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Federal Reserve tells business owners to unite against the workers and impose a hiring freeze in order to lower wages because workers being paid a living wage is causing inflation. Threatens higher interest rates to lower stock prices to force business owners to comply (and be off the hook).

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  1. Wow. Dude my dad did too. He had a perfectly healthy checkup a few months prior. Got the booster, and went to a checkup a month later, BOOM leukemia. Every one of his blood counts was on the floor. No one in our family has ever had this form of cancer. I know correlation isn't causation, but come on now..

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad I will pray for you and your family. God bless

  3. Don’t you have to be crooked to become a judge I swear I read that in the requirements

  4. I think it’s safe to say they are doing bee stuff

  5. It is important to be stung if you’re going to keep bees. I’m not sure if once or twice a year is sufficient. I can say the more you get stung the less the reaction is. I get stung as many as 200 times some years and have a fear of mosquitos those things hurt. I don’t wear gloves or a full suit as I prefer to take stings on the hands or legs.

  6. We already own nothing we don’t own our vehicles we don’t own any property and for the most part we are happy so I guess what you don’t know won’t hurt you

  7. Is this referring to mortgages and car payments ? If one has paid in full the value of property / Veichle What you said does not apply ? I am curious for when I buy property and viechels.

  8. It’s a deep, deep conversation but all mortgage is fraud way to much to unpack here but any mortgage will payments over 9 months is a security. You never hold superior title to the property only a warranty deed paid off or not. I think most people can wrap there heads are the fact that when you register your car it belongs to the state and never have anything but a certificate of title you need the (MCO) Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin. Don’t get me started on how the state own’s your children based on the birth certificate but they let you care for them as long as they behave if not then the state can come and take them by law. And the corruption goes so deep

  9. Well said it’s going to be impossible to ignore the corruption associated with Wall Street once this is all over as long as we hold there is nothing they can do to stop it

  10. If vaccinated are still dying from covid then why should i be forced to get vaccinated when it only lowers my chances and isn't a concrete preventative measure?

  11. Who is forcing you? Has anyone been held down and vaccinated against their will?

  12. I seriously doubt that they would be that high may be able to choose Somthing from the McDollar menu

  13. I loved Behr for interior walls but used Porter oil for the doors and trim

  14. If that is vinyl siding you have no J-channel around the window or where it meets the brick work, and that install is fucked. And it certainly appears to be vinyl siding.

  15. They did a very crappy job that’s for sure. If it’s vinyl I would not calk it it can contract and expand up to an inch over 12 feet

  16. LMFAO I thought I was the only one wearing out my calculator over GME

  17. Nope, not giving any sort of my own opinions here, I’m “just” the messenger delivering today’s digital newspaper.

  18. It just seems with any good news whatsoever the price drops but I could care less I will take any discounts kenney boy is willing to offer

  19. All banks are corrupt and members of the world wide corruption organization

  20. Even wood stoves had ovens and warming cabinets but nothing like baking in a Dutch oven when camping

  21. Definitely a vent. For the clothes dryer or bathroom exhaust?

  22. We need to clean house and start over with term limits on everything

  23. T+2 will not be in effect for many months T+1 years down the road

  24. Looks like a security feature that keeps the window from being opened up enough to allow entry in case it was left unlocked or cracked to allow air flow

  25. Add up all the fines they incurred and you still couldn’t buy a happy meal at McDonalds

  26. Could be mold if the wall was insulated due to condensation from the cold damp concrete and the insulation. Was there a plastic vapor barrier between the wall and the insulation? It could also be minerals leaching out of the concrete if that’s the case it’s nothing to worry about it’s most likely calcium, lie, or lime. You should have a sample tested though just to rule out mold

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