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  1. They betray the gods and tag team against Charon and Styx.

  2. I'd like to see what you come up with for a Blackbeard vs Leviathan.

  3. Oh ;( THANKS , But you can send me!! The only thing is that I might be late sending you lmao 🥲

  4. Could you draw my oc Maffin? They is a space oni, engineer, androgynous (biologically they is neither male nor female) and they is 155 cm tall (much shorter than the average for their species).

  5. You could say that I have created it, but more than lore it would be his concept.

  6. I've seen all the designs you've done so far, and apart from the fact that I love your drawing style, they seem very original and memorable.

  7. Well I was using exactly 20m as the line between no effect and minimal effect, but that can be adjusted as desired.

  8. I may not have been clear either. Basically, is it "You have a fixed chance of dying if you're X distance from Thanatos and the universe will invent a non-violent way for it to happen" or "Being around Thanatos makes people more likely to be killed by existing dangers"? The implications would be that in the latter case it would be safer to be around him in safer settings, and also relative probability would be respected (eg being around Thanatos would make you more likely to die overall, but wouldn't change the fact that you're a lot more likely to die from a heart attack than being struck by lightning).

  9. Honestly, I think that at first I had thought something like the first, but after thinking about it a bit, I think it would be the second.

  10. Could you make my androgynous oc (biologically neither male nor female)

  11. The fastest loading screen I've seen in my time playing Overwatch jajan't

  12. And what kind of tank do you think Doomfist is? I'm a Ball and Doom two trick, and I don't feel like Doom fits one or the other too much.

  13. turn down graphics, hard line w ethernet cord. are u on pc or console?

  14. u already hard lined or no? im in a bad bandwidth area and have to keep graphics and stuff on medium /:

  15. Hey you probably aren't looking at this post anymore but if you are could you tell me how exactly you want us to turn her into a sorcerer do you want her to keep the exact same ability but just give her a domain or give her an entirely different original ability or maybe something in between like keeping her theme of adaptability and changing forms but having the forms be different

  16. Something in between. I really like her magic, but I feel like it doesn't fit as it is as a cursed technique.

  17. this is fire you should do more ow characters

  18. I already planned to do it. The next ones will be Wrecking Ball and Bastion surely.

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