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  1. Nope, that’s an item you craft from zpm stuff, no texture pack

  2. I mean yes, but there is no point right now.

  3. Sevtech ages. I’m pretty sure the real reason for the word “ages” is how it takes to get anything in it

  4. “But the taste still felt off after that, so I decided to harvest my own lithium”

  5. But the taste still felt off after that, so I created my own earth to harvest lithium from

  6. Redstone clocks have easier configurability, but hourglass works too

  7. The fact you can transform the hourglass into a mana burst counter is also wonderful and super useful.

  8. 3 accounts men el bank 5 million dollar mazot kahrabit el dawle w 7 m7atat benzin

  9. Percept ω: Aim for the head and make sure there's a shell in the chamber

  10. All of them are good in their own ways. SSN is easy to use but still relies on chests (as far as I know), RS is good, aand AE2 has channels and P2P tunnels and channels, for optimization but this has made it a bit confusing to use. Also corporea better. Botania is tech mod.

  11. All of them except yellow. My PC cowers in fear at the mere thought of running 1/∞ of GT:NH for even just 1 planck time.

  12. Walter white cuz then I take the meth to fight all the other ones.

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