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  1. Yeah man, just waiting on Hro to announce the utilities/features of the Pioneer cards. They said after all Pioneers receive their cards, they’ll announce utility, and then the cards will show up in app

  2. I like the sound of Utility. I wonder what it could be. Gonna keep my expectations low.

  3. I feel like there's more to it. He made a similar IG video during the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement and everyone thought it was JL related but ended up being about beer or something. Then a few months later ZSJL announced, I definitely think he was teasing that secretly. I really hope it's Zack Snyder DC related.

  4. I wonder what they're gonna do to fix this. They can't just mint more

  5. Or humans. I mean theres way too many humans and less editions. Do we always have to blame Bots whenever we don't get one smh

  6. Usual place below the heart and comment icons. I hope

  7. Bitforex has a long 18 step process - but once you do it is is easy. However the Coinbase wallet has a swapping feature that if you watch for lower gas prices can be a simple easy way to just convert ETH based crypto into OMI.

  8. What do I need to know about layer 1 and 2? I'm new to this and it's so hard to understand 🤣 all I wanna do is buy some omi

  9. I did but it says to use the web app. When I go to the web app website on my phone it just prompts me to download the Google app which i have but has no payout option at all.. So I was wondering if I cannot do it using just my phone.

  10. You can use desktop version on your browser on your phone. It works for me

  11. Sounds good but how would that work in the app? Maybe we could get the GTA V game case as collectible.

  12. Predictions? Based on what? We need the price and editions size for that

  13. Drops never used to sell out. Things were still available in the market for months. Things like Todd , MC1 comic, FA Spider-Man etc. It's all about patience

  14. Looool stop lying. all of those examples you gave the only true one is Todd because the app only had a few users back then and almost no one knew what an NFT was.

  15. "the app had a few users back then and almost no one knew what an NFT was". Kind of what's happening right now. There are less people on the app and more edition sizes. Theres also a lot of people who don't know what an NFT is.

  16. Nah, those are just hype flavors, I'd go with something fundamentally sound like an AF15. The statues FA isn't as concrete as the comic... an FA to veve vs an FA to the world... idk 🤷‍♂️

  17. I 100% agree with you. Not alot of people outside veve know about Walt and Todd but everyone knows Spider-Man.

  18. I have one but I'm gonna make sure it gets burned. No one's getting it🤣

  19. Anyone scanned theirs yet? My wife and brother and I each got SRs! Is that just coincidence?

  20. I was going to redeem mine but I'll end up getting the other two rarities so not going to risk it. Good on you though 👍

  21. I bet you have a bunch of collectibles and comics and I also bet you still go for drops. Don't lie to yourself. Deep down you still believe in veve. It's fine you don't need to admit it.

  22. on web or desktop version of mobile browser.

  23. Why do people keep asking the same question. It's in the same place it's been for months... Under the heart and comment emoji

  24. Common is technically the first no? Which is why Todd is considered the first Batman 🤔

  25. Makes sense. They finished the Golden Moments run now they are bringing Platinum and Marvel Red Moments.

  26. Dude, you listen to the team at all? The licensors are the ones who plan the drop schedule. Veve adheres to their wishes. This has been said several times. It matters because all eyes and media are on Disney Thursday. Veve gets exposure from that and that brings new users. Friday's drop is just another disney drop like any other and everyone paying attention will have moved on. It is critical veve starts seeing some new users. Skipping Disney Plus day doesn't help that.

  27. I get what you're saying, but Star Trek Day is on the 8th Sept. It always has been I think. So makes sense for them to do something for that on Thursday. Disney Day is different every year not the same date so it's hard. And I also think Veve will have multiple drops for Disney so they'll probably do Friday Saturday and Sunday for them. Aladdin's Lamp Golden Moment already confirmed for Friday let's see what else is coming.

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