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  1. They should treat you as GBS positive and give you antibiotics when you go into labor, just to be safe.

  2. Good to know! My doctor has been pretty proactive in terms of how care goes this time around since my loss so I feel confident this is something he will take seriously until the end. I’m glad to know though that others say it’s normal to get the antibiotic IV in the end in case I do end up needing to advocate for it.

  3. I had a group b strep UTI discovered at 11 weeks pregnant after I had an episode of bleeding/ cramping. Not sure whether the two were related, but I went on a 5 day course of antibiotics that cleared it. I've had no issues since and I'm 18 weeks tomorrow. I've been told I will have IV antibiotics during labor because of it, though.

  4. I’ve been having a little bit of cramping without bleeding and I can’t tell if it is related at this point. I’m also a little constipated and have some lower back pain that could be causing it. I’m glad they gave me the antibiotics though, if that clears the cramps up that would be great.

  5. This has happened to me this pregnancy and last. My last pregnancy did end in a loss mid second trimester but in no way was my lack of symptoms around 9-10 weeks related. I’m almost 11 weeks now and I went from extreme nausea with vomiting to maybe being nauseous every couple days. Same with my sore boobs. Completely normal but also a bit terrifying around this time.

  6. Both pregnancies my first symptom was the cramping. The cramps were actually pretty bad, not full on period cramps, but definitely super noticeable. I definitely was/still am on edge due to the cramps but no blood every time. Last pregnancy they stopped around 8 or 9 weeks, this time I’m 10 weeks and they had been gone for almost 3 weeks but are back (though super minor now). I really do wish it was talked about more and more guidance was given on when to be concerned. I know cramps are probably too generic to give guidelines to unless you seeing blood, but yeah, still sucks.

  7. I’m by 200 north and not sure how long the power was out, guessing a couple seconds because we didn’t notice until everything in our apartment started turning back on. Kinda random though.

  8. Yeah it wasn’t out for very long, but it is indeed pretty random. I was just curious if it was just us or not

  9. I just checked Facebook again and apparently there was a crash at 1000w 1800n and it hit a power line. Everyone in the comments only really had lights flickering or power out for maybe a minute, so I guess that’s the cause. Hopefully everyone involved is alright.

  10. This is absolutely crazy but hear me out - Coca Cola. I suffered from childhood chronic constipation and my pediatricians office was so tired of my mom calling they were like - go get her a 2 liter of Coke and make her drink a lot of it.

  11. This works for me too! Usually though it has to be one from a restaurant like Mcdonalds and I have to do it in the morning, but it works like a charm when nothing else can even touch it. I’m also finding kiwis sometimes help.

  12. This will definitely be tmi but I’ve been a bit stressed today due to spraining and having to push when I poop. Even outside of pregnancy I deal with bad constipation but during for some reason it feels like the baby is sculpting what’s in my colon because it always comes out in abstract shapes that make it hard to get out with out a lot of pushing. It makes me scared of course because pressure in my abdomen means pressure by baby. I’m trying not to worry too much since this happened last time too and as far as I know didn’t lead to my loss.

  13. Can I get a sanity check on how I feel about the midwife that I've gotten?

  14. That personally would be enough for me to switch care providers. I have been having issues with the nurses at my OBs office and was tempted to switch based off that. But then I saw my OB and even though it’s been about 9 months since I saw him after my last appointment after my loss he listened to everything I had to say, remembered my loss, and was able to communicate a plan. If he hadn’t been so amazing I would’ve switched. I personally can deal with crappy nurses, I can’t deal with provider who I don’t fully trust.

  15. I would definitely start with a second opinion. I constantly have a cyst on my right ovary, though tbf they’ve always been less than 3 cm, and even though they get spotted on ultrasounds regularly, no one has ever mentioned it could be due to cancer. Obviously your cyst size could change things though.

