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Late night trip to 7-11 in 1987

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  1. At my 18 year mark in the middle of my 7th assignment I only had 3 decorations.

  2. My squadron spent a lot of money this spring on random crap...then 2 weeks ago were told we have about $400,000 more to spend.

  3. “We’re giving away our house at this price."

  4. I think Ford needs to prove they can fulfill all other packages and options from this past year before adding a new one.

  5. I own a C7 Corvette that's only slightly modified, and I welcome any and all heavily modified Corvettes because most Corvette owners are very old and boring and love to keep their Corvettes stock and barely drive them.

  6. They definitely aren’t ready! I ordered my truck in January and am still waiting for it just to get scheduled

  7. Can't tell if you're joking or not. There are lots of people that ordered in June and July that aren't even scheduled yet. I ordered June 10th...but at least mine has recently been shipped.

  8. I honestly thought Soto was having a down year, but how do you have 136 OPS+ on a down year?

  9. Still having a down year. Overall, he's still just an average player THIS year compared to other outfielders NOW. And MUCH below his normal average except for HRs and Walks.

  10. Might be changing too. Air Force is projected to miss their FY22 recruitment numbers by about 15%. On pace to have their worst numbers since 1999. That year kind of surprises me because I feel like the late 90s to Sept 10 2001 was the best and easiest time to join the military. No major wars, more in the force, and the average Air Force deployment rate was 4 months every 2 years. I only got to experience the Air Force a short time before 9-11 but it was great. Super chill.

  11. I want him in so I can see an outfield player with a sub .200 average in the All Star game. But if he gets there barely above .200, I'll be mad.

  12. You guys don't have the same type of humor. I'm not American and think a lot of the SNL skits are funny (obv not all), so it has nothing to do with being American.

  13. No, being American is the BIGGEST reason for its success before, and why it's not funny to most foreigners...because the topics are very American related when it comes to current events and pop culture. If you think about some of the funniest skits in it's history, they are usually not the topical kind. It's when SNL does a parody of current events or of American type culture and traditions...that's why they don't have as big of a reach to a non-American audience.

  14. Maybe they mirror the video, not sure, do you have a screenshot? Haven’t noticed this before.

  15. I can't believe all the comments are of people never noticing this. The majority of newer episodes that Cuban is in uses this angle. With all the other sharks, it looks like the camera is coming from slightly below the presenter, so that you see more of the sharks left face. For Cuban, it looks like the camera is coming from a place ABOVE the presenter so you see the right side of Cuban's face more.

  16. Not, THAT unheard of, especially today. I started working at 16. 8 hours a day Sat and Sun, and 2-3 days a week after school for 4 hours a night. But I was only making like $6 an hour. It's not that uncommon to find basic jobs for $12 an hour now. Hell, here in Maryland a lot of food and cashier jobs start at $15 an hour. Working part time, even as a teenager... it's possible to save up to 15-20k in 3 years.

  17. I don’t like waiting but I think I’m happy about this.

  18. There's no reason why anyone that ordered long ago should be happy with this because it is basically saying that your order will become canceled and you'll have to do it all over again for 2023 and HOPE you get selected...and maybe you wont. Even if dealers put 2022 orderers in first, it won't mean a damn thing. I ordered June 10th and I still don't have my Maverick. I should have had it back in November! Go find my old posts on here about it. My dealer first talked to me about getting rolled over back on Jan 26th. Yes JANUARY. Then, and every post I made since then about people getting rolled over was downvoted immediately because no one believed it. Now look where we are.

  19. I ordered in OCT and gave my car to my nephew in JAN. I’ve had 3 days since then where only having one vehicle was inconvenient and never a detriment.

  20. 6 months? Why do you think you'll get it in 6 months? I was told 4-6 months back in June of 2021. This message is saying you have to re order. I was one of the first in the entire country to order a Maverick and I don't have one yet. Lots of June and July orderers aren't even scheduled yet and may not be. If you get put in for a 2023, you have no idea when you could get it.

  21. TMO here. Your PPM estimated payout is based off the weight you estimate. If you actually move that amount you will get the full amount. However since you are taking an advance it's based of the weight estimated. If you move less than 7,000 dollars worth of weight then you will owe. If you move more, you keep the 7K plus whatever is left up to your full weight entitlement. I strongly urge you to keep the money in reserve as almost every person I see get an advance ends up negative cause they over estimated their weight. Remember that whatever is payed out is taxed up to 22%. Nothing you claim such as rental truck or moving supplies is reimbursed on top of that lump sum. It's only a tax deduction.

