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Inflation rises 7% over the past year to the highest level since 1982

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  1. Very much a "lesser" example but I felt like the variety might be useful: In the show "happy endings" two of the main characters are sisters. Their family is Eastern European and it leans in to a lot of "brutal old country" humor.

  2. Sounds like you have an agenda to promote.

  3. They're literally writing a paper lol. Internet brain worms.

  4. The formula is designed to keep the value as low as possible. For example real estate is not included in those figures. It used to be back in the 80s

  5. Shelter costs are factored into the inflation rate.

  6. Yep. What they actually did in the 80s was change it from "housing prices" to "owner equivalent rent."

  7. Yeah, it's been what 5-6 years now, with 3-5 hour sessions once a week, give or take a holiday. It's beefy.

  8. It's an odd thing to experience. There is literally no listening schedule that could EVER have me caught up lol.

  9. I mean I started watching the C1 backlog on youtube when they were a bit into campaign 2, and I'm currently about a year behind live. It'll take a few years but you can get there if you want to :D

  10. Maybe if I switched my career to long distance trucker or something, that would put a dent in it!

  11. Don't forget Karen Page from Daredevil. So many people missing basic themes and plot points so they can misunderstand her character completely.

  12. I think a lot of people just get tired of the "little people" in superhero shows. And they laid it on thick with the "real hero" stuff.

  13. The show does a good job of avoiding a lot of the trappings that come with that character archetype. She gets saved by Daredevil but for the most part she's a strong resilient woman who powers through a lot of trauma. And personally didn't see the show trying to pass her off as a hero. She was often portrayed as stubborn and naive. And she only fought Fisk for her own sense of catharsis. She's flawed and human, like everyone else in the show.

  14. I recall a lot of Matt telling her how she's "the real hero" for working within the system and bringing injustice to light even with no powers.

  15. Yeah, the late 19th century when pretty decent microscopy was possible. And Mendel never actually saw them or named them that. He had a theoretical mechanism that he could demonstrate empirically. Looking at the alchemy labs there's no way they have the capacity to identify discrete units of heredity. I don't care how good they are at fireballs.

  16. So it's just the fact that they use the term "gene" instead of made up fantasy term for what they've observed?

  17. Yeah, I wasn't entirely keen on mutagens either, tbh. Plenty of Tolkienish stuff about blood would improve things, although that stuff can end up sounding a bit Nazi-like I guess.

  18. The Antihero/everyone being morally grey means the writing is smart trend has to cool down eventually. Ted Lasso showed just how refreshing feel good TV can be, and people continue to binge watch LOTR and Harry Potter for a reason.

  19. That may explain why I’m always rewatching the Good Place or Parks and Rec. I love darker comedies like always sunny or Reno 911 but I don’t rewatch them as the other two. I love the wholesomeness of them.

  20. Sometimes it's nice to feel nice. It's a shame that even in to adulthood some people never grow out of thinking that optimism/positivity is a sign of immaturity and cynicism/sadness is a sign of maturity.

  21. I enjoyed this but it felt really complete, like it didn't feel like the launch to a series and I didn't need it to be.

  22. I personally loved the science chapters, the chemistry between Raboniel and Navani was glorious

  23. It just felt like such wildly transparent exposition to me. Like Sanderson is always clearly struggling with the desire to just write an almanac rather then the story and he thought "if the characters are doing science and discovery I can have a whole book of pretty much just worldbuilding in the middle of the series!"

  24. I can tell only that you are cooking them wrong. Like seriously. They are hard early, but they are not THAT hard as you make them sound xD

  25. Maybe even both. I am Dwarf fanboy, but I think of myself being able to separate fanboying and thinking critically. And, as I think critically, there is no universe after Rune Lore update to think about Dwarfs as weak or weakest. There is none. I am dying on this stupid and small hill, lol.

  26. Who do you think is weakest? Who's weaker than dwarves (beyond what OP already mentioned?

  27. Why is it sad? Stocks are an asset that correlates positively with inflation. That's just how the market works, when prices go up so do profits, even if only nominally.

  28. Honestly I'd suggest everyone revisit Shogun 2 with the house rule of "no yari wall." It makes even normal/hard difficulty a legit challenge and makes yari samurai feel less shitty (still shitty though)

  29. Master of Strategy mod puts the Yari Wall ability in a mid-game military tech. The early game battle styles are a bit different due to that.

  30. I really wanted to like that mod but couldn't get in to it. The introduction of militia and the new build system created this environment where every single province AI seemed to be sitting on two full stacks including their militia and whatever retainers they start with. It just created a real "AI swarm" effect for me which felt unfun.

