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  1. We had a ward conference and we stayed overnight at members houses in the ward it was hosted at. They had everyone put their overnight bags in a slightly hidden classroom by the stage. I went in to get something from my bag and there was two teenagers laying on top of everybody’s stuff making out

  2. Totally agree. Actually surprised you guys start on Monday - our ward starts on Tuesday because of FHE

  3. We always had 4th year night on Monday and had FHE together and then the rest of the girls showed up Tuesday

  4. Well that sucks… I’ve spent so much energy on those bushes… I was on level 11/13

  5. Do you have a newer device? Ive contacted support and after everything they have told me. Its STILL blacking out. Tried everything, now I'm getting irritated.

  6. Finally heard back. They said my data would be saved even though I don’t have it connected to facebook so I deleted the app and reinstalled. It’s working again now

  7. :( they gave me a bunch of space restrictions… did you check those? 2 GB RAM and 200 MB free space

  8. I’m gonna guess that you’re not wrapping the colors around each other to link them together? Also you fixed your twisted stitches in the middle which is why not all of your stitches look the same


  10. Wow thanks I didn't know this method. Might try it!

  11. You create the size of the stitch with the right needle so the left needle has no effect on the stitches

  12. Ok! I might try it on my next pair on socks. Do you think we can knit 2 at the same time using this method?

  13. Was it your first time? It could be a special bonus for first timers

  14. Why would you sell everything??......try force stopping the game, I that doesn't help let the new time run out and if it still doesn't end contact the devs for help

  15. That’s how the other merge games work… when the event ends you sell everything for coins

  16. Hello. I would love some advice for my next project. I won't frog this one but want to avoid the same issue next time.

  17. Having twisted stitches causes the piece to twist. See the FAQ for more information on twisted stitches

  18. The church teaches that God will never give you more than you can handle. I'm curious about this phrase. It feels like this statement is a way to minimize someone's felt experiences. It also conveys an attitude/belief that if you are struggling with something in your life (illness, trauma, poverty, whatever) and you feel such emotional pain and are completely overwhelmed then it's your fault for feeling that way. It also isolates people. It's victim shaming and instead of providing support, the only response they can provide is to offer pray. I'm curious how others perceive this statement.

  19. I’ve also heard that this is the wrong interpretation of this verse. It “really means” that god WILL give you more than you can bear but god provides “the way out” so you’re able to bear it. Meaning it is too much unless you give yourself to god

  20. Thank you for the input! So I would need two full sets of circular needles? Not a long one like with TAAT socks?

  21. If you have an interchangeable set, you can put one size smaller on the left side so you don’t need a second interchangeable set. And yes I did my raglan sweater TAAT that way

  22. I’ve taken the fundamentals class on ed2go and while I liked it, it’s super fundamental. If you already have a job, I wouldn’t suggest it.

  23. The pattern says there should never be any more than 18 sts on your needle. It looks like you have 23. Perhaps you’re not doing the SSK?

  24. I appreciate everyone attaching videos and images to their comments, it is helping me understand a bit more. I am sorry that I still don’t know how I am twisting the entire piece. I did rip the whole thing out and I am starting over. I also don’t know why I am getting downvoted for simply responding to people who have been kind enough to offer their insight. I am sorry if people in this community don’t like my comments. I wouldn’t post here, but my grandma who started teaching me to knit had passed away right before Christmas 2021, so I’m just trying to figure things out now on my own. This was the first project I had taken up since she passed away and I thought this was a place I could post my struggles. Thanks to those who have commented offering me tips and advice.

  25. You getting downvoted isn’t anything malicious. We were saying you are twisting your stitches and you were saying you were not so people downvoted because they disagreed with that. You are more than welcome to ask for help here. I’d be happy to see pictures of your progress now that you’ve started over to see if you’ve fixed the twisting problem and to see you successfully finish it!

  26. Thanks for the video, it is helpful. I’m sure when I was backing down a couple rows I was twisting the stitches. I don’t think I was twisting my stitches the entire time as there are SSKs and PSSOs. I’m also left handed so I don’t know if that has anything to do with how the work looked.

  27. They’ve recently increased their free shipping to $99 an order but there’s no customs. And their unicorn solid is on sale!!

  28. Because I need coal, I also have quite a lot of potatoes and bouillon. What to do with it? Sell it? Or will it be useful later?

  29. I’m having the same problem. Wayyyy too much food trying to get coal.

  30. Made the mistake of using my balloons in a task before I had made enough to keep going. They take forever to get from the clover barrel, don’t be like me!

  31. I was allowed to date at 16 but then my parents shamed for my “choices in boys” and made me stop dating them. I would have dated the “nice mormon boys” if any of them showed any interest in not hating me

  32. I stopped checking all memories because it’s too depressing

  33. At 12, a few of us girls joined the church choir. I’m assuming as a “nice” way to kick us out, we were called to be after church nursery leaders. The other girls eventually stopped going and when I asked to be released the bishop had no idea what I was talking about. I had been watching children after church for years and I hated it and no one even knew that I was doing it

  34. I like the quality of hobbii yarn but they have a sale every. day.

  35. The apology was just for the timing of the priesthood part but there was a lot more in that talk that needed to be removed. I didn’t watch all of it but one part that particularly made me cringe was the I got a little worried when my daughter was passing the sacrament in her play church scenario

  36. I’m confused on what he was expecting her to do? Ignore that part of church? Ask someone else to play this particular part of her game because she couldn’t?

  37. Every member gets a calling. And more so for the less active or those about to slip away. For some crazy reason the Mormon church thinks if a calling is given it will keep someone in church and increase their activity. Maybe in the past but not now.

  38. Literally on the last Sunday I was gonna go, I got asked to be a primary teacher. I said yes because that’s what you do and then I called him later and said no and never went back.

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