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  1. We're coming up on 18 years since Eddie vs. Rey at 'Mania 21. If it isn't the longest, it's definitely close.

  2. Flying in via helicopter may be the most convenient way to get to the stadium

  3. It’s actually really nice and The Battery is pretty cool, but man is it far away

  4. Considering the standard Mets logo incorporates the NYC skyline, I’m not sure how much more connected you can get.

  5. You could do something specific to Flushing for one

  6. I don’t think he’s even ruled out a full time return if his health permits, it just seems very unlikely that he’ll improve that much at this point. He’s been very careful to alway say “stepping away for 2023” and never “retire” or even “retire from full time competition”.

  7. I’m pretty sure he admitted this would’ve been his final FT season

  8. Fans of other motor sports love to shit on NASCAR for being gimmicky but DRS and push to pass are as big of a gimmick as any

  9. And at the end of the day, motorsports is a gimmick in of itself

  10. Wtf Cohen are you trying to price us out...guess I'll just be taking the train from now on

  11. Yeah, I work at a school and therefore have an .edu email and it works for the Devils at least

  12. Ehhh, I wouldn't trust a show like this to be on the up and up when it comes to that. I'm not saying she actually sounds like a dying cat or anything but I'd have to hear her in a less produced set up to start giving her props.


  14. Honestly a solid hack cause this is semi believable

  15. Imagine how many more viewers they’d have if it were broadcast on a NASCAR app or normal tv. I’d love to watch trucks, xfinity, and the other half of the cup schedule; but asking me to pay an extra $50 on top of and already way too high $200 internet bill for access to FS1 and NBC Sports is just crazy.

  16. I can guarantee it would not get more viewers on a NASCAR app. FS1 is in 83 million homes, do you think 83 million people will subscribe to a NASCAR service

  17. Racehub has always been massive for FS1. It’s the only show from the original lineup that’s still around (having a prior audience certainly helped), and it’s a big reason why I think they’ll re-up

  18. Most interesting part here was the super long Roush contract, and Ricky flying on the plane with Carl Edwards and having a conversation about Roush. Carl had the opportunity to leave before Kenseth did, but I guess he hesitated and Matt left first (after 2012), then Edwards saw what Matt did at JGR and obviously left too (after 2014).

  19. Back in 2011 Edwards to the 20 in 2012 was a rumor. Obviously he re-signed and Kenseth took that opportunity a year later

  20. Disagree. The rotation is already pretty good. Give me rookie Mike Piazza instead.

  21. Didn't Dennis say on like the first episode of his podcast that Fox was killing the cartoon characters within a few weeks?

  22. He speculated, he did not give concrete evidence of such

  23. So was Spencer’s, and fuck it so is Josh’s

  24. Whenever I see this match I think of that Reddit post where it’s the whole match, but just Adam Cole and it looks like a man slowly having a mental breakdown in front of 15,000 people

  25. Idk why everyone was mad at the end? Last stage had a bit of everything without a melee.

  26. Cause no one wants this track to be a success. Just like Chicago

  27. I don't understand why everyone is mad personally I loved the ending

  28. Cause of who won. If that was Reddick everyone would be creaming their pants. But alas Reddick isn’t on Logano’s level

  29. People forget Ryan Newman had a hand in this , he ran like crap and was driving aggressive to avoid going a lap down. If Newman drove that hard against people on the lead lap he would have never lost .

  30. Doing that put him in the playoffs though. Matt winning would’ve bumped him out

  31. Cause he has more adrenaline than the others

  32. I wonder if he tries to make an F1 play with how popular its getting in the US

  33. I still think that bubble is gonna burst if Verstappen remains dominant for the next 2-3 years

  34. Selfishly, now we're going to be missing the atmosphere of whenever Diaz comes in to close again on top of the fact we no longer get that deGrom atmosphere (maybe 10 times this year?)... Those are the things I look forward to as a frequent visitor to Citi... It's just a little depressing...

  35. Inb4 Otto and “Alive” by Kid Cudi becomes this year’s Narco

  36. There would be even less players going cause it would interfere with their off-season. They’re playing baseball this time of year regardless

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