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  1. Not just the sheer amount of chocolate you're getting but also the pink packaging is to die for.

  2. This looks dangerous. I need y'all to stop posting about delicious snacks. I'm getting them muffin tops!

  3. They just burn down so quickly, I wish they could make super slow burning candles

  4. You do you but I don't dare to use verlan. I'll stick to my textbook boring words and speak like a square.

  5. Same. I can't even keep up with all the verlan that's hip today. I think there's a middle ground, though. Throw in words like bagnole, fringues, truc, fric, etc.--not verlan, but still very common in everyday discourse.

  6. The bottom line is she broke up with you. It's over. Whether she is white or not is irrelevant and no longer your concern.

  7. I got it thanks to this thread, it's so good. I immediately slice the loaf, freeze 2/3 of the slices and enjoy the rest.

  8. Meh. Nothing crazy , just Nikki stream of conscious thoughts, very heavy on bachelor recap , lots talking about why women shouldn’t sleep with men right away… The guest, Brian Frange says maybe 5 words the entire time… 🤷‍♀️

  9. Ok good to know. I'm still catching up on the bachelor and trying not to encounter spoilers.

  10. Ok, sorry everyone is always asking this question everywhere, but I'm so confused about my undertones. I don't really wear foundation anymore, but I'm baffled by which lipsticks seem to work. I'm South Asian, and my skin is brown and definitely very yellow-toned. Nude and pink lipsticks often pull very purple (and cool berry or true red shades look really purple or blue). But warm-toned eyeshadows and lipsticks often look very orange. Does that sound right? Am I more neutral if that's what I see? 😵‍💫 (Honestly I'm just using this to inform what shades of lipstick to try next.) Warm tones definitely work best for me, I guess I'm just confused by the orange.

  11. Well forget about houses, that was never in the cards anyway. But damn makeup has become so expensive, even drugstore. Yes I know it's frivolous and I should prob consume less anyway

  12. After realizing how they messed up the kvd tattoo liner with the new formula im on a hunt for a new liquid Eyeliner.

  13. At my store (in NYC) they had a sign on the display a few weeks ago saying "last chance." Now they're gone :/

  14. Urban Decay Mushroom. You know that strong desire to wear gunmetal silver but it never looks quite right? Mushroom is the answer. It's perfectly described as the neutral with an edge. Slightly cool toned but can pair with warm tones too. I have this shade in both the single shadow and the 24/7 pencil and love them so much.

  15. Omg I had the smoked palette but gave it to a friend. I was missing the mushroom shade specifically so I bought the single (in the old packaging) and it didn't live up to the hype in my memory lol.

  16. It mostly depends on sales, so as long the manufacturer still makes it to their standard. (I don't work there, so don't quote me)

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