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  1. It's a slooooooooooow burn horror that amounts to nothing.

  2. Absolutely the most disappointing movie in years. A drawn out failed art piece that should have never left art school.

  3. Now you've said it I can't unsee it

  4. My belly button is super deep, cavernous lol. I was a big baby (9lbs) and my umbilical cord was super huge I'm told. Dr said it was bigger around than his wrist.

  5. Only mathematicians and linguists argue this much about the meaning of a word.

  6. Sorry you're playing the wrong games. Horizon Zero Dawn, Titanfall 2, Diablo, WoW, Witcher, GTA5, Last of Us, the list goes on of really good story driven games in recent years.

  7. Ooooo you were almost credible until you said Diablo and WoW were "really good, story driven games". Perhaps D2 was, but we can all agree D3 was a loot pinata with a story tacked on as an afterthought.

  8. Yeah that's one thing I felt WoW was sorely lacking after playing SWTOR. You HAVE to follow the storyline. You can't tell Abercrombie he's sus and you won't be collecting crap for him. You can't tell that little demon during Legion you won't sign his contract. Even if it doesn't effect the overall storyline in SWTOR, you get choices that effect the immediate cut scene. It was nice. Plus the SWTOR stories were a million times better.

  9. Nobody gunna mention that every person experiences spicy in a different way?

  10. Cause there's a damn good reason why she does that and why rhaenrya has to follow.

  11. I am loving Alicent's pettiness... as for Emma, I think this short clip alone is enough of a testament to their acting skills.

  12. I’m not at all saying long Covid isn’t a thing but I suspect there is a lot of cases of nebulous poorly defined symptoms that have would otherwise have been diagnosed as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic lymes, pots, mast cell, IBS, ADHD, etc. that are all largely used to explain symptoms induced by modern lifestyle of overwork, under sleep, high stress, poor diet and exercise. Maybe those symptoms were triggered by Covid or maybe they would have developed anyway.

  13. I was literally in the car behind him. It was not self defense. Props to him for punching through a car window though.

  14. It’s stands for Dream Survival Minecraft Playthrough (or something like this, can’t remember exactly, D is certainly for Dream, though)

  15. Im not from Florida but can someone here help me Understand why this subreddit constantly shits all over desantis but his approval rating is apparently one of the highest in the country. I'm Australian so maybe I'm missing something here

  16. State subreddits lean far to the left and don't represent more than a small portion of the population.

  17. Absolutely horrifying that anyone here practices; the minimum standards have fallen to unprecedented depths.

  18. They're using TV Tropes in AP English? I mean, I don't have a problem with the concept, but man the site itself is still mired in being a weird community for nerds, even after they got rid of Troper Tales.

  19. It's one step above citing Tumblr. Hopefully teacher gives an appropriate grade.

  20. For the live of God put him in a carrier. More dangerous than yelling and driving. You're lucky he's still alive. Don't put other people at risk because you're selfish.

  21. Yikes. That does nothing. Try not being a narcissist. You're going to get people killed.


  23. They say the best way to avoid parasitoid worms is to not eat the tortured corpses of animals killed in a factory.

  24. Bringing back the garbage pail kids!!!!!

  25. Yes this is a petition written to Yemaya. I would leave it as found.

  26. My dogs know how to sing. Well one does… the other is a bit tone deaf and just yells to the beat. My pug however, has a beautiful singing voice and quite a few songs for different occasions. Plus I’ve learned a few different questions that she will respond to with certain songs. Both dogs will immediately scream if the Happy Birthday song is even played a little bit as well.

  27. The article makes several unsupported stances against the medical institution. It is just wrong, medicine does not discard the mind or its intimate connection to the body. “ It’s time for medicine to stop flying by the seat of its philosophical pants.” Come on!!!!

  28. Yep all good points. I developed something called PPPD from a severe panic attack. Basically it makes you dizzy/feel drunk and many other symptoms.

  29. Amazon had it on sale for 171$ with free shipping!! It costs 250$+ at every other store plus shipping so when I was searching for the OG dragonball manga boxset and came across this for 100$ cheaper then usual I couldn’t pass up haha

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