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  1. Zero respect for others. But now he preaches kindness. He’s pathetic.

  2. Cobalt had some ridership (more than Porquis Junction) but I think the town purchased the station. From the government's view point, the entire area is officially known as "Temiskaming Shores" so having one stop (at New Liskeard) makes sense.

  3. Cobalt is not part of Temiskaming Shores. Just Haileybury and New Liskeard.

  4. This has been up for over 3 hours, and no one has mentioned the stepson Chuck, “a ventriloquist whose hostilities are expressed through his alter ego, a quick-witted dummy named Bob.”

  5. No, Billy Crystal played a gay man having an affair. Chuck was Jay Johnson.

  6. Tell those living in refugee camps about how small the cottage is. I am sure they can relate to the hardship you endured.

  7. Total disrespect. How can she show her face after that performance?

  8. I feel a little bad for her on the jewelry front because you know the cheap bozo hasn’t given her anything since the wedding ring.

  9. Her bare neck could have been adorned with the Revenge Choker…if only she had it!

  10. Gahd the timing is sooo disgusting. Small dick energy from the grifter duo.

  11. Yes! But she will still use the royal title to great advantage and monetary gain. It’s only her marriage that made her (in)famous. She achieved nothing on her own.

  12. How much of our tax dollars has he used for litigation since he has been premier? I bet we would be shocked.

  13. I wish someone would break the hallway mirrors.

  14. Advice? Pull the phone out of your hand and stop plastering your kids on social media. Cut your claws. Learn and then practise real parenting skills.

  15. She could wear a potato sack and look fabulous!

  16. Nice place to stop actually... big gas station and restaurant (can't speak for the food yet). Our daughter just moved to Timmins (we are near Midland) so we take the 144 from Sudbury. Is a truly gorgeous stretch of road

  17. Not so nice when it snows. Had many white-knuckled trips on Hwy. 144 in winter. Including a bad snowstorm once in early May.

  18. Do those kids ever get out of their high chairs?

  19. She’s a vulture preying on a horrific tragedy.

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