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AAA gaming is in a worrying state

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  1. I don't think they go lower than 0.001%. I tried to be the #1 listener of Silversun Pickups this year and just had it constantly playing. I accumulated 383,434 minutes and was still told 0.001%.

  2. I'm doing an advent calendar challenge with Lego and today's topic was "airplane", so I did a microscale Hughes P21-J

  3. So in other words, they remove features from the Roku app to sell more of their boxes? Got it.

  4. AMC plus has a BF deal still running. $1.99 per month for a year. It's worth it for all the shows you get.

  5. Insured player contracts to deliver goods payable upon receipt to your storage shed. Creates a job in the sandbox.

  6. With forced PVP on, and total cargo loss / loot on death, haha.

  7. Nah, make it so players pay a fee for delivery, and the driver also gets access to a cache for payment upon delivery to final destination. The player's goods are locked and unable to be looted by bandits, but the cache is lootable. Make the reward a bit of gold, and a chance at rare drops for everyone in the delivery group.

  8. Walmart has white floors and they’re not all necessarily grocery stores.

  9. Ours has brown floors. So much harder to see dark things on floor.

  10. Build a man a fire and he'll be warm for the rest of the night. Set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

  11. Scoring chances were 12-3 in the 3rd. They need more finish. What happened to Mony? Dude is snake bit beyond

  12. Probably same thing that happened for how many years now?

  13. They might try to do what they did to Finland to start winter war; Fire on their own towns and blame the other side.

  14. I tried to hit a goat as I was passing by, I missed. I used an ability to bring it closer: It wouldn't work. At this point, another goat hit me, staggered me and ran away.

  15. Just like Alligators, they haven’t needed to evolve as they are the perfect Apex predator.

  16. Black-Footed Cat is the most efficient hunter in the world.

  17. Man, that reminds me of actual sneak/invisible coffer runs in ffxi... If either ran out at the wrong time and you couldn't find a safe spot to reapply, you were as good as dead.

  18. Memes and cuss words are the thing here. Whether we do good or bad!

  19. Man, SC looking good these days. Time to upgrade rig apparently.

  20. Fun fact: He used to be a fireman, so they had to build him a stronger door to go through.

  21. Is the meme meant to signal the horror of a new world patch or how every patch buffs the axe?

  22. Flames on pace for 30 shutouts by the end of the season.

  23. We tried to war a territory last night. The entire war was frozen, I mean literally frozen and you had to guess where anyone could be on the point. Just start swinging with no animations and then a couple hit markers fly. No idea who it was, how many people or health indicators.

  24. There's an issue with void gauntlet abilities causing lag that they're working on fixing. Another great job by QA.

  25. Sutter's giving him ice time. That's really it. Dudes been one of the best 5v5 players we've had for years now.

  26. My server seems to have a population slant where 80% is one faction, 15% is mine, and 5% is the other. We struggle to fill out a single war, and they can fill out two at the same time easily. We see their zerg faction pvp trains to contest areas, 100+ of them, we don't have enough bodies to do anything.

  27. Mmo fps Planetside dealt with this by adding XP and other incentives for the losing factions. It worked pretty good.

  28. With 3 month period for changing? Not happening. It might work if somehow factions become balanced after people switch from major one. But it is extremely unlikely. Either not enough people will switch and then nothing will change or too much will switch, and then it will be just a different dominant color with a bonus that it cannot be balanced for the next quarter of the year.

  29. It would probably need to be adjusted to a month. Big perk for last place, smaller perk for 2nd place, and maybe perk for everyone if all factions are within fairly even pop, with tracker for average active server population so you can monitor it anytime (at the time of the transfer, for instance, with graphs). Might make things interesting.

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