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  1. Sad thing is it’s true

  2. No idea what you're talking about but I don't think it's stupid to mourn the people who have died trying to cross the border to the US (legally I might add)

  3. I’m not surprised you don’t, and she was mourning “kids in cages”, something that is far worse now, but strangely you don’t hear from her… and people coming in “legally” through the point of entry aren’t dying, it’s the ones swimming the Rio Grande and getting raped by the cartels due to our Buffoon in Chief’s open border policies…. Maybe they’re trying to get jobs at Amazon in Queens? Oh wait, she screwed that up too….


  5. There’s a minute left, I’m inside your 10, you have no time outs…. In other words, I win….

  6. I like the reseeding hairline on the ginger….

  7. Val Kilmer - Doc Holliday Heath Ledger - The Joker

  8. You should be good. Currently 2 months into a 15 month probation. How’d you make it thru?

  9. 2 years down, 1 to go…. I have to call in quarterly and email paperwork each month ie paystubs and the like…. Like 👆said, keep yourself busy, work, socialize (with the right crowd), and it moves…. I’m not sure if MA has early release or not, but if so I’m hoping my PO will do the right thing…. It feels long when you look at the total, but do the right thing and it will pass…. What you don’t wanna do is try to figure out how to take short cuts (beating UAs etc), you may get away with it in the short term but the stress you go through hoping you don’t get called is dreadful…. Good luck bud, I’m done next October, stop back in and let us know how you’re doing

  10. That’s pretty funny actually

  11. Says the guy who thinks men can get pregnant….

  12. Says the guy who’s willfully ignorant and trying to bait someone into argument…

  13. Says the guy who took time to respond to me…. I’m from Boston you 110 pound blue haired pussy…. Come visit some time…

  14. Like I said. All you're doing is talking and not doing any of the listening. No one said shit about free speech, everyone wants free speech but Elon musk isn't bringing that to Twitter like he's some white knight on a horse. And Twitter is a privately held company now and when he buys it so he can do whatever he wants to restrict her speech.

  15. You haven’t said anything…. Twitter claims to be a public square but silences speech they don’t like…. So you’re wrong, simps like you only want speech they agree with, that’s why you’re gonna lose in November, and that’s why I win….


  17. Look up Section 230… private company means shit if you’re saying you’re a non biased platform… I don’t even have to say anything with you, just keep typing and confirming how ignorant you are…. Democrats: the party of weak men and angry women Go practice your pronouns while you’re dying your hair, I think think I’ll go fuck your sister….

  18. Makes more sense than the Jan 6 committee

  19. Did you save Charlie’s turds so you could put a few in the litter box?

  20. Gonna look back at these lockdowns and mandates in about 20 years…. Definition of failed leadership…..

  21. Looks pretty self explanatory to me….

  22. I like the “Ron Jeremy Pondering” sticker….

  23. They are black Israelites a group that believes black people are the real Jews. If you have been following the ye tweet drama, you will realize he is also a black Israelite

  24. They helped Nicholas Sandman to never have to work…..

  25. Constantly on with Joy Reid….. just another MSNBC race baiter….

  26. Shoulda just left him there…. He’d be flat soon enough…..

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