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  1. That happened to me, I disabled ipv6 on my router and now I get my full speeds no problem

  2. The beam doesn't have height firing speakers so ceiling height doesn't matter

  3. I own a Pixel 7 Pro (coming from an iPhone 12 Pro Max), I can assure u noise levels on videos should be much lower. My last iPhone being older, managed it better. Apart from that, video is excellent 👌

  4. So you downgraded your phone and are upset about the lower quality video? I don't get it

  5. Oh okay, well seems like you put some thought into it so that's good.

  6. This is a funny post, you say you want a discussion yet you decline to discuss with anyone lol.

  7. Charges super fast, averages seem to be 18 hours or so depending on usage

  8. Not on the google launcher but you can install something like Nova Launcher and configure new gestures.

  9. Anker isn't a silver bullet. You have to get the charger that uses the right protocol.

  10. No you gave these companies access to your life, business as usual

  11. I haven't even bothered checking out fidelity mode, it also looks great in performance mode and I need that 60fps in my life.

  12. I haven't been able to see a visual difference between the two modes except for the much needed frames in performance mode

  13. 5g is a joke in most areas, LTE is far more consistent in my experience

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