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  1. I am too lazy to make one and I don't think any woman will reply to my post.

  2. can't stand Ajax fans man, most spoilt fanbase in the world probably

  3. All of the super league clubs fanbases are more spoilt.

  4. Are you calling us a super league club? Because we’re not and I’d rather not be associated with it.

  5. No I said all the clubs who initially joined the Super League are spoilt.

  6. This is too blanket. Have to be tell us more about what you're looking for.

  7. Tbh I am not looking for anything right now. However I will try to emigrate in the future.

  8. Just a few minutes back I commented that women have stopped posting.

  9. I cannot work after getting married that's why it's important to find someone of equal status/wealth. Also decisions regarding marriages are made by elders in my family so it's not like i have any say in it.

  10. Oh sorry for coming off a bit aggressive. I didn't have full knowledge of the details.

  11. They are sending me to college that is also huge thing so i cannot expect more from them.

  12. Volendam "What you saying fuck me for?"

  13. I would add Sylvester Clarke, who chucked a brick at a Pakistani fan!

  14. I am exactly that person. The people who want to watch training in coloured pyjamas are a mystery to me. When I get to lay on my couch for five days and watch the Boxing Day test, it is indeed magical.

  15. If Australia win in India, the WTC final and then the Ashes in England, would Cummins' legacy as captain be on par with guys like Waugh and Ponting?

  16. Gallardo would cook with you, but that's maybe too out there.

  17. Examples like today's Ajax are good to remember that there is no such thing as "He always had great teams bruh" in football. You get this illusion because in most cases managers create that "great" team.

  18. Mid-table is a bit of an exaggeration but you are right in the fact that sub-par managers have severely underperformed with PSG, Barca and Real. I think by now most football fans should consider a football team to include the coaching staff along with the players.

  19. I am a bit averse to the prevalent and insistent advice that guys who can't get a gf just need to work on themselves and everything will work out. You could spend years focusing on yourself, be happy with your life and confident in who you are, and still be single for a variety of outside factors.

  20. I think what OP wants to say and maybe a better way to phrase could be that making dating an active goal is a wrong thinng to do. I think this is especially important cause firstly as you point out you could do everything right and still be single. And secondly you could get into a relationship where you are miserable.

  21. Can't they just have a weekly megathread to discuss the local crimes?

  22. It is propaganda with anti-British elements, Hindutva validation and revisionist history.

  23. This is a great post. Especially the last two paragraphs are really important for Indians to remember. For example, two pan-India revolutionaries, Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh, were communists and secularists (Bhagat Singh was especially an atheist). However among the common public, these two figures are just merely portrayed as freedom fighters completely stripped of their core ideologies.

  24. pathan is doing great at the box office. Chaddis in shambles.

  25. Just looking at the trailer, it looks like an action masala movie.

  26. Your first line made me laugh so hard bro/sis !!

  27. I was just saying that most people here don't support conservative Islam. Opposing hindutva doesn't mean supporting Islamists. People here are mostly leftists or libertarians.

  28. Also they often dumb down everyone else to make them seem smarter.

  29. The only time I hate the "smart" character is when they're good at literally every discipline of science the plot needs them to be.

  30. How is this unpopular? I feel like I hear this opinion on a weekly basis.

  31. Casteist slurs should be removed obviously. Seems like an inconsistent moderation.

  32. The first way you suffer for a few days and move on. The second way you suffer for eternity. I am telling this from personal experience.

  33. Your god doesn't exist (no god does). However you are an idiot for thinking that you are in a relationship based on a few online chats. Now you must block him and move on.

  34. You should focus on your career and studies. Whichever is the best college giving the degree of your choice.

  35. I haven't watched it yet. I didn't even watch the first movie.

  36. What's in the article? I don't like firstpost and don't want to give them clicks.

  37. Unfortunately there won't be a date 2. Our goals were very different. In the next 5 years I want to move back to the state I'm from and she wanted to be moving overseas for work. But she was really nice

  38. It's really weird how people are critiquing your choice to not continue dating this woman.

  39. Average points by the 2nd places in Germany, Spain, Italy and England since 2012

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