News from Mlunadia

  1. Eff the apps, I almost caught neumonía from their fantasy summer

  2. Cabin 1003 this is your wake up call service.

  3. There’s two angles of the bird. My brain hurts

  4. I used the smart delay feature and it was great as my flight was delayed more than an hour. So I had good access to free drinks, food and a much more comfortable wait. You do have to register your flight at least 2h in advance I think for the paid option it will vary airport to airport (some amazing lounges, some average, some bad) but if you have to wait more than 2-3hours it’s definitely worth it as £20 will not get you very far in an airport

  5. Nevermind Jeff, what about Gerard?! The ghostly nemesis haunting Mark's prospects with Dobby from beyond the grave.

  6. Revolut has decided to start charging 5% on all international transfers. They keep making the T&Cs a moving target.

  7. Do you have a link to the new policy page, because I got nothing in my mails

  8. I always thought Jerry would be a lovely man! Kevin being rude makes sense though

  9. They probably tried to kiss hello Jerry

  10. Wimbledon park is very quiet and nice, the station is almost inconspicuous

  11. That’s a lot of stuff and feature decor for 1200sqft

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