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  1. If it’s compulsive, yeah but not because of the actual masturbating, more so of the untreated addiction. As a natural want/need, I want some solo time too.

  2. Your transformation is remarkable. I’m sure it feels amazing. I know I feel significantly healthier and happier after I lost

  3. Instead of collecting anecdotes here, I'd suggest using

  4. This was actually quite accurate for me. I actually lost a little more than what it predicted for my starting weight, but I do struggle with the rest. Im more comfortable with where I’m at and it doesn’t come off as easily anymore.

  5. Let your body catch up with the inches, and it will start to come off again

  6. I planned my second but I had a traumatic first birth and she was measuring much larger than my son. And the scans were in fact accurate, she was a whopping whole pound larger and I would not have been able to birth her vaginally. I did have a VBAC after her with my smallest baby being full term and under 6 pounds. Recovery was the most difficult with my c section but had it been an emergency c section it would have been remarkably worse. I’m grateful my doctor directed me to a scheduled c-section for my own safety.

  7. I hated breastfeeding. Tried it all 3 times and honestly my mental health was more valuable than what was coming out of my tits. Formula worked for us. No shame in not wanting to

  8. Had a bite of bread at thanksgiving. My surgery was like 2 weeks before so I cooked thanksgiving dinner. I had tiny portions of almost everything. I felt so bloated after.

  9. Any updates, OP? Happened upon this. I work as a supervisor for a chain restaurant. The aggressive attitude is either 1. Shitty supervisor behavior or 2. To scare you off from what’s going on. I will say, while the health inspectors take stuff like improper chemical usage/storage seriously, corporate takes it more seriously. We actually have an inspection once a quarter (called TQ) from a third party that’s paid to basically make sure we’re not opening up corp to bad press/liability.

  10. It is in fact eco lab that I had a reaction to and since that visit I have gone to places and watched them clean with properly diluted eco lab with zero reaction. I have a phone number for an attorney and now that we are 3 weeks out and my legs are still recovering from this I will be following up. The person who asserted their stance of non responsibility was their marketing manager.

  11. Did you go to the doctor and find out it was actually a chemical burn or could it have been something else?

  12. I did find out it was chemical burn, yes. And my legs are just now peeling a week later. Still red and irritated

  13. Spaghetti squash. I’ve tried it, even meal prepped with it this week because I decided my dislike is less important than other goals I’ve committed to. It’s not great, and I’m a fan of most vegetables

  14. Last day I smoked marijuana was July 16. I am not a regular smoker but I always fell back into social smoking and I never like how it feels. I don’t know why I kept doing it. So almost a full 30 days. Nicotine is another story, I’ve only been able to quit for 3 days straight before going back. I’m going to try again starting tomorrow and see how long I make it.

  15. If you puke immediately after surgery don’t panic lol. I puked up a lot of blood and it looked scary but it was normal.

  16. Depends on how far out you’re trying to do that. If you overdo it, you’re going to feel it. Small walks throughout the day are better.

  17. Can this be done indoors? I.e up & down stairs. Not comfortable with taking outdoor walks due to being extremely overweight, I would be out of breath immediately.

  18. Going up and down stairs post op is hard. Walking up the stairs to my condo took forever. I did short walks around the house because I was not going to even try to go down them to walk anywhere

  19. Just what I wanted to see mid bite of my lunch. I hate it, thanks

  20. Always. I’m so grateful I moved to Arizona but winters have me so cold my body hurts

  21. No problem! I was soooo self conscious and scared I wouldn’t lose the full 10 pounds my surgeon wanted me to lose before surgery. I was a little under. But they didn’t even say anything so I was scared for nothing. I am an Italian woman who was raised on pasta, pizza/etc. Hahaha. I took my butt to my favorite Italian place a week before and ATE lmao.

  22. This 100%! A lot of days I can’t see it. I see 315lb me not 210lb me and there’s a HUGE difference. I have to look at old pictures to see the change some days.

  23. I did slip up and mix small portions of tuna in with cottage cheese, my liquid diet allowed for fat free cottage cheese. I was inhaling sugar free popsicles and fudgesicles for 4 weeks, but I had a good outcome. I don’t recommend cheating obviously, but you shouldn’t shame yourself for slipping once. People who don’t have issues with food would have a hard time sticking exclusively to a liquid diet. It’s hard as hell. But it’s worth it

  24. I felt the fear that I was making a bad choice the day before but I also thought about the hours and hours of testing prior and the months of work I put in therapy preparing myself. And almost 3 years out I am not necessarily at the weight I was trying to reach, but I am significantly happier and healthier and wouldn’t change what I did

  25. I mean it's not bad nor weird. But me personally I think it's bland and cliche.

  26. This guy knows how to date. Chilis is my date spot with someone I’ve been dating for a while because we split an appetizer and get drinks. As a first date, those places get old.

  27. What I ask for them to do, when I’ve been asked what I want, is a big start. Also when they follow through on their word. Actions that match words speak to me in volumes.

  28. Suppose it could be explained but I’m still skeptical. I kept feeling like someone was in my apartment and one night my locked door blew open with the monsoon winds. I made sure to really push it closed when I lock the deadbolt now but holy crap that was scary

  29. My own personal experience is that my liver was enlarged due to my shitty diet and too much wine. I found this out during a regular doctor visit, so when I was put on a diet to shrink it, I absolutely followed it. It allowed my liver to go back to a normal size and even the fellow who was a major part of my surgery came to my room after my operation and remarked at how well I followed it and that my liver looked great and was nice and out of the way. They told me there’s a greater risk of accidentally nicking it during surgery if it’s enlarged and they want to eliminate as many risks as possible. But every doctor is different and prescribes different regimens for their surgeries.

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