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  1. Sounds terrifying but you described it very well and I kind of wish it was one of my memories instead. 😂 I am curious about one thing though. Did you have to go back the same way and if so was it easier?

  2. It was a loop so we didn't have to back the same way. We realized we could have just gone up the down route!

  3. Damn ppl be sensitive itt. No it wasn't all that funny but my god people, it wasn't that insulting either. Hell my friends and I have been making the same joke since filming began.

  4. Yeah, this show is a gold mine of Calgary jokes for me too for the last couple of years.

  5. Looks like 10 miles west of Boston.

  6. I know right!? I'm from Alberta and had to Google Maps the area 10 miles from Boston during that. Haha

  7. That is the Hungarian parliament in the photo. Haha

  8. Don’t confuse this with supporting their stance, but I find it very interesting how any time the Middle East comes up, gay people have this irresistible urge to shoehorn themselves not being allowed into every single conversation

  9. The conversation is about how their offices aren't filling up, so it's relevant that it has homophobic policies, so 10% aren't welcome and more egalitarian people would be turned off to going by that.

  10. The developer owns all the surrounding land, so part of it was to increase the land values around it, which happened. The building itself isn't profitable but the whole land development is.

  11. Taking a hard stance on a topic they obviously know nothing about.

  12. Although I feel that more well thought out comments generally float to the top here, compared to other sites.

  13. I'm senior in the military. Regretfully a lot of stereotypes about junior military are the godawful truth.

  14. A town near me has a bad reputation for drugs and rowdyness, a big part being there is a British/Canadian military base close-by.

  15. I'm surprised it's that low tbh, I mean fuck that's probably not even noticeable.

  16. I sometimes wonder if covid dropped my IQ. I can't remember exactly what I was like before but I feel a lot of brain fog now.

  17. the Canada greener homes loan is a better deal IMO. they will offer 0% loan for 10 years up to 40k for eligible upgrades. this one does have an advantage like allowing for High efficiency furnaces and the potential for 20 year financing depending on the product offered but you pay an undisclosed interest rate.

  18. Yeah I emailed asking what the average interest rate was because it is such a crucial part of the go no-go decision.

  19. I just applied. ill let you know what they tell me Edit: 3 month wait for my application to be processed. popular program it seems

  20. Hey, they just responded. They tend to be between 2 and 4%, and won't exceed 8%.

  21. Sometimes a post here will make a mountain out of a molehill, making me want to leave, and this is one of those times.

  22. I find it fascinating that what made their cars reliable and thus popular was a conservative, incremental approach to engineering their cars. This same conservative approach will be their death because they couldn't/wouldn't pivot fast enough to EVs.

  23. This is anecdotal but I have a Japanese friend who works at a manufacturing company. From what he conveyed, it's a really hierarchical structure that discourages ideas moving upwards. His office is like a shame-based environment where everyone cowtows to their superiors whether they know what is happening is right or wrong.

  24. Next to two elementary schools and a junior high. I’m all for believing in different politics beliefs, but maybe we should be teaching our kids to say F the prime minister so young. Instead maybe teach them about voting and why it’s important to vote.

  25. Forget not swearing in front of kids, this is a business putting a giant flag with the F-word on it in front of 1st graders.

  26. what point does Reddit clue into "not being serious..."?

  27. You have to admit, they destroyed and repaired downtown pretty quick. When did that even happen!1? Smh

  28. Can someone paste an archived version of this? I don't want to sign up to read it.

  29. I'm not as expert as others commenting, but with focusing on my breath, I focus on the feeling of the breath touching the roof of my nose when I breathe in, and the floor of my nose when I breathe out.

  30. It's impossible to be alone in weather like that. Just the fact that you are experiencing it will summon that guy who says "cold enough for ya?"

  31. This is so interesting to me. However the prompt is processed through the nodes, the response text appears to be written by an intelligent person. Ideas are organized in a way that indicates it knows what they mean and how they relate.

  32. Uses a projector aimed at their face instead of a computer monitor.

  33. Yup and should legally be wearing a helmet on that ebike

  34. Helmets aren't legally required in Alberta for cyclists

  35. yea they’re alr but i’ve heard about trippy shit like this freaking ppl out when they trip, just had to ask

  36. If the trip is larger, you can have your lights off and just get visuals.

  37. There is, Victoria Island is out there.

  38. It's Vancouver Island's chance to break away! Be free!

  39. I only know that because they said so in the eighth paragraph, I actually thought the opposite until then. And I am saying that's too late, especially when there is a misleading photo. Beyond the fact David knows better - having written dozens of such articles before - a good editor should have caught that line in graf 8 and said to move it up, with or without specific knowledge. Moreover, I am not in 'those circles', I'm just mildly informed about the Afghanistan war, partially from David's articles.

  40. I guarantee that you are either the only person, or one of less than 10 who are passionate about this issue.

  41. I used to take the train and a bus almost every night around 11pm-midnight when I was 16-17. That was ten years ago, and I had negative experiences a few times. But it seems like its gotten worse . This was of course a specific incident. But I don’t know if it’s isolated. Just my first experience in years on transit , and it has scared me off . I only took it because I was unsure of parking at UofC and wanted to figure everything out. So I won’t be taking it again, but I feel bad because a large portion of our city relies on transit for transport.

  42. The city is training 9 peace officers to only improve safety, not check for tickets. I hope it yields some results.

  43. Hey, in my undergrad I had suicidal thoughts. Personally, something's that helped we're seeing the on-campus mental health people, reading a book called "on the good life" about stoicism, and having a couple of magic mushroom trips (although different people respond to these differently).

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