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  1. Right click on the folder and then click download.

  2. Background app refresh is completely independent from notifications. Push notifications are pushed to your phone from a server (that’s why they’re called push), the app has no need to be active for that.

  3. Thanks. Appreciate your help 👍 So if I disable background app refresh for Outlook for example, will I still receive emails instantly?

  4. Forget their clothes. Do you know how they look without makeup??

  5. These are scaled resolutions not panel sent video signal. Your monitor is displaying 4K resolution but UI is scaled to something looking like 1920x1080 (or what you choose). You then get « Retina UI », which is obviously sharper than an FHD panel. Choose whatever suits your eyes.

  6. Thanks. Now I understand 😊 Is the colour profile ok (Display P3)? There is one more thing that I wanted to ask you. My 4K monitor has HDMI and USB C ports. I have connected my MacBook Air M1 with the external monitor via HDMI cable. Will connecting the monitor via a USB thunderbolt 3 give better results?

  7. Signal is digital, so no matter what you connect and how, you’ll get the same colors and image quality. P3 is the best color profile yes.

  8. Thanks. I have one last question. My monitor supports HDR10. Is this activated automatically or do I need do some manual settings?

  9. As compared to all the other developed countries these drinks in our country are of very poor quality. It is a pity that this fact is ignored by our government. The question should not be “which one is better” but how is the quality of these drinks compared to all the other countries in the world.

  10. Get a 4K but do NOT get a Dell. They don’t play nice with Mac (and their customer service doesn’t care).

  11. Thanks. What is your opinion about Samsung 4K monitors??

  12. Don’t know Samsungs, sorry.:) I have a Dell 4K and the issue is that I have to disconnect and reconnect it from/to the MacBook between 2 and 8 times (on average) to get the image to “stick.” Otherwise it flashes on and off.

  13. I think I will take my chances with the Samsung 4K 😊

  14. I use one when I'm working - it's excellent to be able to have my powerpoints/Word on the big screen, and just my chat, etc. on my laptop screen. I just use a Dell, it's several years old. There are some nice monitors now for very cheap.

  15. Thanks. I think a 24” monitor is fine for me. What resolution monitor should I get, 1080p or 1440p for a MacBook with M1 chip?

  16. I would recommend a dell monitor or if u have the extra money the cheaper studio display

  17. Thanks. I think a 24” monitor is fine for me. What resolution monitor should I get, 1080p or 1440p for a MacBook with M1 chip?

  18. Is there any way to solve this? Apple support says that it is a problem from the Microsoft side and Microsoft says it is a problem from Apple’s side.

  19. In your settings do you have those programs set as the "default app" to open those file types?

  20. Yes I have these programs set a “default apps”.

  21. My iPhone 14 Pro Max heats up while charging with MagSafe. Does this degrade the battery faster?

  22. Then it’s it normal. Even at 40 Celsius my iPhone didn’t have that. I actually never had this screen in over 5 years using an iPhone

  23. I live in India and in my city the temperature goes up to 45 degrees and even in such high temperatures I have never received such a warning message.

  24. What is this mail app between Spotify and Photos app?

  25. I personally wouldn’t recommend anyone to use a glass screen protector on the Ultra. The Ultra has Apple’s sapphire glass. It’s incredibly strong (If you want some crazy YouTube videos to watch I suggest watch some Ultra torture tests). If you have a watch without the sapphire display (The standard Ion-X glass) that’s much more likely to scratch.

  26. I keep it enabled with Raise to Wake disabled. I think the battery drain is negligible, especially if you often put the phone in your pocket since that makes AOD switch off. I think being able to check the time and if I have notifications without actually turning the display on might even be saving me some battery life.

  27. Same here. I have also disabled Raise to Wake. But does it make any difference on battery life?

  28. It’s not about worth the money but about your safety. Since you are not confident about going to the gym and the way to use the machines correctly, it is highly recommended that you hire a personal trainer. Nothing could be worse than getting injured in the gym with improper form or by not using the machines correctly. You will spend a lot more money in getting yourself treated and the pain that you will go though is immeasurable.

  29. If they could incorporate Face ID in the dynamic island I think they could also have incorporated Siri in the dynamic island. The DI is in its initial stages and I am sure that Apple and third party developers have a lot to explore.

  30. This is the macro mode on the 14 PM right? How is this activated? Does it work by going as close as possible to the subject?

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