  16. I have both and while I’m not sure my PCOS got worse after my lap, it did take me longer to get diagnosed with. I’ve been diagnosed with endo since March 2021 and PCOS since September 2022. I experienced a pregnancy loss mid 2022 and while neither caused it, I don’t think I would’ve gotten the PCOS diagnosis without it since no one ever thought it was worth looking into until it took longer than normal for my cycle to regulate after my loss.

  17. I know I’ve seen several posts about the wolf bite melody but I’m not sure what it is. Does anyone know where I can listen to it? I know what wolf bite sounds like as a song but have never made the connection from that song having a similar sound as another. I’m also musically illiterate which doesn’t help

  18. My first ever pregnancy (the pregnancy before this one) was a 2nd trimester loss. I waited the bare minimum time my doctor told me to before trying again and while it still took a few months to get pregnant, if I could’ve gotten pregnant again sooner, I would’ve. For context I lost my pregnancy last may, started trying again in September/October, and got pregnant this January. I think my doctor also had me wait a little longer to try than others just because it was my first pregnancy.

  19. Thanks for your support and for understanding. I agree on taking some distance from my friend, it just breaks my heart that with baby loss I am also loosing a friend.

  20. I also don’t think the grief from my loss will ever go away, so I completely understand. We had our little guy cremated because I couldn’t stand the thought of him being buried somewhere where we could move from. I’m 9w and will getting a scan today and I plan on wearing the necklace that holds some of my first baby’s ashes.

  21. That’s amazing! How are you feeling?!?

  22. A lot of mixed emotions! I’m so afraid but at the same time so hopeful and excited. It’s been weird because I was actually pregnant this same time last year and was 3 weeks ahead so around this time I was almost out of the first trimester which makes time feel like it’s passing slowly this time. I’m just really hoping the timing is right this time.

  23. On The Wing was featured in an episode of One Tree Hill. I forget which one, though.

  24. I have a friend obsessed with one tree hill. I’m going to make her listen to the song and tell me what episode has it because I am so curious based off how she describes the show.

  25. Definitely not being an asshole! My last pregnancy was the one I lost but I was about 20 weeks when I lost it and before that had been coming up with very basic plans for my baby shower due to people needing to come in from out of state and just talking with my mom about what they would pay for and what I wanted. Even though the invites never got sent and the shower never happened, I was planning to have a shower exactly like yours and at this point had never had a pregnancy loss before. One thing was we were expecting to get gifts but I would’ve never opened them publicly because I hate the attention normally. It was going to be a catered barbecue style dinner at a pavilion at a park, all genders and ages included, and more of a get together than anything formal. Absolutely no games because I feel so awkward with the attention. It was more going to be a fun celebration.

  26. So I haven’t had any HCG levels checked this pregnancy but last pregnancy (not a twin pregnancy and ended second trimester) I went to the er at 6 weeks due to dehydration and I know that’s not the exact same well but I was really curious how it compared to your numbers. Mine was 50,000. The notes were a generic template with what’s normally for each week group and according to it for 4-5 weeks 1,000-30,000 is what’s normal and for 6-8 weeks 3,500-115,000.

  27. I think my grief of my loss overshadowed and made me forget how hard pregnancy was on my body. I’m 8w with my 2nd ever pregnancy and miserable. Slowly all the things I went through last time are coming back to me. I do believe I’m more sick this time around, but regardless it’s so hard. I wanted this so badly but now that I have it I’m struggling. I had to call off work every day this week so far and my husband had to calm off on Tuesday because I was such a wreck that I couldn’t be left alone. I feel so bad about this because today is his birthday and he was supposed to have work off today but because he took Tuesday off he wasn’t able to, yet here I am, home still.

  28. I told mine at the end of 6 weeks because I had really bad morning sickness (still do since I’m only 8 weeks) and figured it would cover my butt if I need accommodations. I really didn’t want to tell them that early but I’m glad I did because I’ve had to call off a total of 4 days in the past two weeks due to how bad it’s been.

