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  1. Welcome to the amazing world of cross stitching :-) You picked a super cute project to start with. Your stitches look very neat & tidy, too, well done!

  2. Thank you! I was hoping someone would tell me about my stitches cus I didn’t know if they were bad or not

  3. I have never played Zelda so can someone please explain this to me

  4. In Ocarina of Time you use the ocarina to play songs you learn, each one has a certain use, eg. To open a door or to make the sun come up or to travel to an area on the map etc.

  5. Honestly, If you can trust yourself with a buzzer I'd do it myself. Or get a friend/sibling to do it. If you're of age you could go to a SuperCuts (no pun intended)? They're cheap. It sucks that your parents are controlling like that. If you think they'll be understanding I'd try to sit them down and have a talk, that is if the rebellious thing doesn't appeal. Sending love <3

  6. I gave them a bunch of reasons (I’m not very rebellious by any means) but I’m going to try and talk to them again and maybe make a google presentation and present it tonight

  7. If you’re willing to take the possible conflict from your parents, you could easily cut and dye it yourself with some research and planning.

  8. Exactly I have a friend that can cut and dye it I’m just super bad with conflict I cry and get emotional really easily

  9. I know you posted this hours ago so this might be too late. I find that loud music to cover the noises and some sort of puzzle (usually a free phone puzzle game) helps distract my mind to calm it down.

  10. Thank you I ended up falling asleep so I was ok but I will try that next time since we have a lot of storms where i live

  11. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  12. Same I was just thinking that that would be the only cross I wear

  13. I’ve done this before and it is in fact a little over an hour to do the whole horse so you could get what you want

  14. Probably wouldn't care, but not in a bad way. If they're here, they're here, for one reason or another, don't see the need to make a fuss about a famous person being here. Also is this a hypothetical question or something else?

  15. It’s a hypothetical lol I have not gotten more than 2k upvotes and the most famous person I know is automod

  16. Yeah. I would comment something like “oh your famous” and be done

  17. If you do the actual lines they meant I’m living to 103 lol

  18. Yeah I’m banned from posting on there lol

  19. I absolutely loooooooove my kindle I actually read on one so much it wouldn’t work so I had to get a new one

  20. What about just taping toilet paper to it with normal tape and just taking it off before I sleep.

  21. Generally a bad idea, good way to get an infection, also can iritate the skin since tape doesnt let your skin breath, and having itchy skin around a wound isnt fun

  22. I know I have had bad experiences but I’m fine now and generally use bandaids

  23. Where did you get the cat ear cases? They’re so cute!

  24. I got the cases off of Amazon. The blue one also came with a black protective case that code over it. The pink one has kikitchi engraved on the back

  25. least you have some company. Tamas are great for comfort as well.

  26. They are very good company. I have a gen 1 original tama but I didn’t want it to die lol

  27. Definitely blue and cream sable. He just hasn’t grown his beard yet.

  28. Just get all of them especially guppy and Caspian I love black cats

  29. Our tamas are almost the exact same. I have the same case with the same tama I just have the Amazon exclusive white

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