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Followed advice I got from my earlier post to smile more and less self-deprecation. Here are the picture in order + my new bio. Would you change anything else here? Am I right-swippable?

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  1. I looove that picture with your parents so much. If you haven’t already done so get that bad boy framed and give it to them as a gift.

  2. It's a cute photo but also kind of a red flag IMO. Save meeting the parents for 6m of dating, not profile view. Just my view, I'm curious if others aren't as put off as I am.

  3. Why would people be put off by this?

  4. There are no friend photos but there's a family photo. I feel like after a few bad experiences with overinvolved boyfriend's parents, this photo would not be a positive. I've heard the same from other female friends. It's not uncomfortable knowing someone has parents but knowing that their parents are the only other people in someone's dating profile feels off to me.

  5. Ugh, is this ego/bragging rights thing being a man thing? Blech.

  6. I'm a statistician/data scientist, I would be happy to help

  7. A lot of these influencers do in fact use hair pieces, either clipped in or professionally installed, or just photoshopped.

  8. Here to say this is the beauty secret that actually works

  9. Some families are more naked friendly than others but the fact that she covers up when you come in makes it clear that she knows it bothers you. Your house, your rules. Make sure husband is on same page and have him tell mom, 'DW would be more comfortable if you remained clothed in shared spaces in our home'

  10. Cool. Lean into it. "That's right. I have terrible separation anxiety. You nailed it. I cannot bear to be away from my baby because of my crippling, crippling anxiety. Leaving my baby with you would be detrimental to my fragile mental health, sooo..... you know..... stop asking about it."

  11. But also separation anxiety is evolutionarily how babies have survived to childhood, I don't understand why your mother in law would think it's shameful to have maternal instincts.

  12. Do you need to learn to drive? Would it give you an important option, not only for childcare but in basic lifestyle?

  13. Driving can be a very personal decision. I don't know OPs reasons, but with a little kid the anxiety of all the car stuff can be overwhelming, and living in a walkable community is incredible and has so many advantages.

  14. My diabetes educator recommended waiting an hour or two after breakfast for a caffeinated beverage and that dampened my spike

  15. I'd bought this wallpaper for our bathroom before I found out that we will need to move this summer and rent out this unit.

  16. Swan Lake Wallpaper in Sunset by Nina Campbell

  17. Instant pot! It can slow cook too but being able to make beans from dry in under an hour is a vegan super power.

  18. I have frozen allergen free mini cakes in my freezer, I usually ask parents - Can kiddo can bring her own vegan lunch and cupcake? Luckily there is another more vocal vegan family in our school friend group so usually I don't need to pack anything. With food allergies I think it's more common for one or more kids to bring their own food.

  19. I don't offer cake and lunch for everyone but I usually ask if there's anything I can bring for the group

  20. This is what small boobs look like without a pushup bra

  21. Such diverse messages, all I get is “want pumped?”

  22. I really tried hard to find a sign of him being a doctor or smth health care related. But I fear they are his.

  23. Parent here, no medical professional has ever cuddled my kids in bed and I think the photo on dating profile would violate HIPPA.

  24. Have you seen the egg industry, though? I’m not saying don’t take either. But, I don’t think one is more ethical. Pick the medication that is the best treatment.

  25. There's no good choice, the doctor says they're the same so maybe I'll go with the cheaper one

  26. Tinder isn't social media though, they actually remove accounts for this type of shit.

  27. And if they don't remove it, put a comment in the app store or play store and tweet about it.

  28. My Vaers report was filed by a doctor and the CDC rep I spoke with was able to see that in the data from their end. That could help of you can identify that feature in the data. Another option is vaccine medical exemptions, they are documented and vetted and could government ones be anomymized and accessed via freedom of information?

  29. Doenjang jjigae with extra potatoes, 3 bowls of white rice, glazed sweet potato side dish and potato salad side dish, followed by a large ice cream cone

  30. Call me surprised. Also, don't think it is so rare... Or maybe I'm just unlucky.

  31. My neurologist gave his residents a break because they'd "already seen a few of these cases" on the day I was in for a consult on covid vaccine side effects, the cardiology tech said she was doing more EEGs for vaccine side effects than long COVID in my demographic - it's anecdotal but I also question what 'very rare' means in this context. Every specialist I've seen has told me they are seeing a lot of this.

  32. Well you could have a “rare” effect inflicted upon millions. And there are simply less doctors than people think. So clearly, the percentage of rarity is less than the percentage of doctors vs the general public. Never thought of it like that hahaha

  33. Yep, being a doctor is a rare outcome - to my parents' dismay! Haha.

  34. I used to do my makeup on the bus when I was a commuter.

  35. Could you choose a more general major and take coursework (maybe even a minor) and seek out work or internship opportunities in the area that most interests you? That way you could keep your options open.

  36. Man to each his own but I gotta say....every guy that puts a tinder profile for review on reddit has a picture with his cat. I say, be yourself but if you are fishing for more matches take out the cat pics.

  37. No! I wholeheartedly disagree. I love the cat photo. I'm also a married lady in my mid 30s so take it with a grain of salt.

  38. Black strap molasses is a good iron source and a great oatmeal topping. Coconut milk chia pudding with fruit granola and pumpkin seeds. Tofu scramble with spinach. All good iron sources. I also like toast with peanut butter and nutritional yeast. Not so high in iron but very delicious - vegan sausage and tater tots

  39. Can you put together a budget and model out different ways to reduce costs and meet your savings goal? Try something like YNAB for saving and budgeting. And if your budget allows some couples therapy could be a worthwhile investment.

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