  29. I lost my little guy at 20w last year too and am pregnant again. You’re not alone in being afraid of the ultrasound. I had one done last week at 7 weeks and it was rough even though there was a heart beat. I spent the 3 weeks I knew I was pregnant prior panicking about it a little too often, though to be fair I didn’t think I’d have an ultrasound until 9 weeks and that seemed really far to wait. I have my next ultrasound next week and am nervous.

  30. When I miscarried last March they checked my HCG levels twice— the first time showed it lower than it should have been (I was tested because I was bleeding quite a bit and a miscarriage was suspected); the second time showed me no longer pregnant (4 days later). It was an early miscarriage (~6 weeks).

  31. Thank you for sharing! Ive heard that people who have multiple back to back miscarriages tend to get there levels checked, but I’ve never been sure if it normally starts for every pregnancy after the first miscarriage or not. I know it probably depends but this does help give better perspective.

  32. Now on my current (third) pregnancy with 2 prior early (first trimester) losses. Sharing info about my visits. Not sure if it’ll help you?

  33. This definitely helps, thank you! Where I live most doctors won’t see you for the first appointment until 8 weeks at the earliest but prefer to wait until about 10 and I have been told that’s not a normal practice in other areas (was told this by some people who have had pregnancies or worked in prenatal care both where I live and other states) so I wasn’t sure if the HGC thing was normal or not either. Thanks for laying out your visits, gave me a good perspective there.

  34. I’ve had two done about 4 years apart. My first one they put my iud in at the same time so that one hurt more for recovery but looking back I think that was also my body adjusting to the IUD. Like others mention the gas and shoulder pain sucked. My second I feel like I recovered way faster. The first day was the worst because I’m a belly and side sleeper and was struggling to find a comfortable position. I was also tired the whole day. But I think day two was the only other day I took the stronger pain medication I was prescribed and every day after took Tylenol or ibuprofen (can’t remember which they told me to do). For reference I am known for having a not so great pain tolerance so I was surprised how little it hurt after. I also didn’t have a ton of endo for them to remove though. The other thing that sucked that I remember was I had a sore throat after which was because the put a tube down my throat to help me breathe which I was told is normal.

  35. I had this happen around 10w on my last pregnancy. I got a scan and was told it was a subchorionic hemorrhage which apparently are somewhat common and usually not concerning. When I had gone in they also said (and I swear I’ve read this several times elsewhere since) that spotting and brown discharge can be from recent implantation or older implantation during the first trimester. I was also told if it’s really only when you wipe it’s not too concerning but if it’s filling pads then it is.

  36. I’m about 7w 4d. This is my second ever pregnancy and my last ended at 20w. We got to hear heartbeat and see the fetal pole this week due to me being concerned about the pregnancy being ectopic (it’s not) and while hearing the heart beat was great, I think it made my anxiety worse. Being pregnant again is so scary especially being in the first trimester and I think having my last pregnancy end when it did has made me far too cynical.

  37. I looks like it’s only closed for the spring. If you email them (which is what I did last year) they can put you on it for the summer or fall or even next winter.

  38. I think it may depend on the bishopric. I was never in relief society long but I do recall at yw Sunday meetings and mutual without the guys too, one of the two bishoprics I had during that time almost always had the first or second councilor in the room with us. I think eventually it was the second councilor primarily and then it became less frequent after the first year or so, but still frequently enough I noticed. The man who’d come would more observe it seemed which was nice rather than when some man with a high up calling comes into the class (like our old stake Presidency did during Sunday school) and lecture us like they were the son of god themselves.

  39. I get this, usually for me personally it’s worst the couple days before my period and the first couple days of it. I even suffer from pretty bad constipation but get that bad urge to get and looser stools. Sometimes it’ll happen randomly in the month before/around ovulation too for me. And the urge to sit or lay down is real. I’m glad I work at a desk job but even then it can be rough on those days

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