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  1. Hey Leanker sorry for not posting any news related content in this sub I was bit busy with Irl stuff and LOH events soo now going to start uploading all the news that I didnt post.

  2. To those people who's still playing the game, how's the game doing now? I legit forgotten about the game and I was quite interested when it launched but never tried it out myself for reasons I can't recall anymore. Also no one ever mentions it in this sub so I assumed it close down or something.

  3. the game seems popular in south korea but global player base is pretty small. During global launch they banned emulators to prevent cheaters/hackers but many people dropped the game during that time. I mostly play for story and characters in the game and I do enjoy the turn base gameplay but maybe other people wont like it since game does have gear system. they introduced summoning when close to 2nd anni soo game never had character gacha only paid/free heroes when it launched.

  4. Im playing Nightmare right now doesnt feel like you need 7 star your heroes to win but it is quite challenging. I would say 7 star your main raid dps for calamity and new wendigo mode.

  5. No wJoshua, wLyn, Dastrid, Lolivia 😭😭😭

  6. W Joshua and W Lyn are on normal sale banner, not part of 1 day event

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