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  1. People on reddit are saying the shit they don't want to pick actual fights to say in public.

  2. People on Reddit shouldn’t be taken too seriously lol

  3. or hes not tryna piss off his player. He probably thinks kyrie is an idiot like the rest of us

  4. Lol “the rest of us” as in Redditors I hope you mean. A very very tiny portion of the population comment on here, it’s easy to get sucked into the echo chamber.

  5. Why should he? He didn’t mean to shoot her. It was a tragic accident.

  6. Didn’t he hire someone’s daughter for this position? I’m sure there are more qualified people he could’ve hired. I don’t give a fuck one way or the other, not going to impact my life. But I do know everytime he receives a letter with a government letter head from the justice department, he shits himself, reads every word 20 times then shows his lawyer and asks his opinion.

  7. Seems like that would make it more of a civil instead of a criminal matter.

  8. Alec prays that it is lol but it probably feels a bit different when you take someone’s life and you are being filmed with the weapon that killed the person along with a few dozen eye witnesses. Doesn’t help he’s the producer of the film either.

  9. It’s a good thing I enjoy violence

  10. Okay so I'm not doing that bad in life...

  11. Compared to her probably not, compared to regular people? Well, only you would know that

  12. The opposite of whatever that thing is

  13. You really took the subtly out of your jab with a full second sentence explaining it

  14. I’ll be honest I don’t really care about the race of any character.

  15. Welcome to being a racist by today’s standard

  16. White women* I don’t think it’s white guys really caring about calling people La-tinks

  17. My brain always read it at lateenex, like kleenex

  18. Everyone expected a fantasy epic right of the bat like the later seasons of GOT, failing to realize that it took more than 90% of the first season for GOT to really get going

  19. I enjoyed 100% of the first season, pacing was excellent

  20. I'm on episode 3. It's really well done, but it's also really, really disturbing and fucked up.

  21. About to finish the last episode, excellent show

  22. None of you idiots get invited to parties

  23. Damn I should’ve picked this up at target, I was staring at it for 5 minutes then said fuck it lol

  24. Nobody’s fucking reputation took a hit, not even Desean himself. Many athletes were agreeing with this, meanwhile reddit is a little outraged for a week then nobody gives a fuck.

  25. People still complain about Desean on Reddit and I’m sure elsewhere. Do you expect that the media as a whole is going to continue to talk about something that happened ages ago?

  26. Why would I expect that? I stopped giving a shit as soon as everyone else did.

  27. The fuck does this sentence even mean? Lol


  29. This might be the stupidest shit I’ve ever read lol. It’s just poor English

  30. I don’t think this is either popular or un popular. It’s called a personal opinion lol

  31. Well... You probably can now. Assuming you're incredibly handsome, and an athlete, and rich.

  32. Hmm if I had to put money on an average redditor being any of those 3, I’d bet on 0-3 and buy myself a nice steak dinner with my winnings

  33. Saw a lot of Redditors do this. Naming random women in the organization, linking their professional pages, etc. Thank the mods for not allowing that blatant doxing and harassment

  34. Well just visual who we are talking to here, I’m quite embarrassed to be addicted to this pig shit website lol

  35. Enough of the serial killers already. They were removed from society for a reason.

  36. This new Dahmer show is excellent on Netflix. Looking forward to finishing it this weekend.

  37. No. No it's not lol the mf has like 50 docs and movies, there are far more interesting and better stories to tell out here but the romanticism of serial killers and murders have always been an American past time. For example.. "The Thing About Pam" that woman killed a woman with cancer and a mentally disabled man...but NBC is promoting that show like a comedy and that bitch is getting fan mail in prison.. Come on man... Real families felt pain. But year after year another money making film or show. How long until we have a sitcom based off Ted Bundy

  38. The new show is great, I’m loving it so far.

  39. Been hearing good things about this show. Obi wan and boba fett were dog shit shows.

  40. I've thought that Disney+ has made good shows in WandaVision, Loki, and Mandalorian, and that everything else has been hot garbage.

  41. That’s pretty good news, I’m looking forward to checking it out. That dahmer show on Netflix is really good too, I’ve only watched the first episode but I can tell it’s quality.

  42. The great migration will soon begin. A blessed day indeed!

  43. Did… did someone think she looked bad in Jurassic? I might not be the right person to judge, but I thought she looked great… I actually really like that character.

  44. You know you can write that comment without typing the intentional stutter in the beginning. Not sure why this is so popular to do on Reddit

  45. He's accusing his victim of being an extremist when he's the one who murdered someone over political disagreements. Absolutely zero self-awareness.

  46. Lack of self awareness is the last of this guy’s problem. Every letter he receives with a government letter head from the justice department will probably give him a mini panic attack leading up to his prison sentence, where the real panicking will begin.

  47. Saw the first episode, it’s really good so far, looking forward to finishing this series.

  48. Because he’s not a Red Sox fan

  49. I’d move to San Fransisco if I was a criminal, seems like you get to do whatever you want. I wonder how many more of these guys roam the street brazenly looking for their next victim. Welp, hope you don’t run into this guy.

  50. Nope. You wanna vote in the country you live in you gotta commit and become a citizen.

  51. I’m surprised this even got upvoted on Reddit to be honest

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