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Aaron Judge hits home run #62, a new American League record!

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  1. It’s not a collapse. It’s a disappointment and potentially a choke, but in no way is 101 wins a collapse.

  2. I’m not totally convinced that a single inning from Scherzer is what ultimately sealed his dead armed fate. He was definitely ridden into the ground by the division chase but I think the NLCS woulda gone the same way if he hadn’t pitched that night.

  3. Probably something to the theory that they gassed themselves out chasing each other? I know a lot of Dodgers fans said that last year.

  4. Yeah. Actually those same 2018 Red Sox were the only team to even make the World Series.

  5. ...Giants were really, really good on defense when the fielding couldn't play into things.

  6. Head to head. The new playoff format got rid of tiebreaker games so the Braves win the division outright.

  7. On the one hand, the Dodgers were playing for literally nothing, trying extremely hard not to get freak injured, and holding some bullpen tryouts. And the Rockies lineup, while pretty injured, were composed of motivated rookies vying for a roster spot next year.

  8. Cuz the rocks are better than they seem. A 6 game series allows for that Coors hangover to subside.

  9. I'm a casual fan. How do you finish an inning with -1 runs?

  10. The fans throw a ball back and the pitcher catches it to complete the run

  11. Reminds me of one of my favorite stat lines.

  12. We are so fortunate to be watching this. He's absolutely flipped the sport on its head in terms of what we "know" to be possible.

  13. FE5 is the game that forced me to get over not using Jagen type units.

  14. I'm very much aware that Eyvel gets turned to stone in this chapter, so there's that 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. Dagdar is the capturing GOAT. He's big and strong and can one round enemies with the brave axe.

  16. I could see Andrew Friedman pursuing a player like Swanson if he thought the offensive improvement this year (and parts of '21) is sustainable

  17. I think that would cause the city of atlanta to slide into the ocean in a wave of tears and grief

  18. Wrath/Resolve is one of the most fun skill combos in the series. If you’re playing on normal or easy mode then put Resolve on whoever you want. But if you’re playing hard or maniac you probably want to save that for Ike to have an easier time on lategame bosses.

  19. ugh alright. looks like i’m breaking out the excel spreadsheet. thanks!

  20. Yeah, for most of the more complex two-step things like this, you'll have to download the data from fangraphs or similar and do the data massaging yourself. Unless you're an absolute database wizard and maintain your own records.

  21. I ain't gettin shit done at work on Friday, I'll be watching playoff baseball right when I clock in lol

  22. Living on the West Coast... lmao Playoff Baseball for Breakfast

  23. If the Olympic Committee can strip cheaters of their medals, MLB should do the same with their records.

  24. So you must agree that admitted-steroid-user Mike Piazza should be stripped of all of his accomplishments, right?

  25. When did he admit to using steroids. Oh yeah, never.

  26. Cubs fans have great grandparents who passed away without seeing a WS win.

  27. Verlander got robbed of the CY in 2016 though. Kershaw could have 2 more, but so could Verlander. In 2016 Verlander had the most first place votes, and lost by 5 points.

  28. Verlander has had 5 seasons of 100+ innings that match or exceed what Kershaw has been for his entire career in terms of ERA+.

  29. Paolo Espino will not set the record for most innings pitched without a win... because he didn't get out of the first inning tonight and ends with too few innings by about two

  30. How about having the record for most batters faced without a win?

  31. In the first 2 years of its existence, Globe Life Field has been home to

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