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  1. Why did it have to revolve around the whole LGBT?! Like I get it man you enjoy 🍆...........Now let's get to the show!!!

  2. That’s the source material, it’s always been that way.

  3. Sorry, I was oofing at you not with you. Hope things improve!

  4. Honestly, you’re better off parking at one of the park and ride stations (Scott road perhaps?) and sky training in. The downtown core will be absolutely packed and parking will be hell.

  5. Neither do I, I have an ample foreskin. Almost a five skin. It literally takes two seconds to clean in the shower.

  6. This was a triumph. I'm making a note here - huge success.

  7. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

  8. Moon rock is actually a pretty decent radiation shield.

  9. Eh if the shot is integral to the plot, I would have hoped they worked on it a bit more.

  10. I have a suspicion that the cgi for Gordy was intentionally bad, I’m not sure why I feel this or why exactly they’d do that, but I feel like they wanted us to know the chimp wasn’t real

  11. I would like to skip the drippy nose pig! Im trying to build both my neice and nephew a full size house, but they keep spending all my bells on fireworks and weird outfits.

  12. I’m enjoying the heck out of this whole saga.

  13. He does not trying to recreate Dolores, Charlotte Hale IS Dolores. It remains to be seen which version of Dolores is Cristina, my guess is that she is original version season 1 on her road of discovering her true self.

  14. A small but important distinction: Charlotte Hale WAS Dolores (with Charlotte Hale’s personality programmed on top). She diverged significantly enough from Delores prime that they’re really not the same person anymore.

  15. Yes. I took major issue with Teddy telling Christina that it was her that had done all of this! Halores is not the same as Dolores. She has changed significantly.

  16. I mean, to be fair, we don’t really know who Christine is yet. We’re sort of meant to assume she’s some form of Dolores prime, but who knows. She very well could be Hale? Maybe Hale got bored and made herself into Christine (and the lunch date was some sort of diagnostic). You just can’t take anything at face value in this show

  17. This is directly related to our fucked up rental market. Artists, creative types, actors, musicians are getting priced out of the city.

  18. The housing market is neither in crises nor overpriced. It only looks expensive because we insist on 5000 sqft houses instead of 800 sqft like a normal country.

  19. Based on median house price, Vancouver is only beat by Hong Kong.

  20. If there’s time I’d love to visit

  21. Is this really a big deal though to the average person? I mean I get it if you are in the demographic where this hits hard…

  22. If it keeps spreading, it’s really only a matter of time before it hits society at large. It does not only spread during sex, you can get it from surfaces or dirty sheets or just skin to skin contact with someone with a lesion.

  23. I’m looking for a sword (as many as I can get really) and anything even remotely related to ninjas. I’m decorating my 5 year old nephews house and he’s currently obsessed!

  24. I too seek the spooky! I’d love to join a spooky cataloging.

  25. Thank you spooky friend. In the meantime, I’ve got a skeleton if you’d like to catalogue it

  26. As a matter of fact it says the Congress will make no law respecting an institution of religion. So if anything, state recognition of marriage at all, being, you know, a religious ceremony between a man and a woman as the Christian Bible commands it, is unconstitutional.

  27. Legal marriage is different from religious marriage.

  28. Well we keep hearing from the right that religion is "between a man and a woman" based on religious rationale. If that's so, if that's the definition, then it's just like any other religious ceremony. Meaningless outside of its adherents.

  29. Agreed, there’s no legal reason legal marriage shouldn’t be available to same sex couples. (And to clarify, in the states, every religious marriage is also a legal marriage (provided the paperwork is filled out) the inverse is not true )

  30. It’s only queer baiting if the characters sexuality is ambiguous. I’d argue that at this point Will’s is not, coming out scene or no.

  31. Yooo, recently got my horror island to a close to finished point and I would really love some feed back also if anyone is interested I've kinda made up some lore for my island so just ask if your curious about that.

  32. Super creepy. The dollhouse in particular. I also enjoyed the wheat field.

  33. Crazy string of coincidences? Or do we have a serial arsonist on the loose?

  34. The games are secretly dark as fuck.

  35. I'm giving away materials. Wood (all three kinds), stone, iron, and clay. Stacks of 30, as many as you want to take. I've also got diys out if you want any of those. My shops are open, and Audie is crafting the foxtail. Feel free to explore too. I don't mind.

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