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  1. Honestly an amazing zag on the Ja stuff

  2. This is a lot of data removed from the context that explains why Melo MIGHT get his jersey retired before the guys you listed

  3. I think the idea of Brown as a #1 will expose him as overrated if he ends up in a trade to a mid team, but he'd be good here where he'd have to be at best a 1B offensively in the playoffs

  4. The vice grip Russillo has on this sub is legitimately impressive. I think it's fair to say at this point there's a subsection that's in a constant state of seething toward him

  5. It was definitely Reagan when he was younger, he feels like a Teddy Roosevelt guy now. Sneaky Washington fanatic as well

  6. It's been that since the Porzingis trade

  7. This incident made me realize no one over a certain age knows how IG live works

  8. He hasn’t been decent until the 4th quarter tonight when he was great. You could’ve taken this victory lap anytime since the signing, why didn’t you before tonight?

  9. He didn't because it was literally impossible lol

  10. I really, really wish I could enjoy what my favorite player is doing... but it's against MY FAVORITE TEAM

  11. They're performing tho, they're good role players for the heat. They all put their all into defense and play hard. Strus and Robinson are fantastic shooters, Vincent and Martin been shooting well in the playoffs too.

  12. That's why I started with it's super impressive --they're awesome. Just insane this is also the best they can get their hands on around their star

  13. Well ideally he would also have a good enough Lowry, Herro, and a version of Bam that can get 20+ in the play offs. Plus Oladipo.

  14. Good point, it's not quite as bad as I framed it.

  15. Based off these two examples we can conclude Toronto is a bad city for children

  16. Might be a top 7 worst post ever on this sub

  17. This is the last stand for Frank stans everywhere.

  18. Seriously, you go to LA, New York or Philadelphia and they’ve completely eradicated all forms of racism. It’s absolutely bananas how it’s still happening in Boston.

  19. Current Bridges would average 40 in the tournament I don't think that's crazy at all

  20. Sometimes I forget I'm on the younger sider of this sub...

  21. throwback to titus saying he hates barstool except pmt

  22. He's the average white 18 year old

  23. Honestly kind of a shitty tweet from otherwise one of the better sources of Knicks content. Not sure Bill was trying to get a dig in on Brunson here

  24. Brady media mafia terrified of Mahomes

  25. Legendary bench player hope to see him last forever

  26. Finish the fucking book already.

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