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i be putting extra nuggets in your mcdonald’s meals

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  1. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but you give life purpose.

  2. I’m sending so much support to you. You have been the bigger person. I would have cut the both of them off. That’s not true friendship. You deserve much better

  3. Hey there! 19 year old who vapes, haven’t quit yet but I want to. Saving this post for future reference. Upvoting so you get more exposure. I think my problem is the oral fixation, so maybe try weening yourself off by using a no nicotine vape at first. Then slowly stop doing that so it’s not cold turkey. Maybe hit it only at night for a little while, and then stop that. I saw people on TikTok using flavored toothpicks to help quit. I’ll try one day - I guess just not right now. Good luck to you, and happy birthday!!!

  4. I hope every pillow you sleep on is cold. I hope your gas is always cheap. I hope your hair looks great every day. I hope you get the good luck you deserve, friend

  5. Most certainly NTA! You were protecting YOUR child, which is your duty as a parent. You perhaps could have been kinder on the phone with Helen’s mother, however, I understand as my mom often reacts the same way in similar situations.

  6. My Dad Wrote a Porno. Start at the beginning. Funny as hell!

  7. THIS. A MILLION TIMES. all time favorite

  8. I’m from America, and if a guy doesn’t pay for the first date, I probably won’t be going on a second. Not that I’m an asshole or looking for money (I make enough on my own to afford whatever I get. I normally get something cheap on the first date as well). But it’s just for the principle of it. If he doesn’t offer to pay, I don’t think he understands chivalry, and therefore I don’t think that’s a guy I want to go out with. I offer to split it with them, and normally they insist. When I start dating them further they still like to pay for the most part, but I will definitely insist to pay now and then just because it’s a nice thing to do (and I’d like to take care of them, too.) but I think it differs from person to person, and some women don’t like to be paid for.

  9. NTA, I’m planning on keeping it hyphenating my last name when I get married. Maybe you can hyphenate it as a compromise?

  10. Wow, OP, I sincerely want to apologize on behalf of women everywhere. They’re not all like this, obviously. I hope this doesn’t deter you from relationships in the future. You will find someone who will treat you right. You deserve better. Sending luck and better energy your way.

  11. OP, I agree thoroughly as a 19 year old female who is not a Karen. Thanks for putting this one out there. And to those disagreeing, well, those people are the problem

  12. Absolutely YTA. if my boyfriend did this, he’d probably be single

  13. Not sure if you’re looking for advice, but my whole thing is some people just aren’t meant to be together. Although you may love someone that does not necessarily mean they are the right partner for you

  14. This was painful to read. I’ve seen some nasty marriages in my day (both my parents are divorced, and their new spouses are divorced as well), and this could be one of the worst I’ve heard about. I’m sending you lots of love, prayers and hope. It can only get better from here. Know your worth, and know you deserve better than that. If that man won’t give you the love you deserve, there are people who will. Don’t stop until you feel loved and happy with who is in your life. F*k all of that. hope.

  15. Oh, also forgot that during the texting conversation where he said he would not go with me, he also said that he would be getting his needs met elsewhere.

  16. Ew, just the thought of that dried me out. And made me sad and uncomfortable. I’m wishing you the best. I hope you update soon, or even if you don’t, you get out of there and get what you deserve. That being a loving partner

  17. I’m 19 and have a SpongeBob poster behind my bed. Keep! Currently wearing SpongeBob socks, too

  18. Are you referring to an Insane Clown Posse per chance? Or is this some other ICP that I am unaware of

  19. I used to consult on Ivy League applications and did interviews for Ivy League alma mater last year. Also got myself into the school for my masters. I was nowhere near as qualified as you are, and it seems you are absolutely high achieving academically, socially, have a great work ethic and have proven yourself. Of course recommendations and your essays matter a great deal as do your SAT scores. I think college counselors are full of shit and make you aim low so you think you're achieving high. I remember they told me BC was a reach school (to me it was a safety school), that I shouldn't even bother applying to Dartmouth (I got in), or Vanderbilt (got in with full scholarship). They want their statistics to look good. If you get into your "reach" schools then they've done a good job right? That's why they're full of shit.

  20. Thank you so much for what you said. I’ve been thinking that my counselor has been saying this type of stuff with every school I ask about, because she doesn’t believe in me. But I’ve worked so so hard, and even though this school is a stretch for anyone, I’d regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t at least try.

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