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  1. How many T-55’s would it take to knock out one of these, I wonder…

  2. Complete meltdown from our national coach. He should apologize or leave the job. Djordjic isn't very respectful, but he is just a pundit.

  3. Provokativ journalist, och kapten som sväljer betet för lätt, och som behöver mediaträning. Orkade inte se på tjafset, utan slog över till Forged in Fire istället. :)

  4. What's interesting to me is that if the muscovites produced such a scenario, it would look so staged and so fake, right down to the models plastic surgery and awkward propaganda bs. This woman, while also beautiful, just looks like someone I would enjoy hanging out with, just a natural person doing good things for her country.

  5. In the beginning of the war, I think I remember there was a strange clip of badly dressed fake nurses and soldiers. It was probably made by the muscovian propaganda ministry. It was also rather bizarre.

  6. Which part of the jets? I'm pretty sure UA will appreciate anything, but whole jets would be preferable.

  7. Well, the government is right wing, at least. *badom tsss*

  8. I despise Christianity but the idea that it delayed "progress" is a total myth.

  9. Well, fanatic Christians did burn the library of Alexandria, I think. Then came a thousand years of dark ages. It wasn’t until the 1400’s we started to catch up again.

  10. Panikåtgärd från ICA, där de fattat att folk inte accepterar vad för BS som helst.Har börjat handla på Lidl nu, och börjat lära mej var de har sina varor. Så de ligger betydligt bättre till nu än vad de gjorde förut. ICA och Coop sket i det blå skåpet.

  11. He got the frown right, too. I wish for the day when Mr. Zelenskyy does not have it anymore, but instead a smile.

  12. Does the UK have F-16’s? Anyway, I say the same about our Gripens.

  13. Keep a short stub as a pier, where tourists can go out and jeer at mordor.

  14. Not entirely improbable that some of those things are in use again now.

  15. Gen X här. Jag var 38 innan jag blev förälder, är 51 nu. Det berodde på att det var ett jädrans problem att få ett fast jobb på något ställe, så man fick åka land och rike runt för att kunna ha en inkomst.

  16. Svenska Kyrkans ‘bok’ är snarare Nya Testamentet, inte det Gamla. GT är fullständigt bloddrypande, full med folkmord och massa underliga saker och ännu underligare personer. I stort är den med för att visa att ’så gjorde vi förr, och sedan kom stora J, och förändrade allt’. Så, den delen av bibeln spelar inte så stor roll för Svenska Kyrkans ’officiella’ variant av tron…men visst finns det konservativa uppfattningar och personer inom den också.

  17. It used to be 65 here in Sweden, now it is 67 (68 if you want a decent pension pay). It will probably be 70 before it is my turn (I´m 51). :(

  18. Kurdish fascists/extremists exist, yes. Terrorists exist, yes. There are assholes in any nationality or group of people. But actual Nazis?

  19. People have mentioned many movies already. Plenty of TV series around, too. Jeremiah, Sweet Tooth, Tribes of Europe, The 100, The Expanse, The Rain are some I can think of.

  20. Does anyone sit in the turret when it swings around like that? I would throw up after 30 secs. :/

  21. I don't think so. Elyland has the game on life support as it is.

  22. Well, new creatures gets added every now and then, and there are a few players around. So it isn't completely dead.

  23. Och ändå ökar priserna på mejeriprodukter. Oligopolens girighet spökar igen.

  24. I never heard about any, even when the game was new.

  25. I don't think there ever has been any official discord. There used to be plenty of other discords, though.

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