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  1. It’s cool that they’re starting to use mannequins at Home Depot.

  2. I’d say he is dumb to not work as an electrician! Come on. BSB isn’t going to last forever or even social media payouts.

  3. And she basically said Evan now is a videographer for BSB. Will He ever be an electrician again

  4. He totally shouldn't quit that DAY JOB, what about health insurance????

  5. Corey is right, but how gravy is his train though?

  6. can someone please explain videoing yourself while crying and posting it? not even being bitchy rn i’m genuinely curious. i’ve noticed a lot of people do this but i couldn’t imagine doing it myself. is it a coping mechanism?

  7. It's attention seeking for sure. If she's that upset, she should stay home and continue to let her body "heal." Very risky being in an airplane when one is prone to passing out on such a frequent basis. Common sense?

  8. I am happy someone wants to be a nurse. It's not for me, I just couldn't do it. We will see if this has an ending.

  9. that’s a good assessment. I remember when Leah was in school for 5 minutes then stopped to hang out with Jermey. it really is crazy how they can’t prioritize goals over men, and with children involved.

  10. She was working in a dental office for a quick minute too. Also, how did that real estate test ever turn out? Anyone know?

  11. It would have already happened. Not going to at this point.

  12. Carlin said on her stories they were only there for two full days sourcing products for the BSB. So I doubt they are going to shows or anything.

  13. Anyone dancing with a little knows that you HOLD them, not hostage them to a highchair.

  14. How divided that last President made this country.

  15. Kim also called her a "random." I thought that was total snark. Not her place to say that.

  16. The person(s) at WalMart that sit to their back to the front door in a chair. What are they doing? Dang, clean those carts or something.

  17. I don't think I have ever seen a redder face on the internet! And I have a soft spot for Ethan, I really do.

  18. I’m thinking it’s a girl and Travis & Daddy Clark will look visibly disappointed at the gender reveal LOL

  19. Because Maci and Kaci aren't close?

  20. This is a really depressing one for sure! Put some color please And do better than a saggy sheet behind you

  21. Travis answered in a story, when asked how many kids they want, he said, "We've agreed on 3-4". Honestly, the way he worded it with "agreed" made it sound like someone had to compromise, and I think that was Katie....

  22. It's SO easy to say you want "a lot of kids", but NO ONE realizes how hard it is when you have your first.

  23. Same for mine.. MISS that place, oh gosh/sad!

  24. Love how Jackson bolted. Probably why he was recently sent to ALERT.

  25. She is such a clone of her Mom, scary. Fakeness, lips, ugly attitude, control freak.

  26. It's Friday night and reading this after a long week of work is making me laugh hysterically!

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