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  1. Have you finished P2 co-op yet? ... No spoilers but there is your answer.

  2. What do you mean? She says that she and the birds have a long day tomorrow, and it fades to black. No telling what exactly she plans on training them for other than killing. She could find many unconventional ways to use them to kill.

  3. If her parent likes you enough you can bypass even talking to your potential wife. I just married Yana, Mesui offered her up, obviously impressed that I had taken a few towns without even starting a faction .

  4. Not really what I want. I don't want to marry a woman "because it's her job," even in a video game.

  5. No one plays the Mount & Blade games for romance, we play it to kill our enemies, imprison those who survive the battles and sell them off to slavers/random them for money.

  6. Hello, my name is MissingApache. If I'm playing a game that has a dating/marrying feature, that is one of the main reasons I'm playing it for.

  7. LWOTC sets its single-build system through XComLW_Overhaul.ini config file, the ItemTable config lines. In theory, getting rid of these config lines is all you need to do. In practice, it is likely going to take more than just that, and there's no guarantee the rest of the mod will continue working properly.

  8. Thanks! It looks like I can manually adjust which weapons are infinite, so I'll just do that.

  9. On the survivor series the crew has a Basecamp not far from contestants and will give out items like first aid, sanitary items, bug repellent I’ve even heard camera crew will give amounts of food/ water.

  10. Some people have heated toilet seats. I guess this guy likes it cool.

  11. Just wanted to say I did wind up doing a script on this premise you can check out here:

  12. It looks like it was removed. Did you remove it yourself?

  13. I mean, the cure can work as a vaccine too right? You just need to inject someone with the virus first then immediately give them the vaccine..

  14. Yes, but in this situation, even if you get cured, you can be reinfected.

  15. Ah now I get it, it's not a permanent cure, that changes things then. I think the key to the answer is in the availability of the cure. If there is a shortage in supply then maybe more people will be getting sick than cured and we'll need a vaccine. If there is enough supply for everyone then it's better to give a chance to everyone and in time when everyone is cured the disease will subside.

  16. There's enough to cure as-needed, but only enough that it has to be kept within major population centers. Which means that if you're days away from a settlement, you're outta luck.

  17. I'd call screwing a clone of myself masturbation before incest.

  18. I'm not taking blood into account, so, sure, have at it.

  19. Ever since Toy Story 2, I've always wanted to do that.

  20. What kind of person doesn’t ask what the food is before eating it

  21. What if they introduced it as some hard-to-pronounce dish? You now know the name of the dish, but not what's in it.

  22. If I was in a foreign country I would not go with a stranger to eat at their house, period lmao

  23. Imagine you've been there long enough to hit it off with a local.

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