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Alex Jones sent nude photo of wife to Roger Stone, Sandy Hook lawyer reveals

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  1. I am offering a million dollar bounty for a recording of his conversation with his wife when she hears this.

  2. She left him and took the kids already long before this was knew

  3. Let's be real. Is anyone surprised that the "turning the frogs gay" guy is sending nudes of his wife without her permission?

  4. They caught him already with trans porn

  5. He would punch Baki so hard that he would retroactibly make Yujiro a good parent

  6. To add to this, they always seem to throw the word "quantum" a lot when explaining some far-fetched technology. Whether it is to explain time travel, dimensions, multivererses, fast travel, or whatever it is you can think of, its always quantum something. Just tell me that the machine lets you do that and thats it, I only care about what it does and its consequences, not the how.

  7. I remember reading old Iron man comics and It was that but with transistors,they were practically Magic.

  8. Starman in the left hourman in the right.

  9. Funny that you mention Nazis Did you know that Nazis were against abortion right? The only abortion allowed in Nazi Germany were abortions for racial reasons.

  10. I actually decided to go ahead and remove the Nazi thing....but then got caught up in the weirdness of the idea...I mean the Nazi's did believe that the killing was okay because they were for what they believed were legit reasons.

  11. Oh so you are against the death penalty? Its weird because in the states that the abortion is ilegal they also are Big in death penaltys Killing by the state.

  12. Its like the cringe stuff people buy from his waifu at anime conventions. I half expected to see a bodypillow

  13. A lot of them start at 7 years old in Tailand and have crazy amounta of fights.

  14. It’s an engrained part of their life there, I’m assuming. A strong part of their culture. Is that right?

  15. No its poor kids having to feed themselves and their families, the ones that like It stay the ones that not go work elsewhere

  16. The character he is fused with its 140 years old

  17. Pretty damn awesome art. Although I think Ali should look calm and cocky.

  18. I mean Ali wasnt calm, he was always trashtalking even in the middle of the fight he always talked

  19. Last night I had a dream, When I walked to the ring I had one hell of a rumble. I had to beat Tarzan’s behind first, For claiming to be King of the Jungle. For this fight, I’ve wrestled with alligators, I’ve tussled with a whale. I done handcuffed lightning And throw thunder in jail. You know I’m bad. just last week, I murdered a rock, Injured a stone, Hospitalized a brick. I’m so mean, I make medicine sick. I’m so fast, man, I can run through a hurricane and don’t get wet. When Metatron meets me, He’ll pay his debt. I can drown the drink of water, and kill a dead tree. Wait till you see Muhammad Ali.

  20. I’m so confused, was it a firework? An exploding vape? Hell, I even thought I was a gun at one point

  21. With those sparks It looks like a battery burning Up, probably a móbile phone, maybe a vape.

  22. Is it fair to criticize the fact that Bill Russell would’ve been an average player at best in 2022?

  23. Sure because a 6:10 Guy that can dunk from the free trow line and jump over guys while playing 42+ minutes a Game its totally an average player

  24. Why do these clowns do this shit? It never ceases to amaze me. Walk into any decent gym and if you’re not well trained and in shape, 80-90% of the dudes in there can kick your ass. Just dumb.

  25. People are idiots, there are stories of people trying to fight André The Giant 7'1 520 pounds André the Giant.

  26. Lets not forget. Kakashi didnt give a fuck about them being a chunin. He just wanted them to get experience in a more or less safe envioroment. Something to motivate them. He didnt fucking know that they would calle attention from a traitor or that Sasuke would have to deal with a murder Happy jinchuriki.

  27. The worst thing its that It happens in real Life.

  28. To be Fair most boxers cut weight to classify into lower weight classes that what they would naturally classify.

  29. Eeeh its a thing most people do, but in some cases its hilarious.

  30. Can someone tell me what this trial is? I have no idea

  31. Basically there was a school shooting were a lot of kids die and It was Big news. This Guy is the host of a show that made a lot of segments calling the school shooting fake and that all the parents were paid actors. He encouraged his viewers to harrash the parents while leaking their home adress and number. The parents had to move away and leave their job because all the harrasment. He was know to obstruct and deny evidencie with other judges in a lot of diferent trials so when he began obstructing Justice in this case the judge called his act in bad faith and ruled guilty against him. This trial is now about how much he has to pay to the víctims.

  32. This its just from observation and a lot of this isnt stated just hinted

  33. Do you even have a Life apart from being an alt right troll?

  34. Nice to see you dont disagree with what i said.

  35. Can you link that, it sounds fucking hilarious. Also, do y’all think we could meme and harass the Simurgh till it dies? Ps: Gimme dat Simurgussy


  37. Lets remember how much art was comisión porn

  38. You say that being racist to Mutants is rational in the Marvel universe because they are unpredictably powerfull.

  39. He is unable to be in a bad situation. Even in the most dificult spots that he has been he always belived that he was gonna win. But if he really was un a desesperate situation he is gonna give Up or he is gonna run away to not die. If you put him in Sai at the End of the coallition War arc the city and the kingdom would have fallen.

  40. I've never played The Last of Us, but knowing this type of gamer chud I'm willing to bet what they mean by "it felt like it was unnaturally forcing politics" is that the main character is a woman and she doesn't have massive dongahoonkaloogas

  41. There was a fuckton of controversy in the second one because the leader of a bandits in the post apocalypses was a muscular woman. You dont know how many comments there was about how ''unrealistic'' the muscles were.

  42. No polítics in metal gear? I havent even played It but even i know that its about War and the polítical situation around it

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