t started to pile up when it went to cg. There were a few exceptions in the form of specials. But Mattel did a Mattel, and yeah.

  29. I loved Thomas and Friends when Ringo Starr narrated. It was my favorite show but then we moved to the US and it was totally different. It was called Shining Time Station and only had little clips of Thomas and Friends.

  30. My 3 year old has some American thomas movie with alec Baldwin in it. They have shining time station in that. I'd never heard of it before.

  31. Even when I was a little kid I knew it sucked! I really missed Ringo. PBS played a bunch of BBC shows which was awesome but for some reason they messed with Thomas.

  32. ESH. Your sister should discipline her kids but you're also not showing the greatest parenting skills either. You got easily frustrated with a child to where you were yelling swears at her. Which is terrible parenting. Your parents even kind of suck because they just sat there and watched it all unfold. Why don't any of you speak up to the children yourself? Tell them to cut it out and if they continue make them go to separate rooms. There's no way my parents wouldn't have gotten on their grandkids for doing that! Same goes for me. I'd reprimand my niece and nephew for fighting or tell them no means no! But seriously you need to learn some patience. All kids get loud and obnoxious and demanding at some point. You're the adult though. So you need to keep calm when they're freaking out.

  33. Elijah having family in LA only underscores why she wouldn’t want to move and that she in fact did “have a reason to stay in LA”. Especially because they had another kid (also didn’t make much sense as her twins were a miracle pregnancy). Idk, maybe it makes more sense than I realize, but it seems like they just wanted to give Kevin the go ahead to move and to give Madison a random scene.

  34. I don't think they actually said his family lived in LA just that they were spending Thanksgiving with Elijah. They could have flown out to spend the holiday with their son and his new girlfriend. In the family meeting episode they say his family is on the East Coast.

  35. Why is it weird that Madison is in Kate's wedding pictures though? She's the matron of honor so it makes sense she'd be in all the pictures. Most people take pictures with the entire wedding party.

  36. OMG duh I have been so out of it on antihistamines my brain has clearly stopped working.

  37. Thanks! Pollen season always gets me for a few weeks a year.

  38. It was Kate's wedding though. Wasn't Madison the matron of honor? It kinda makes sense that she and her husband would be in the pictures. And I don't find it that weird that she's there for the funeral/deathbed either. She was friends with Kate for years before she had the twins with Kevin. They moved so Kevin and the kids could be close to Rebecca. And it makes sense for her to want to be there to support her kids who are losing their grandmother. Plus the Pearson's clearly considered them family. Kevin was talking to Madison's son with Elijah and was calling Rebecca "his grandma". So even Nicholas (Madison & Elijah's son) was considered family. I haven't really liked Elijah at all so I get not wanting him in anymore scenes but it's not that uncommon for a former DIL to stay close to the family. My dad's parents love my mom like she's their daughter. My stepdad and her go visit them whenever they're in the state.

  39. Nicholas wasn't Madison and Wlijah's son I believe Nicholas is Nicky, Kevin's son for some reason he has the full name Nicholas now all the sudden. But I agree with the other things you are saying

  40. Lol yeah you're right I've been out of it on Benadryl (yay pollen!) and I think it just wasn't the kid I remembered seeing in the flash forward plus Kevin used his full name instead of Nicky and it threw me off.

  41. Miguel should have been the conductor, he was as important to her as Jack in many senses.

  42. Yeah I feel like it should have been him and she should have just stopped and talked to William.

  43. Yes, this! People who are complaining are not just misunderstanding the episode as a depiction of the afterlife, which it wasn't (except maybe at the very very end, and even that's debatable), but are forgetting that Rebecca had Alzheimer's.

  44. I'm kind of confused why people think it's the afterlife when she was talking to people who were still alive on the train. It would make sense if she was only seeing people who died but she saw a bunch of people alive too. And she was still alive herself. It was clearly just her retreating into her own mind as she was dying.

  45. It was a good episode but I was honestly expecting this to gut me worse than Miguel's death did. Maybe because I knew Rebecca's was coming? I'm not sure but I cried a lot more in that episode than I did tonight. I kinda feel like Miguel got shafted a bit tonight though. She spent more time with pretty much everyone else.

  46. There was a lot of beauty in Rebecca's death, which took away a lot of the sadness for me. In a good way. I still bawled though

  47. That might have been part of it for me too. They also went through a bunch of happy times in her life too whereas with Miguel we got more of the hard times and emotional stories.

  48. agreed, plus the fact that so many think she hasn't had any character development bc her body hasn't gotten smaller.

  49. Which is so frustrating because she's had so much character development! She's really grown and found her purpose in life. She went from a teen that didn't want anything out of her life to a woman thriving in her career. Even in this episode Toby AND Beth pointed out how much she's grown.

  50. Dude, yes, I have serious concerns for the state of people’s reading comprehension on this sub when they are STILL predicting Kate will die.

  51. I've seen people insisting that performance by Jack was before Rebecca dies! It's like clearly Jack is not an adult when Rebecca dies because we've seen his cousins that he's only a couple years older than and they're still kids!

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