  31. Genuine question cause dead ass I have thought about this: If you were to travel back in time, get the booze and then travel back let's say 15 years forward. Provided we are still using the Wray and nephews 17 year age, would it now be 32 year aged or would it stay 17 years aged?? Like hear me out, we don't age when we go forward in time?! Right?! So wouldn't it just stay 17 years aged however, you could argue that it would feel the effects of time as the time relevance has effect on living things and not inanimate things..... maybe this is for

  32. Even if you bottle the rum and leave it sitting on the shelf for 15 years, it's still W&N17. Time in the bottle doesn't count as aged years.

  33. my favorites are the ones that didn't happen "opposite call backs"??? all the previously on and on the next episode that never came to be or didn't happen.

  34. Community did an incredible episode like this. They basically did a flashback/clip episode except... it was all to events that were never in any of the episodes, but seemed like they could have been.

  35. That whole episode is a great meta joke as well, since typically clip shows are done because they’re quick and cheap since you’re just reusing old footage. But for Community, not only did they not re-use any footage, they built ENTIRELY NEW SETS for one off shots and gags. It must have been one of the most expensive and intensive episodes to film that season.

  36. I just liked to picture them sneaking on to a "western" set someone already had set up somewhere.

  37. I don't think chaos can engage in diplomacy if I recall some blog entry correctly.

  38. This is why they will actually become the most popular faction. People who don't mod will realize how much easier it is to stick with a campaign without late game diplomacy spam!

  39. Nobody has to let Netflix stream in their country.

  40. I mean, allowing international competition to take place within reasonable limits if the point of the WTO.

  41. I can't even imagine what they do with this show moving forward. S2 was peak "people acting completely insane and screaming at each other in hallways."

  42. I feel like every time I see an image advertising Fortnite I understand it less and less. I have no way of knowing if this image is a parody or not.

  43. Witchers, mages and monsters can easily be made to fight in formal armies. It's not uncommon for witchers to become sellswords and fight in armies, mages obviously do this as well(hill of the fourteen). Monsters are tricky but in the gwent game, the monsters faction lead by eredin does use monsters and in the game they use the hounds of the wild hunt.

  44. A Witcher military unit would be the dumbest thing ever

  45. Do you see any witch hunter military units in warhammer?

  46. It would just be silly and wildly contrary to the lore. Witchers marching in block formations is ridiculous. Witchers as single entity units cutting down hordes of swordsmen is even more ridiculous.

  47. It's honestly the most blatantly unfun mission I've encountered since 16 bit water levels. Oh yay, my turrets constantly fire on the everspawning fungus!

  48. Yeah other people don't seem to be having as much of a problem for it but for me it was tedious and frustrating.

  49. I honestly think this game would be fucking huge if it didn't work so hard at being frustrating. It's so brilliant when it's not pants on head stupid.

  50. I'm only ~150 hours or so into playing, but this post on its own seems like a perfectly valid complaint to me, with detailed, well-organized arguments.

  51. I know this post will get removed for being rude but Holy Hell. You regularly make top level posts shitting on Neoseeker builds, shitting on people suggesting monk dips, shitting on min/maxing etc.

  52. Oh, so you're ignoring context and not participating in the conversation. Well that makes things easy.

  53. Except OP literally said anyone who doesn't agree with them is making excuses and roundly dismissed that anyone who disagreed with them could be speaking in good faith.


  55. It's a circle jerk. Insecure people want to make an "other" to have an issue with. OP for example makes lots of threads shitting on min maxers, most of which get removed.

  56. A single level of Bloodrager as your only arcane caster also unlocks access to the dragon disciple prestige class (the prerequisite for casting level 1 arcane spells) even though you don't have any spells.

  57. Oh wow, that's actually really cool. Being able to DD while staying full AB would have a lot of roll in some builds.

  58. They haven't patched Crane Style, I doubt they'll patch this. I am SO going to roll with this on my next playthrough.

  59. Shatter defenses stayed broken all through Kingmaker.

  60. The biggest issue is that base-game WOTR makes Armor weaker than non-Armor methods of stacking AC. So Clerics suffer as tanks, because Armor is their best path to a decent AC. Tabletop Tweaks will let you take Armor Master as a Mythic Ability and that will improve AC on Armor enough to compete with Archmage Armor.

  61. Even then I play on normal/core most times if I want to single class, so it's not like the AC can't get there.

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