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  1. The "new direction" I've seen most people who use this as not really a defence but just as straight up praise is in regards to the "subversion of expectations". Mostly how Luke was completely different to how everyone expected, and how Rey supposedly had no lineage where everyone expected she would have family, and how the film "deconstructs what we think of a Star Wars film".

  2. It’s crazy to me how much weight people put on the Luke part. That’s what they judge the entire movie on. They even admit that Poe and Finns stories suck, but because Luke’s story subverted their expectations, they call it a masterpiece. It’s only like 1/3 of the entire movie, but somehow it’s so brilliant that the rest of the movie doesn’t even matter to them.

  3. Finn probably looked funny to him. He did the same thing with Hux.

  4. This is an unpopular opinion, but ROTJ is my 2nd favorite Star Wars film behind ROTS. Such a satisfying ending to the Skywalkers’ story. Brings Anakin’s redemption full circle and fully establishes Luke as the empathetic hero that he is.

  5. No joke, I legitimately have looked up to Luke Skywalker’s decision to genuinely try to save his father my entire life, and it’s informed my actions and how I handle conflict with loved ones and friends. Almost every single action of Luke is him coming from a place of assuming his father will do the right thing.

  6. The Luke we met in ROTJ would have reached out to Kylo with compassion to prevent his darkside fall. Sequel defenders like to say that the theme of TLJ was that failure is the greatest teacher, and that Luke's failure with Kylo taught him something. But they never explain why TLJ Luke never learned anything from Anakin's failure. Its also never explained why Kylo was so angry in the first place. I just don't see Han and Leia alienating their son or being afraid of him.

  7. Yeah, I don't think anyone's calling this talent-challenged hack the "New Spielberg" anymore. And the only thing I find shocking about this worthless snake's oil salesman is that he keeps getting hired in Hollyweird, tbh.

  8. Does the stormtrooper who is on guard duty has not to go through any security to get the holocron?

  9. That’s what I was thinking. What if he still tried to do the peaceful thing and accidentally triggers a shootout in the base between the stormtroopers and the mind controlled guards. Luke could feel horrible, and learn the peaceful way is even harder than he thought.

  10. Couldn’t that go for any movie that comes out? Which blockbuster movies don’t have at least a couple fun scenes?

  11. I couldn't even dislike TROS. After TFA and TLJ everything was destroyed anyway. The New Republic, the Jedi Order, Anakin having fulfilled the prophecy...

  12. Wtf!! Imagine it they had one simple manalorian walk in, head nod and sit down. That alone would of had a bigger impact then this 5th element looking chick singing about tomorrow.

  13. Because JJ wanted to create his own version of SW. He wasn't vested in the old EU. Look at all of his interviews of what he likes about the OT and we got that exact thing. He didn't like the prequels either.

  14. The whole trilogy for me feels like it was written by people who think they know what Star Wars is and what it's like based on what they've heard about it through the years, without actually having seen any of the films beforehand.

  15. Yeah honestly what fan ever thought putting a Death Star on every Star Destroyer would actually be cool? Let alone having those super threats not even be able to fly to space on their own without an external aid, which leads to their utter destruction before actually becoming a threat…

  16. It's a hommage to abuse in a relationship. It's promoting toxic and violent relationships. It basically says: "Girls, if your partner treats you like shit and destroys your life you need to be supportive. It's so romantic to stick with someone no matter what!"

  17. Nah it’s playing into the fantasy of “I’m so good and attractive, you can actually change a man from bad to good. I can be the Angel that brings him to the light and makes him give up his old ways.”

  18. She's actually a pretty talented producer

  19. There’s just something different about producing multi-part epics that she doesn’t seem to have experience with. All of her films (except the new Star Wars) have been one off movies or unplanned sequels. She doesn’t have any experience at all running a show with a narrative that spans multiple entries.

  20. Don’t give her a pass like that… we need to cement her “legacy.”

  21. Ahhh but you see, the entire first order was just a distraction! Starkiller Base played its role and was then destroyed… exactly to plan! You see, Palpatine, who was really behind Snoke and the First Order, had an army in waiting that was 10,000x stronger than the First Order. Every Star Destroyer would be capable of destroying an entire planet! Starkiller Base is insignificant compared to that. What was really necessary was to take out the Republic swiftly and to give the Rebels an easy victory so as to lure them into a false sense of capability. Then, roughly 6 months later, the Final Orders will attack anyway and take over the galaxy.

  22. Every shred of bts footage and tales seem to confirm exactly this. RJ had an intent that had little to do with a galaxy far far away.

  23. I mean how likely is it he actually set out to create a film half of the audience loves and the other half hates?

  24. I can’t believe we’re still discovering plot holes and contrivances after all this time

  25. Seriously though, there’s some kind of superior complex with so many TLJ fans. I believe it started with Rian himself, saying before the movie even came out that “he couldn’t do what the fans wanted, he needed to do what was best for the film.” He continued this mentality of superiority by rejecting the lessons of his own film and denying that he would change anything after the backlash.

  26. Of course it did… the type of person who writes “they love me” probably isn’t going to be very loved over time.

  27. This is why I have absolutely zero hope for Indiana Jones 5...

  28. Kathleen Kennedy is the head producer, of course it’s gonna suck.

  29. These people really are selfish sometimes. It’s obvious that the state of the Galaxy was never treated as window dressing in the OT or Prequels. But because they never cared about that stuff, they think nobody else should miss it when it’s gone. You try to tell them how different it is and how valuable it is in the film industry to have a wide variety of types of films, including ones like Star Wars with galactic-scale stories… and they just tell you “it’s been done, Star wars needs to change.” Which means it needs to be just like every other film they enjoy.

  30. Cassian's blaster shot to his comrade at the beginning of Rogue One says more about moral ambiguity in Star Wars than anything presented in TLJ.

  31. “But I understand what the director was trying to do, and I know that what he was trying to do was much more nuanced and smart than you can grasp. What he was trying to do was amazing, but Disney had him tone it down. But you gotta give him credit for trying!”

  32. Even the conflict in the OT had more moral ambiguity than the sequels and it didn't have very much.

  33. “Yeah but I can’t pin down Kylo’s character. Does he want to be good? Does he want to be bad? We don’t know! That’s what makes it so great!!”

  34. I don’t get how people call TLJ a masterpiece when the main character doesn’t even struggle or doubt herself once.

  35. It really is concerning that I’m just some guy and I could have done better. I mean I guess it’s empowering for me, but Jesus JJ, do you need to see a doctor? Are you sure you don’t have a huge brain tumor?

  36. I seem to remember from somewhere deep in my memory that he was assuming he was brought on to basically remake the first film.

  37. I say Leia! Her character was totally squashed. She's supposed to be sharp and temperamental and clever but Disney just had her stand around and spout platitudes. Blegh.

  38. The reason it doesn’t feel right is because Rey is supposed to be the main character. Luke is the side character that’s supposed to encourage the main character to be better, but instead Rey spend the whole movie trying to make Luke better.

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