  22. 2T2 half bro here. I'm about to retire but will stay in my place about 6-12 months after my final-out until I find a new place within 2 hours away. I know I can store stuff up to 12 months, but what if I don't need movers for 6-12 months and I can just do it myself? Thing is...I don't even know where I'll be living next yet other than being most likely just 10-50 miles away.

  23. This whole entire post has the most boomer type comments I've ever seen.

  24. Not really. Would NBA fans be expected to be impressed by “guy throws a basketball farther than anyone ever”?

  25. Slightly different because how far someone can throw a basketball doesn't correlate to anything that helps on the court. An actual comparison would be like...Fastest 3 pointer ever made. Caught, turned, shot, and made. Or, fastest to run baseline to baseline. That would be a top trending video everywhere...especially a world record.

  26. My first 2 YEARS in the Air Force was dumping out aircraft lavatories into a truck. I don't know if that's better or worse.

  27. I don’t see why they shouldn’t be added now that the military allows women in a combat role/special forces.

  28. Also, those roles are only a very small percentage of the military. People keep bringing up combat roles in the women draft debate. How many across ALL the branches are in a combat role? I'm guessing less than 5%.

  29. If a draft is needed that means our regular combat troops have been or will be taking heavy losses and they need to be replenished at an emergency rate. Most draftees in the times a draft has been ordered wind up either directly in combat, or as support crew in combat zones (field hospitals, ships, frontline supply points).

  30. That's how it was in WW2 and Vietnam when ground forces and combat roles were the most needed and most important. Now? All that is secondary. Hundreds or thousands aren't marching on a battle field. They're shooting missiles from far away or dropping bombs from high up. If there was a draft, the biggest and most important roles would probably be in logistics...not direct combat on the front lines taking small arms fire.

  31. The typical office job isn’t going to send you to the desert and have you work 12-14hr days for 6-7 months with you having battle rattle and an M4 and/or M9.

  32. Well, neither is the typical job in the Air Force. Over half the Air Force has a normal office job and only working 8-10 hour days. Deployments are a lot less now, especially to hostile areas that require a weapon. And with how the economy is, I'm surprised the Air Force is having a hard time getting people now. Even PT standards are a lot easier. There's literally not a better time to join compared to most years.

  33. It's all relative I guess, and only time will tell. I started working at my first duty station in July of 2001. At the time...the military was easy and great. Barely any tensions anywhere in the world compared to earlier and later years. 4 month deployments once every 2 years was consider a high deployment rate. Then, just a couple months later, I realized I joined at the WORST time. Kinda like when I decided to finally start investing into TSP in 2007.

  34. Lessen the gap between enlisted and officer pay.

  35. BAH too. At most bases, single E-6s and 0-1s make close to the same amount. Also, an O-1 with dependents makes around the same as an E-7 with dependents.

  36. Yes! Lots of sunshine and beaches within minutes! You’re gonna love it!

  37. "It's good you come in summer. It winter, it gets verrrry depressing."

  38. Would be so happy for him if Goldy got it. He deserves it as much as anybody. I still think he should've won it in 2013.

  39. If Goldy wins, he officially starts to enter Hall of Fame consideration. Basically just need 400 HRs and a batting average of .290 or higher when he retires, and I say he's in.

  40. I am pretty sure anyone who's gold or above whos not played in a while could score 18 vs a bronze 2. It's not impossible that they get placed against you normally during placement games. They might not be a smurf in this scenario.

  41. I think maybe high Platinum or Diamond, because most Gold couldn't score 18 goals against the worst players in the world unless it was their first time playing...because I'm mid Gold and the most I've ever scored against people not even trying is about 12-13, while the most ever scored on me by actual smurfs are around 15. Never reached 17-18. 18 goals is a goal every 16 seconds. That's insane.

  42. It was also novel to see a film recording/camcorder.

  43. Ya this camcorder was probably huge and shoulder mounted using an old school VHS tape, not a mini tape. Smaller camcorders didn't become more common until about 10 years later. Only very well-off families or people that worked in TV, sports, or maybe school productions would have camcorders in the 80s.

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